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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 38, September 15, 2013, Article 10


Dave Lange's question about the short-lived periodical Numismatic Times and Trends brought a number of great responses from readers. Thanks, everyone! -Editor

Peter Mosiondz, Jr. writes:

In answer to Dave Lange’s query concerning Numismatic Times and Trends it was started to compete the other numismatic newspapers of the day. I believe it ran until sometime in late 1961 or perhaps into 1962. I was one of their charter subscribers and have been looking for copies without success for some years now. Classified ads were either very inexpensive or free to subscribers; I can’t remember which. Many early ads of mine were contained in that back section. I seem to recall that NT&T focused on coin values. I’ll be looking forward to what others remember.

Dan Hamelberg writes:

I have 7 issues starting with Vol. I, #I (1-10-61), Vol. I, #2 (1-25-61), Vol I, #3 (2-10-61), Vol I, #4 (2-25-61), Vol. I, #5 (3-10-61), Vol. I, #6 (3-25-61), and Vol. I, #9 (5-10-61). The issues feature a classified ad format along with market prices for rolls, mint and proof sets, etc. The March, 25, 1961 issue has an interesting cover story on the Kosoff auction of the Edwin Hydeman collection. The sale featured a 1913 Liberty Nickel which reached a high bid of $41,000, but did not sell as it did not hit the reserve of $50,000.

Mike Paradis forwarded the following from Kolbe's sale 103 (June 7, 2007):

255 NUMISMATIC TIMES AND TRENDS. VOLUME I, NUMBER 1 – VOLUME I, NUMBER 22. New Orleans, January 10 November 25, 1961. 658 pages, illustrated. (bound with) COINS MAGAZINE. VOL. IX, NO. 1. Iola, January 1962. 46, (2) pages, illustrated. Quarto. Black cloth, gilt. Fine. (100.00)

Ex John M.Willem. All issued of the main publication. A printed notice stapled to the issue of Coins Magazine reads in part: "Announcing The Sale of Numismatic Times and Trends to Chester L. Krause, Publisher of Numismatic News and COINS magazine. Times and Trends suspended publication in December. The subscription obligation is being met by COINS magazine, formerly Coin Press Magazine. Starting with the October 25 issue, Clement F. Bailey came on board as Associate Editor, remaining in that position for the last three numbers. The only complete set we recall ever having encountered of this interesting and informative publication, similar in content to Coin World.

Clifford Mishler writes:

Numismatic Times and Trends I believe I can provide a fairly definitive response to Dave Lange’s inquiry concerning the publishing of “Numismatic Times and Trends” out of New Orleans back in 1961. It happens that I did subscribe to the publication, and somewhere in my unorganized archive there are certainly some copies lurking, if not all of the issues published, but I am presently at a loss as to where I might put my hands on them.

The only issues published were dated in 1961, from January 10 through November 25, the publication appearing twice monthly dated on the 10th and 25th. It can be found listed in Remy Bourne’s two volume compilation “American Numismatic Periodicals” published in 1990, with a claimed circulation of 12,400 as of the second issue dated January 25. The founding publisher was William J. Gruber and the editor Kenneth F. Pierce, two of a team of active New Orleans area collectors and dealers who were initially involved with the publication.

It was announced in the January 1, 1962, edition of “Numismatic News” that the publication had been acquired by Chester L. Krause on December 12, 1961, who in the fall of 1961 had acquired “Coin Press” magazine from Frank G. Spadone, which had been re-flagged as “Coins” magazine effective with the January 1962 dated edition. The subscription obligation of NT&T was assumed by “Coins,” with the announcement indicating the combined “circulation of the two Krause publications (Coins and Numismatic News) now total double that of all existing numismatic publications.”

In discussing the acquisition with Chet, as this was before I moved to Iola and joined the staff (March 1963), his best recollection is that “Numismatic Times and Trends” was “acquired for a modest financial consideration and assumption of the outstanding subscription obligation.” In addition to assumption of the subscription obligation, some of the publication’s features and contributors were migrated to “Coins” and “Numismatic News.” The “Times” staff and engaged correspondents at the time numbered nine.

When Krause acquired the title, sole ownership was in the hands of Kenneth Pierce. Another of the early owners was Frank Gruber, who held forth at a promotional table during the 1961 FUN convention in Miami at the time the product was being launched. A photo recap page published in the January 1, 1962, edition of the “News” included a picture of Gruber and his wife were pictured at the table.

One interesting point that Dave made reference to concerns a statement, made in a release published on the front page of the first edition of the “Times,” that successive “pilot issues” were distributed to “some of the foremost authorities” in the field prior to the launch of publication. Bourne did not document the existence of the referenced “pilot” offerings, and I have never seen a copy of one. Perhaps someone out there can fill in that detail for us.

What wonderful responses! Hearing directly from people in a position to know the facts is what makes The E-Sylum such a great publication. First-hand accounts like these are my favorite E-Sylum articles. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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