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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 51, December 15, 2013, Article 10


Greetings from Inner Mongolia
Li/Tiesheng of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China writes:

As a sincere reader of The E-Sylum, please accept my hearty thanks for your work.

You're welcome! I never cease to be amazed at the reach of The E-Sylum. We started as a simple email newsletter for Numismatic Bibliomania Society members, and today we have readers in every corner of the globe. It's both a pleasure and honor to work on it every week, knowing that it's awaited and appreciated by eager readers everywhere. -Editor

Still More Collective Terms in Numismatics
Fred Schwan writes:

A squad of military payment certificates or even a squad of warnicks (either could also be companies or battalions.

Bob Metzger writes:

I think the collective term for editors should be a "parenthesis of editors."

Fred Michaelson writes:

A "comma-d of editors" is beautiful. What was your train of thought coming up with that? Editors fix errors---comedy of errors----comedy of editors---comma-d of editors?

Well, editors spend a lot of time putting commas where they think they belong, so that’s where it started. They also introduce plenty of their own errors while trying to fix others'. So yeah, I thought of "Comedy of Errors", and out popped a "comma-d of editors." -Editor

Fred Michaelson adds:

Since you spend time putting commas where they belong, try getting people to stop omitting the serial comma. "A, B, and C" is correct. "A, B and C" isn't. It makes me cringe. People come up with all kinds of arguments that say it's optional, but the bottom line, the thing that transcends it all, is the simple fact that a comma shows a pause in speech. I have spoken and am now pausing.

I don't remember if I was ever taught this, but for better or worse what I learned is that "A, B and C" is correct. See what I mean about introducing new errors? I try not to worry about it too much. I got into the Internet publishing business because the standards are lower and I wouldn't have to spend days tracking down proper citations and the like. I appreciate when those jobs are done right, but don't have the time for it most days. -Editor

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Big Coins, Big Holes
Granvyl Hulse writes:

Regarding the unwanted dollar coin, having lived for a number of years in England during the days of the big pennies and half crowns, I can state one reason why big coins are not wanted - their edges cut holes in your pants pockets and everything in them goes on the ground when you stand up.

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Pistrucci's St. George and the Dragon
Pete Smith writes:

The St. George and the Dragon reverse has been revised a number of times. I have a vague recollection that the British Royal Mint produced a commemorative set showing the various reverses. I suspect some E-Sylum reader will have a better recollection than mine.

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V. Arefiev on the Quentin Archer Sale
David Fanning writes:

Our friend, the scholar V. Arefiev, has published an overview in Russian of our January 11 sale of the Quentin Archer library on Russian numismatics. The article, “Обзор библиотеки русской нумизматической литературы Квинта Арчера,” can be found on the Staraya Moneta website at

Query: Feuchtwanger Cent Images and Ephemera Sought
Dave Bowers writes:

I am doing some research on Hard Times tokens. Does anyone have pictures of the Feuchtwanger cents Low 120, HT-268 dies 3-C and 4-F. Also any contemporary printed advertisements or ephemera of the various issuers? Thanks for anything you can furnish.

I've never come across ads or ephemera of Feuchtwanger, although I do have a couple of his (non-numismatic) books. Can anyone help with this or Dave's image requests? Thanks. -Editor

Wayne Homren, Editor

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