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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 27, June 29, 2014, Article 3


Colin Guilberg of the Chopmark Collectors Club (CCC) forwarded this press release for his new book on chopmarked coins. Congratulations! -Editor

Chopmarked Coins Chopmarked Coins – A History
By: Colin Gullberg
187 pages (A4 size), soft cover
1.8 lbs. (shipping weight)
Retail Price: $50 (plus S&H)

CCC Member Price: $40 (plus S&H) includes Free e-newsletter for one year (a $10 value)

Early Bird Special Price: $30 (plus $5 S&H) – Must be prepaid by July 20, 2014 (pick up available at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago Aug 7 & 8).

It’s finally finished! My book, Chopmarked Coins – A History, will be printed by early July in Shanghai and will be ready for shipping in mid-July. The book covers the history of foreign silver coins in China during the period of 1600-1935 and contains high quality photos of over 150 coins. As there are few written records regarding the chops I focus on what information we do know, including first person accounts in other sources, summaries of all the modern sources of knowledge in the area and, most exciting, scans from a shroff’s handbook (circa 1890).

If you would like to have one (or more) of these books it’s best to order now. I am giving a limited-time special price of $30 (plus $5 S&H) only for CCC members until July 20. As I will be hand carrying the books to the Chicago ANA World’s Fair of Money Show in August I must have your payment before I depart. I will mail the books from Chicago (media rate postage). Anyone picking up the book at the show will pay $30 only. This will include a free one year e-subscription to the Chopmark News (which will be going to $10/year effective 2014). If you live outside the US please contact me for shipping costs from Taiwan.

The price quoted is net of bank charges so if you pay by PayPal (address: ) please add 5%. You can also pay by check to Rich Licato at:

Rich Licato
1905 N. Hancock Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Please indicate if you would like me to autograph the book and/or write a dedication. The total print run will be 500 copies. By the way, the price will not cover the cost of printing the book – a loss which is being absorbed by Michael Chou.

ANA World’s Fair of Money
The Chopmark Collectors Club will have their third annual meeting this summer in Chicago on August 7, 2014. I will be giving a public talk on my new book, Chopmarked Coins – A History, at the show at 11:00 August 7 in Room 5 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center.

This is the first time that I will be speaking to the general public and I am hopeful that the CCC will be able to pick up a few new members (I will be giving away free e-editions to the newsletter for those in attendance).

I am hoping to hold a meeting of the CCC for any members in attendance at the show, either before or after my talk. Unfortunately, the convention center does not have a restaurant so we’ll have to think of another option. Nevertheless, it will be a good time for us to meet each other and talk about our favorite subject – chopmarked coins!

Minutes after receiving Colin's announcement Howard Daniel write:

I just ordered my copy.

Colin adds:

I can let E-Sylum readers who are not CCC members have the book at the show for the $30 price, but CCC members get first crack at buying the book (I'll be carrying a limited number of copies). Just mention that you saw the book in The E-Sylum to get the $30 price. Other non-members would pay $40. Note that you won't get a free e-membership; only current members will get their e-newsletter extended by a year.

To read the complete ANA show schedule, see:

Wayne Homren, Editor

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