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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 36, August 31, 2014, Article 7


Query: Monnaie de Paris Commemorative Medal Catalog
Tom Garver writes:

It seems to me that when I was doing some research a few months ago, I ran across a reference to an illustrated catalogue of commemorative medals produced across a certain time period by the Monnaie de Paris. As numismatic bibliophiles, can anyone tell me more about this (these) publication(s)? If they are historical, have they been reissued on CD or available through the Google listings? (I've looked there, but may not be entering my search information correctly).

Can anyone help? Does such a catalog exist? -Editor

Query: Information on Dave Hess Sought
Douglas Saville writes:

I wonder if anyone reading The E-Sylum might know anything about Dave Hess - a dealer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the 1960s and 1970s. He issued lists, similar to the Seaby Bulletins, complete with good articles, mostly on British numismatics, and was a frequent traveller to the UK, attending coin shows and auctions in London. I understand he may have passed away some years ago - is there an obituary or any other information about him anywhere? I am sure some of your readers will have some information about him.

The name sounds familiar, but I honestly don't recall him or his lists. Can anyone help? Thanks. -Editor

Canadian Numismatic Bibliography CD Now Shipping
Greg Burns writes:

I see from perusing my incoming mail today that the Canadian Numismatic Bibliography folks have started shipping the CDs containing the searchable PDF (and Microsoft Excel) files for the two volumes. Certainly makes the original purchase of the book set much more useful; how considerate of the project folks and supporters to push these out to the subscribers…a very welcome addition to the original purchase! Photo of the CD and mailer attached.

Canadian Numismatic Bibliography CD

My copy of the CD arrived yesterday (Mine is copy #15). -Editor

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Quick Quiz: Who is This Mystery Numismatist?
Pete Smith's Mystery Numismatist 2014-08-31 Pete Smith writes:

I came across this picture on Tuesday, and thought it would make an interesting 'mystery numismatist' quiz.

As a hint I can state that we have published this image before in The E-Sylum, so now we can see who's been paying attention. -Editor

2014 ANA Exhibit Winners Posted

Paul Hybert submitted this note about exhibits at the recent ANA convention. Thanks. -Editor

Did you attend the World's Fair of Money? Did you visit the Collector Exhibit Area? The redesigned ANA web site now has a listing of which exhibits won which awards, at .

This posting also provides excerpts from Mack Martin's Best of Show-winning exhibit on Baby Bonds.

Georgia Baby Bond

The Collector Exhibits Area had a wide range of material. Don't take my word for it -- look at the on-line guide available to see what you missed, at: .

Unfortunately, there were no exhibits of Numismatic Literature -- so we all missed out in one way.

If you did not exhibit this year, please consider exhibiting next year -- one last year in Chicago/Rosemont before it goes back on the road (to Anaheim, Denver, and Philadelphia).

I'm guilty as well, since I was able to go to the convention this year but didn't have time to prepare an exhibit. Surely there are SEVERAL E-Sylum readers willing and able to place exhibits at next year's show. Let's not be no-shows again! -Editor

'Breaking Bad' Image Confirmed
Chris Fuccione writes:

Rush Hour 2 In last week's edition someone mentioned that he thought that the photo of two men laying on money was from Breaking Bad not Rush Hour 2. I can confirm that the image came from Breaking Bad season 5 episode 10 "Buried"

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Niue - A New Zealand Dependency
Martin Purdy writes:

Gothic Art coin reverse In response to your question about Niue - it's a quite small island in the Pacific that is officially "self-governing but in free association with New Zealand", which I guess makes it an NZ dependency of sorts. Looking at the plethora of CLO's (I much prefer to say "coin-like objects" than NCLT if I can tell it like it is!) from places such as Niue and the Cook Islands, whose themes usually have very little to do with either of those places, it's clear that they produce a benefit for both parties - the makers/marketers and the tiny countries whose names appear on these issues.

The countries presumably get a share of the sales revenue, which helps their economies, in return for lending their names to these commercial exercises to give what would otherwise just be "medals" an air of legitimacy, since they can then be called "legal tender". I do wonder how many of these items are ever actually seen in the territories of Niue or the Cooks, however. Their legal tender status is even dubious, as cashing them could prove problematic - didn't someone try doing just that with a stash of high-denomination silver "coins" a few years ago and found as a result that they would not be honoured?

The Niuean language, by the way, is a Polynesian language not totally unlike Maori. The island must have been a welcome landfall to early Polynesian explorers, since the name is a phrase - "niu e!", or "Here there be coconut palms!" in pseudo sailor-speak :-)

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: GOTHIC ART "COIN" INCORPORATES AGATE INSERT (

Coin Production and the Economy
Jan Monroe writes:

The production of more coins is an indication that the economy is improving. During poor economic conditions stressed people do not throw their change in a jar but instead spend it on necessities. During better times change does not go back to the banks and the banks demand more change. This has been true for the history of our nation.

Thanks. I must be permanently distressed. I always spend my change before breaking another paper bill. Cashiers know me as "Mr. Exact Change." But the theory makes sense, and has been proved to be true in the past, based on stories I'd read before. I'm just a bad example. -Editor

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Thoughts on the Assayer's Blowpipe
Regarding that assayer's blowpipe, Roger Siboni writes:

I have got to get me one of these and play with it....without setting myself or my house on fire! Fascinating for a long time 49er resident of San Francisco.

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Correction: Chopmark Collectors Club Founder
Regarding Mike Marotta's review of Colin Gullberg’s book on chopmarked coins, Tom Wong writes:

It is stated in the Aug 24 issue of The E-Sylum that Colin Gullberg "founded the Chopmark Collectors Club". This wording implies that he founded (as in started) the club is not correct. I believe he discovered and joined the club in 2006 as member #298. The club was founded in 1991.

I believe Tom is correct - sorry I didn't catch that in my editing. -Editor

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Correction: No 1838-O Three Cent Silver
Regarding Howard Berlin's submission on the New Orleans Mint museum, George Huber writes:

“An 1838-O three cent silver.” Really? Gotta get me one of those.

In response, Howard writes:

I "think" I meant 1851-O silver. I'm not sure what I was thinking of at the time. I'm not a real maven of U.S. coinage so I guess this one slipped by.

Another "oops" on my part - sorry I missed that. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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