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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 31, July 27, 2014, Article 3


Howard Berlin's book on worldwide museums, mints and other places of interest for the numismatist is now available for purchase. Published by Zyrus Press, the book chronicles his visits to numismatic points of interest the world over. Here's some information from the publisher and author himself. -Editor

The Numismatourist The Numismatourist
The Only Worldwide travel Guide to
Museums, Mints, and Other Places of Interest for the Numismatist

The Ultimate Coin Collector's Travel Guide

Here’s why:

  • Covers coin collections on display in over 175 museums spanning 75 different countries.
  • Includes important locations, times and must-see exhibits for the traveler and collector.
  • Spans across North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania-Pacific.
  • Rich with photography, maps, and historical context.
  • No collector should travel without this book!
  • Published by Zyrus Press. Written by Dr. Howard M. Berlin. 413 pages. 300+ photos. Full color. Paperbound.

Howard Berlin writes:

At long last, my book: The Numismatourist: The Only Worldwide Travel Guide to Museums, Mints, and Other Places of Interest for the Numismatist, has now been released. I will be signing copies of the book at the Chicago ANA at the Wizard Coin Supply booth at various times throughout the show.

The book spans 410 pages with index and covers more than 150 museums, mints, and central banks on five continents. Almost 100 of these institutions are described in depth with pictures.

The book is dedicated to the late Dr. Richard G. Doty, the well-known Senior numismatic curator, National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. The foreword is written by Karen M. Lee, curator at the Smithsonian Institution. Comments on the book’s back cover are provided by Wayne Homren, editor of The E-Sylum of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, and Dr. Ursula Kampmann, editor of CoinsWeekly (MünzenWoche) and the MintWorld Compendium.

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement! Howard has literally gone to the ends of the earth to research and write his book. Below is an excerpt from the author's Preface. -Editor

This book was born from my “World Destinations” column that appeared in WorldWide Coins about my travels to places that feature various fascinating exhibits about coins and currency. The column had won the Numismatic Literary Guild’s “Best Column” award for world commercial numismatic magazines for two consecutive years. To my knowledge, this is first book of its kind and combines three of my favorite pastimes: numismatics, travel, and writing.

This is intended to be a worldwide travel guide for the numismatist, those whose hobby or profession is about coins and paper money. Inside you will find its contents to be a reference catalog of numismatic collections of exhibits in museums, banks, mints, and libraries around the world that are open to the general public. It is for the numismatist who is traveling, either on vacation or business, and wishes to visit places of interest.

Following my retirement as a college educator, I have had both the time and good fortune to travel. I have visited more than 50 countries, averaging about 75,000 miles annually—as the extra-page inserts and immigration stamps in my passport will verify. Some of these destinations, which had numismatic institutions of one kind or another, were first chronicled in my semi-monthly column. Prior to the column’s debut, Wayne Homren, the editor of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s electronic newsletter, The E-Sylum, dubbed me, the “Numismatourist.” I’m quite sure that there are many other travel writers that log more miles than I do, but I’m probably one of a very few with this peculiar niche—writing solely about visiting numismatic exhibits in museums, central banks, and mints.

Howard adds:

The book’s list price is USD 29.95 and may be ordered directly from the publisher’s Transline supply company toll free (US) at: 800-575-4008 or the website:

It is also available on, via the link:

Kolbe-Fanning website ad4

Wayne Homren, Editor

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