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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 24, June 9, 2013, Article 7


Tributes and remembrances of the late Richard G. Doty continue to roll in. -Editor

Bill Fivaz writes:

We will all mourn this loss...we must also remember that Death is not putting out the light. It is only extinguishing the candle because the dawn has come.

Dave Lange writes:

Very sad news indeed. Dick was always a most gracious and helpful colleague whenever I required his assistance in numismatic matters. I'm attaching a photo from a particularly memorable occasion in 1996 when he hosted me and then-NGC grader Jeff Isaac as we were at the NNC studying the characteristics of early proof gold coins. Dick interrupted his regular work to bring us whatever coins we sought to examine, including the unique 1849 double eagle in gold and the two 1877 half union patterns in gold.

I'll always remember his generous nature and his unfailing contributions to numismatics.

Lange & Isaac with Doty 1996 #1
Lange & Isaac with Doty 1996

Saul Teichman writes:

Truly a sad day. I cannot begin to tell everyone how helpful he and Doug Mudd were when I first started to setting up the website. He will be missed.

Steve Bishop writes:

I never met Dick, but I wish I had. The next best thing is that I just received "Pictures From a Distant Country", and even though I haven't read it yet, a quick glance showed me that it will become a permanent part of my library. I don't remember the last time I saw the numismatic collection at the Smithsonian, but I'm going to make a point of visiting in honor of Dick.

Stephen Pradier writes:

So sorry to hear of Richards passing. I got to talk with him on several occasions before I moved from Northern Virginia regarding numismatic books in general and he had been very helpful to me in acquiring some books I was interested in. It is hard to believe that he is gone now.

Jim Downey writes:

I am also saddened by the passing of Dick Doty. I only met him on one occasion -- at the ANA convention in Milwaukee -- but he contributed greatly to my interest in numismatics. As an 8 year old in 1976 I bought a copy of his book Coins of the World from Scholastic. It was the first numismatic book in my library and one that I still have. His book sparked my interest in the hobby. I thanked him for that and explained the role his book played in my numismatic life. He told me that he was touched to have had such a tremendous influence on someone he had never met.

Georges Depeyrot writes:

I met Richard in Paris in January 1986 when he took part at the conference I organised on "Rythmes de la production monétaire" and we add a nice dinner at home. I saw him again in 1990 when i was visiting scholar at the American Numismatic Society. I made a jump to Washington to visit him. He was a outstanding numismatist. I planned to invite him last May in Madrid for our DAMIN meeting but he was not sure to be able to come due to the treatment, but he was enjoying to participate to the next conference in Copenhaguen on the mint production in 19th c.: e was the best specialist of the Soho mint. It is really a pity.

David T. Alexander writes:

What a wonderful series of tributes to a remarkable man and an outstanding numismatist. Isn't it wonderful that these tributes contradict Shakespeare's often quoted blurb, "the evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." Emphatically not the case here, as we see and read.

Eric Schena writes:

I wish I had gotten to know Dick sooner than I had - one of my favorite places when I was younger was the National Numismatic Collection and spent many an hour there. His writing was top notch and his contributions to the field are immeasurable.

Doug Mudd writes:

Great issue on a sad subject. Dick was a great mentor, colleague and friend. He will be missed - not least for his humor. He was cheerful and positive right to the end. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to express their feelings about him.

Ken Potter writes:

Very sad news on Richard Doty. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but his reputation was well known to me for what seems my lifetime and he was a household name. As a lymphoma survivor myself if brings tears to my eyes whenever one of my fellow lymphomians (not really a word) passes. So sad.

Carl Honore, M.A. writes:

Dick and I were close friends since he joined the Smithsonian as curator in 1987. He and I worked together for ten years as I assembled my exhibit for Portland ANA in 1998. Most recently he and I worked together on a possible water power mint design to strike the millions of heavy 5 Kopek pieces at Kolyvan and Ekaterinberg in Russia. We also had long discussions on the subject of theology. Dick was one hell of a partner. My first prize for my Portland exhibit is as much his as mine.

Peter Gaspar writes:

Shock, surprise and sadness were the reactions to the news of Dick Doty's death that I shared with so many others who opened The E-Sylum this Monday. I had known Dick since the 1970s, and while our contact was intermittent, we shared many interests.

In March I emailed him to ask whether he had been accurately quoted in a preview of an important sale of German bracteates. His encyclopedia of coinage described a die-making technique for these broad thin pieces that I considered unlikely.

Dick immediately replied that if he had written in his book what was attributed to him, he was probably wrong. I could hear the enthusiasm and unquenchable curiosity in his voice when he wrote "MAN, do I wish we could have been there at the time!" He ended by sharing a surprising finding about the striking of Papal medals in the 15th century - he described it as "way cool!".

In that message, he mentioned his lymphoma, which he said was going away. He sounded so vigorous and involved with his work that Monday's news was hard to believe.

I just wanted to join the contributors to your special issue in expressing our appreciation of Dick Doty. We will not see another like him.

In an article published Thursday on CoinUpdate, Michael Alexander writes:

I had met Richard formally on the day I had the pleasure of speaking with him during the tour of the St. Gaudens $20 gold coin which made stops in several European cities last year. I had seen Richard many times before that, always in demand – his knowledge and expertise literally on tap and ready to share what he knew about our beloved activity.

I last saw Richard in Berlin during the World Money Fair and as always, on the go but kindly asking after my projects and activities. Richard was always very willing and keen to pass on his acute understanding and experience of numismatics to myself and many of my colleagues, offering his insight and opinion which was so eagerly sought after.

The Smithsonian have issued an obituary for Richard, I’d like to share it with you as it captures so much of the man - his many published contributions and his love of Numismatics as well as the sentiments of those who admired Richard, he will be very missed indeed but, I am confident he will be well remembered.

To read the complete article, see: Richard G. Doty, 1942-2013 (

Bill McKivor writes:

I'm going to miss Dick terribly, he was one of my best friends. Right up to a couple days before he passed away we were making plans for a trip in 2014, when he was cured----though I think we both knew it would not happen. Damn!

Ron Abler writes:

I only met Dick once, when he arranged for me to study the Centennial medals in the National Numismatic Collection. Despite being busy that day, he was the soul of hospitality.

Mike Metras writes:

The world of numismatics had an amazing eye and mind in Dick. He was a light shining brightly on our hobby.

Dick's wife Cindi adds:

His wish was to be cremated and his ashes scattered into the ocean off the coast of Wales.

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