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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 49, November 30, 2014, Article 31


Here are several lots that caught my eye in Bill Rosenblum’s upcoming auction sale #44B. -Editor

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Lot 336

336 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). 2 Shillings. Feller CY-1871, Campbell-5511, Haffner (1970) page 330, Schwan-Boling 241-243 (page 388). This is the Sylvia Haffner plate note but unlike the 1 and 5 Shillings notes which were damaged in a fire, this note just has lots of wear. This is the rare 1st issue which had the legend Good for purchase in the canteens in Cyprus or for exchange for cash in Jerusalem which the British found objectionable and was soon recalled and replaced by a 2nd issue. Of extreme rarity and importance with an impressive pedigree. After purchasing Mrs. Haffner’s collection, we sold this to the late Samuel Halperin (who unfortunately passed away this past Spring). Sam consigned it to us for our spring 2001 sale and it sold to “Mr. Philadelphia” as part of lot 832 in our sale 31C. All Cyprus Canteen Chits are extremely rare and desirable even in low grade. $750+?

Emergency Banknotes issued by B. Jacoby

Lot 345a

345 Estonia, Pernau. 1860. Four Emergency Banknotes issued by B. Jacoby. 10, 20, 25 and 30 Kopek. All cancelled with a handwritten X across the face and the signature of R. Jacoby at lower right. The notes have a round handstamp with a fancy RJ logo. These 4 notes, printed on colored cloth, are all low grade (VG-F). All have handwritten and barely visible serial numbers on the back and a few seem to have been repaired. Earlier this year two similar notes, but issued by B. Jacobi with the denomination stated as Copeks sold in the Money of the People Auction as part of the Neil Shafer collection. See The Shekel Vol. XXXVIII, #1, p. 43 for a similar note. Pernau is a city north of Riga and B. Jacoby was among a number of Jewish (and non-Jewish) merchants who issued these emergency notes (called notgeld in the 20th century) around that time in that area of Europe because of the scarcity of small change. These are from WMR 27c Lots 1140-1143. $750+?

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Lot 362

362 Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. C-4062a (b), Feller-GE-291c, Grab-Haney Sa-2e.1 Mark Type 2 star (8 small wedges). Blue. Au-Unc. Scarce, seldom offered. Ex WMR 30c, #917 where it sold for $350. $400+?

Operation Bernhard Forgery

Lot 365

365 Great Britain, Operation Bernhard Forgery. P-337a, Camp-4067b, Feller GE-312b. £20 7 June 1937, London with signature of K. O. Peppiatt, aEF with small notch at right and the right margin is a bit rough. The notch on the right was purposely made to look like a genuine British note and it’s possible that the rough right edge was also done with the same intent. The 20£ and 50£ forgeries are the two scarcest denominations. A similar, but perhaps slightly nicer, note sold for $150 in our sale 42F. $125+?

Anglo-Palestine Bank

Lot 377a

377 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P14, BN-1, APB B6a. 500 Mils Series A. Choice crisp EF. Bright and original, a very attractive exceptional note. $500+?

Warsaw Sugar Coupon

Lot 445

445 Poland, Warsaw. Sugar Coupon. 1916. Emergency World War I Money. For 275 grams of Sugar. Good in the 14th District of Warsaw. In German, Polish and Yiddish. Issued by the Jewish Community of Warsaw presumably sometime after the Germans entered Warsaw. Hand written endorsement on back. Date is handwritten on front of coupon. No doubt rare. F-VF. Ex 38D, #757. Emergency paper money for WWI is much scarcer than that of WWII. $75+?

King David Playing the Harp

Lot 473

473 King David Playing the Harp. Hans Krauwinkel Biblical Jeton. ND (1590s?). Æ28.5 (5.00g). King David kneeling left playing the harp, tree behind him, HK in exergue/ Winged Angel standing upon a globe holding a winged hour-glass and a skull with flowers, crucifix to left, anchor to right. Mitchner-1629. F-VF. A rare Krauwinkel Biblical jeton that I cannot recall ever offering. $100+?

English Zionist Medal for the Coronation of Edward VII

Lot 484

484 English Zionist Medal for the Coronation of Edward VII. 1902 Silver 41mm (46.27g) by R.N. (possibly R. Neal). Conjoined bare heads of Queen Alexandra and King Edward left, Hebrew legend above, the same in English below 1902 5622 Struck by the English Zionist Federation on the Occasion of the Coronation of King Edward VII/ Prophet with followers on mountain looking toward Zion in the distance, Angel of the Lord and Hebrew legend And there is hope for thy posterity above. In the wings of the angel is a Magen David. See The Shekel Vol. X, #6, p. 14. British Historical Medals (Brown) -3832. EF and a few spots. Very rare in silver. I’m not sure I’ve ever offered it in silver. If so, it’s been more than 25 years! $600+?

Italian Holocaust medal

Lot 504

504 Italian Holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm CN. Celebrating defeat of Nazis, struck by Jewish community of Milan. Menorah/Streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. JTM HO-4. Unc. $50

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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