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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 48, November 24, 2013, Article 6

GAR TRAVIS 1959-2013

GarTravis Yesterday, I learned through Pete Smith and Greg Heim that longtime E-Sylum contributor has passed away. For years, whenever I pressed the button to publish an issue of this newsletter, Gar was often among the first readers to respond. I never met him in person, but he was a regular presence here for many years. In June of this year he announced his retirement from his position at Teletrade; he had cancer and his health was deteriorating.

My last communication from him was a week ago Saturday; his submission on the Prince George Christening £5 Coin was published in last Sunday's issue. My email files have dozens and dozens of his notes, covering topics as diverse as Portugalozers, a medal for Muhammad Ali, Spongebob coins, Congressional Gold medals, Fairbanks Alaska bakery tokens and the Bank of England ghost. His presence will be missed, but still felt. -Editor

Brian Kendrella of Stack’s Bowers Galleries (and Teletrade) writes:

I worked with Gar from when I joined the company in late 2009 until his illness forced him to take leave in June of this year. He was a skilled and knowledgeable numismatist, a talented photographer, and a generous friend to many in our company. He will be dearly missed.

Gar once told me he was born and raised in Jacksonville, N.C. The following is from Gar's personal photography web site:

Gar Travis with camera Gar Travis, a 1978 graduate of Fork Union Military Academy and United States Coast Guard Veteran served as a numismatic research consultant for more than fifteen years in North Carolina following his enlistment. He dabbled in film photography; establishing himself as a professional in 1989 and was an early experimentalist in the field of digital numismatic photography.

Moving to California in 2004 he assumed a position with one of the world's largest numismatic auction houses; Greg Martin Auctions as a senior numismatist and chief cataloger. Gar retired from his numismatic position after serving nine superb years seeing the company grow globally and being recognized as a Fortune 500 Company; which is known today as Stack's-Bowers Galleries.

Wanting to show where he has been and what he has seen to his long time friends in North Carolina and willing to share his visual captures with the world, Gar offers this web site. A "one of a kind" his fellow photographers call him; as he is a philanthropic professional photographer - giving his services in exchange for substantial donations to several youth based non-profits he endorses. Giving his time and talent Gar is the Chief of Photography of Powered Sport Flying magazine, a contributing editor to The NUMISMATIST magazine, Chief Entertainment Photographer for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire® of Southern California, Ship's Photographer for the American Pride and an Adviser to the Children's Maritime Foundation.

Gar is the author of the book; Cyprus Coins, which he also photo-illustrated. The text was published in 2006 by the Cyprus Museum. The book offers a numismatic chronology of Cyprus and features coins housed in the museum.

Greg Heim writes:

I first met Gar at the 1991 ANA Convention at the NLG Bash. Lisa met him three years later at the venue in Detroit.

We kept in touch on and off over the years, but chatted frequently on Facebook over the past three years or so. He was very open and candid about dealing with his brain cancer, and spent his last weeks posting the scrumptious meals that his caregivers were providing him!

Gar worked for Teletrade for many years, but he also developed an excellent reputation as a freelance photographer - especially in the area of Renaissance Fairs. Tons of his work is being reposted on Facebook by his many friends in his memory.

He called me on a Sunday morning about six weeks ago, telling me that the end was getting near. I was honored that he chatted with me and shared this. As I stated in my posts, his candor and refreshing personality were constant throughout the 20 or so years that Lisa and I knew him.

Susie Nulty writes:

Gar excelled at photography but did not just take pictures, he captured friendships. Those friends included his subjects and fellow photographers. Gar and I discussed making a web gallery of the photographs he took of those fellow photographers and I will do that over the next few weeks and think of Gar who suggested calling it, 'Photographers: A Rogues Gallery.' Working on his photography web site has been a privilege and gives one an appreciation of Gar's fine "eye." His generosity should be a guiding example to us all. My heart aches as I will miss working with him and especially his friendship.

Gar Travis ship photo

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