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David Sklow forwarded this preview of his upcoming mail bid sale of numismatic literature. Thanks. -Editor

Sklow MBS#24 cover David Sklow-Fine Numismatic Books will have its MBS # 24 closing on February 7, 2015 at 8 PM. Bidding will be via Email, Telephone, Fax and Mail, bids will be accepted that are received by Email, Fax or Telephone message up to midnight on closing day. There are NO changes to the terms of sale. The sale consists of over 1000 lots of a well diversified nature, Featuring selections from the libraries and collections of: Daniel M. Byrne, Orville Grady, the late F. Gordon Frost and the late Harold Shaw Bareford, a paper money expert of great renown, Jan Monroe, John Phipps, the Coconut Collector, "Big Jim", Remy Bourne, that guy from Chicago, Cecil Webster, Q. David Bowers and several others.... and of course some special things from Myron Xenos .

Some highlights of the sale are:

  • The Fabulous Library of Daniel M. Byrne covering Military Awards, Decorations & Medals.
  • 1929 ANA Chicago Convention Photograph.
  • 1937 ANA Washington, D.C. Convention Photograph.
  • Historie Des Romans Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Recules Jusqu'a A L'invasion Des Barbare Vol II-VII, 1880 first edition by Victor Duruy.
  • B. Max Mehl's Fiftieth Sale Catalog inscribed to Harold Bareford by Mehl, with Bareford's original bid sheets tipped in.
  • Long run of Director of the U.S. Mint Reports.
  • Abe Kosoff Memorabilia.
  • Long run of Coinage of the Americas Conference Works.
  • Limited Edition Numbered 82 of 182, State Copper Coinage 1785-1788, the Taylor Collection Photographic Plates by Bowers and Merena, 1988.
  • Long run of hardbound Bowers and Merena Auction Catalogs.
  • Eckfeldt and Du Bois, 1851 second edition, New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion........
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, pocket edition, 1870, third edition, 11 plates, Newman Type 3-P.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, 1877, twelfth edition, 10 plates, Newman variety 12-P-3.
  • History of the First Mint, 1924 first edition.
  • Deluxe edition, Albert A. Grinnell Collection by Barney Bluestone, 1944-1946.
  • History of the Currency of the Country and of the Loans of the United States from the Earliest Period to June 30, 1900, second edition by William F. De Knight. RARE.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, pocket edition [first] 1864, 10 plates, Newman Type 1-P.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, Banking House edition, 1866 second edition, 12 plates, Newman 2-BH-4.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, several other examples.
  • Lee F. Hewitt's Personal copy of the William P. Donlon Collection, Deluxe Hardbound Numbered edition 1956 by Kosoff.
  • Original Mason's Coin & Stamp Collectors' Magazine. Volumes I-III, 1867-1870.
  • Deluxe Hardbound Limited Edition The Wayte Raymond Collection Parts I-IV. 1977-1978 by NASC, only 53 were produced.
  • Numbered and Stamped MPC Fest XV edition 11 of 40, American Red Cross in World War II Collectors' Guide.
  • The Romance And Tragedy of Banking, 1922, by Thomas P. Kane.
  • Petersons' Complete Coin Book. 1859. by T.B. Peterson.
  • A Run of Commemorative Medal books by Robert R. Heath.
  • Original 1878 two volume The Medallic History of the United States of America, by Loubat, J.F.
  • A complete set 1935-1976 of The Numismatic Scrapbook, 1935-1946 uniformly bound, 1947-1976 in original wrappers.
  • Long run of volumes of the Canadian Antiquarian & Numismatic Journal 1877-1933.
  • Canadian Numismatic Association, The CNA Bulletin 1950-1955 complete.
  • Canadian Numismatic Association Journal, Volume 1-44, 1956-1999.
  • Run of Interesting Notes, by Roger Durand.
  • Nice group of Treasure, Sunken Ships, Wrecks and Diving works.
  • Several Deluxe Hardbound Catalogs from Heritage.
  • Frossard and Hays, 1910 Gilbert/Elder edition on 1794 Cents, w/4 pls.
  • Stacks Reed Hawn Sale, 1993, Limited Edition No. 5 of 20.
  • Decorations Officielles Francaises, 1956, 72 plates, 1962 supplement tipped in.
  • The Interallied Victory Medals of WW I, second edition 1992, by Alexander Laslo.
  • Das Ordenbuch Der Gewesenen Osterreichisch - Ungarischen Monarchie, 1918-1919, 26 exquisite elephant folio plates.
  • Awards & Decorations of U.S. State Military Forces, 1988, by Gregory Ogletree.
  • A Long Run of deluxe Hardbound Sale Catalogs of George Frederick Kolbe 1981-2000.
  • ANA - First Strike: The Magazine for Young Numismatists, 1987, Vol. I No. I.
  • Myron Xenos's Inventory Copy of Gengerke American Numismatic Auctions, 1990.
  • The Growth of Chicago Banks 1816-1938, two volume set, 1938, by F. Cyril James.
  • Numerous Special Edition Redbooks by Yeoman/Bressett.
  • Run of Leather Bound Redbooks.
  • Very nice run of Early volumes of the Numismatist 1894- 1921.
  • Numismatic Scrapbook volumes in original paper covers, 1938-1941, 1943, 1944.
  • Small offering of 19th Century Auction Catalogs.
  • Detroit Coin Club Annual Banquet Booklet, 1939, with a fabulous array of autographs.
  • Detroit Coin Club First Life Member Dinner Booklet, 1965, with fabulous autographs.
  • Frank J. Katen, 1950 Milford Coin & Stamp Co. Announcement.
  • Deluxe Leather Australian History 1901-2001 as seen through banknotes.
  • Very Early Newspapers with Numismatic Content.
  • And much, much more!

The catalog is fully indexed, but, please be sure to check every page, so you will not miss those items you are really looking to add to your library! Good luck, bid early and bid often!

Thank you,
David Sklow

David Sklow-Fine Numismatic Books
P.O. Box 6321
Colorado Springs, CO 80934
PH: 719-302-5686
FAX: 719-302-4933
Web Site:


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Wayne Homren, Editor

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