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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 18, April 27, 2014, Article 8


The Point Loma Theater Bookstore
Greg Adams writes:

Point Loma bookstore Roger Burdette's article on the most beautiful book stores reminds me of the fate of the Point Loma Theater here in San Diego. The derelict theater was purchased by the “Bookstar” company and restored in the 1990’s before “Bookstar” was bought out by Barnes and Nobel. The theater originally had an ornate painted ceiling that was restored when the building was revitalized. Not quite as dramatic as the “El Ateneo Bookshop, Buenos Aires, Argentina” but the same basic idea.

Point Loma bookstore2

For more information, see:
Loma Theatre 3150 Rosecrans Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92110 (

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Fake Gold Qing Dynasty Coin Scam

Philliph Degens forwarded this article from the April 21, 2014 issue of the Cambodia Daily newspaper about a woman arrested for attempting to sell 120 fake Chinese gold coins supposedly from the Qing Dynasty. Thanks. -Editor

To read the complete article, see: Woman Arrested After $50,000 Fake Coin Fraud (

CSNS John Burns Memorial Book Signing Table
Bruce Perdue of CSNS writes:

CSNS 2014 John Burns sign I have attached a photo of the sign at the John Burns Memorial book Signing table from the Central States Numismatic Society's 75 Anniversary convention. While I was busy with other show duties it seemed that the authors were getting some activity. I can further report that the CSNS board voted a $500 donation to the John Burns Memorial Fund.

Many thanks to CSNS for their generous donation. The fund will be used to promote numismatic literature and research in the spirit of the late numismatic literature dealer John H. Burns. -Editor

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Hussey's Private Message Post
Werner Mayer writes:

I feel that the article about the stamp dealer and Civil War Token is not totally correct. I wrote an article in the Civil War Token Society Journal Volume 20 No 1 Werner About Husseys Private Message Post. He delivered mail and sold his own private postage stamps. He also issued his own civil war token 630AK. My article also found its way to the Internet as "Hussey's Private Message Post".

Werner is saying that Hussey was in business earlier than Brennan, mentioned in the article as the earliest U.S. stamp dealer. But the topic was dealers in rare stamps for collectors, not sellers of stamps for sending letters. So I asked Werner to clarify. -Editor

Werner writes:

My contention is that Hussey sold stamps for his service. You went to his store and bought stamps either as a customer of his message service or as a collector of stamps. These stamps were in great demand by stamp collectors and are quite expensive and scarce.

So if he sold stamps he was a stamp dealer. He originally sold his stamps at $1 for 100 and gradually increased the price to 2 cents a stamp in 1863. I guess it is a matter of semantics as what a stamp dealer is.

Hussey was established in the 1840s. Postage stamps were first issued by Great Britain in 1840. The private posts issued stamps in 1841. The U.S.P.S issued its stamps in 1845. I hope this explains my premise as to the definition of a "stamp dealer". The business was still in existence in the 1880s.

I have written approximately 20 to 30 articles for CWTS and TAMS mostly concerning New York City store cards 20 to 30 years ago. Most of my research was done in the New-York Historical Society and the New York Public Library.

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Siberian Club Seeks Coin Donations
Jura Iwlew of Nowoaltaisk, Russia writes:

My name is Jura, my age is 13 years. Recently I and my friends organized a children's club Knight, who has been studying the history of numismatics and its development at the moment. So our club wants to organize and conduct a number of activities for the development of knowledge for anyone who is interested in numismatics. Our club will promote numismatics in our small Siberian town. Many children are addicted to collect coins! My friends and I would be very grateful if you can send free unnecessary small coins in your country for our courtyard of the museum, which is attended by children and their parents. We hope that this goodwill that contribute to the development of worldwide child numismatics ! We wish you a nice day ! My address: Street: Belyakowa, 62; City: Nowoaltaisk; State: Altayskiy krai; Zip: 658084; Country: Russian Federation

Clashes and war clouds in Ukraine may give some pause, but numismatics knows no borders. Can any E-Sylum readers help? Gathering coin donations may be easier than navigating the international postal system, though. Does anyone have advice on how best to ship coins to Siberia? -Editor

Walton & Co. Hard Times Token

Walton New Orleans token obverse Walton New Orleans token reverse

Lloyd Wagner forwarded this information about a rare Hard Times Token he acquired recently:

A very rare Walton & Co. Hard Times Token (Rulau HT-128, Low 288 ) was recently found in California. Only five others have been identified.

A rather plain, unpretentious piece, this token is dated 1841-1844 by Rulau, and is one of the few very desirable New Orleans, Louisiana tokens known from this merchant.


According to Webster, a "chandler" is "a retail dealer in provisions and supplies or equipment of a specified kind: a yacht chandler"

Man Sows Coins on Beach
Regarding our discussion of the meaning of buried coin finds, Fred Michaelson forwarded an image of a July 10, 2010 Ocean City, MD newspaper article about a man who placed coins from his old collection in the sand at a local beach for future collectors to find.

An Ocean Pines resident wanted to do something to give back to the community after his retirement, and for the past few weeks he has been discreetly dropping hundreds of coins from around the world into the sand along the beach for beachgoers to find.

"I thought this might be an interesting way to get rid of my coin collection and hopefully bring a smile to kids' faces and stimulate their interest in coins."

The coins are from countries as varied as England, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Cuba and China, and some are up to 100 years old.

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Archives International logo

Archives International Auctions, Part XIX

U.S. & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Security Printing Ephemera, "The Tasmanian Devil Collection" of rare Australian & New Zealand Banknotes and Further Selections from the Hamtramck Collection.

May 20, 2014

Highlights include:

  • Lot 33 Commonwealth of Australia, Reserve Bank, ND (1974) Issue $50 Specimen Banknote
  • Lot 494 Bank of America, 1879 Specimen $10,000 Clearing House Certificate
  • Lot 589 Accelerating Steam Navigation Co., 1852 Issued Stock Certificate - Obsolete Look-A-Like

Australia, Reserve Bank, ND (1974) Issue $50 Specimen Banknote

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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