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The E-Sylum: Volume 18, Number 32, August 9, 2015, Article 4


David Sklow forwarded this notice about his October numismatic literature mail bid sale. Thanks. -Editor

Sklow MBS#26 Highlights for Numismatic Literature Mail Bid Sale # 26 closing October 10th are listed below, the catalog is at the printing company and should be posted on our web site Monday or Tuesday.

Look the list over carefully, there are some gems in there!

  • Authors proof An Illustrated History of U. S. Loans 1775-1898 by Gene Hessler.
  • Secretary of the Treasury, William McAdoo, letter dated December 1917.
  • The American, newspaper vol. I No. 173. September 1820, article concerning counterfeits.
  • One lot of ephemera from The Money Tree, Myron Xenos & Ken Lowe.
  • Editors proof pages of Edmund Roberts and The Rare Silver Dollars Dated 1804, by Q. David Bowers, 1999.
  • The Asylum, journal of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, Vol. I through Vol. XXX complete.
  • The Shekel, journal of the American Israel Numismatic Association, Vol. I through Vol. XXXII complete and uniformly bound in original blue cloth.
  • American Red Cross in World War II - Collectors' Guide, by Jim Aitken, Garry Arva, and Kathy Freeland, special numbered MPC Fest edition # 31 of 40.
  • B. Max Mehl's personal copy the Kosoff sale of William P. Donlon, personally inscribed to Max by Abe Kosoff.
  • The magnificent deluxe full leather edition of the B. Max Mehl sale of the William Forrester Dunham Collection, personally inscribed by Max to his Executive Secretary, Mary Ellen Ferguson and her name in gilt on front!
  • The magnificent deluxe full leather edition of the B. Max Mehl sale of the William Cutler Atwater Collection, personally inscribed by Max to his Executive Secretary, Mary Ellen Ferguson and her name in gilt on front!
  • Numerous early edition, and special edition Redbooks, by R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett.
  • Das Ordenbuch Der Gewesenen Osterreichisch - Ungarischen Monarchie, 1918-1919, magnificent plates and text, house in two large folio archival binders, the medal book of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Numismatic Scrapbook, Vol. I & II by Lee F. Hewitt, 1935 and 1936.
  • The Shipmaster's Manual for the Exchange of Monies in the Ports of all Nations, by W. H. Rosser, 1876.
  • Numismatic Scrapbook, Vol. VI, VII, IX & X by Lee F. Hewitt, 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1944, all in original covers .
  • The Art and Craft of Coinmaking: A History of Minting Technology, Denis R. Cooper, 1988.
  • Numerous works on treasures and shipwrecks.
  • 1794 the History and Genealogy of the First United States Dollar, by Jack Collins and Walter Breen, 2007, one of 99 copies.
  • The Gardner Collection: Barber Quarters 1892-1916, by Eugene Gardner, 2011, deluxe in slipcase.
  • Numismatica Americana: The John J. Ford, Jr. Reference Library, sales by George Frederick Kolbe, Part I & II deluxe editions in quarter leather.
  • Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Gary E. Moulton, Vol. I through Vol. XIII, complete, volume one is elephant folio, volumes 2-11 & 13 are octavo and volume 12 is quarto.
  • Hardbound set three volumes of the Norweb Collection by Bowers & Merena, 1987-1988.
  • Essay-Proof Journal , official journal of the Essay-Proof Society, Vol. I through Vol. XXXIII, complete in 132 whole numbers, 1944-1976, uniformly bound in burgundy cloth.
  • Fixed price lists of Ed. Frossard 1892-1895.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, 1864, pocket edition, 10 plates, Newman Type 1-P-14.
  • The Fabulous Library of Daniel M. Byrne covering Military Awards, Decorations & Medals.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, 1866, second edition, 8 plates, Newman variety 2-BH.
  • History of the Currency of the Country and of the Loans of the United States from the Earliest Period to June 30, 1900, second edition by William F. De Knight. RARE.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, third edition 1870, 10 plates, possible Newman 3BH-2 .
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, Banking House edition, 1877, twelfth edition, 11 plates, Newman 12-BH-2.
  • Heath Counterfeit Detector, several other examples.
  • Run of Manhattan Coin Co. auction catalogs.
  • Mason's Coin & Stamp Collectors' Magazine, Mason & Co. 1867-1870 & 1870-1872.
  • Numerous Special Edition Redbooks by Yeoman/Bressett.
  • The Herman Halpern Collection of United States Paper Money, by Stack's, the special deluxe hard bound edition numbered 26 of 25, the cataloguer's copy.
  • Numerous auction catalogs from the nineteenth century.
  • Letter from Ken Lowe [on official Money Tree Letterhead] to Craig Whitford [1994 ANA General Chairman], explaining how great the 1994 Detroit convention was, and quoting Mr. "T" as to "I pity the fools" who did not attend!
  • A glass negative/slide of "Ye Olde Mint" of the classic Newell & Sons photograph.
  • Steel roller die with four images for elongated coins celebrating the Philadelphia Mint Bicentennial.
  • Two different macerated money post cards.
  • A signed by Farran Zerbe, souvenir of the 1922 New York ANA convention.
  • Two Hundred lots of small stature numismatic works from the library of Myron Xenos, individually listed!
  • Run of Bolender auction catalogs, as one lot.
  • Run of Thomas Elder auction catalogs as one lot.
  • Long run of The Standard Catalogue of United States Coins, by Wayte Raymond, 1936-1957.
  • Very nice offering of volumes of The Numismatist 1920's- 1940.
  • A California Gold Rush History: Featuring the Treasure From the S.S. Central America, by Q. David Bowers, 2002, the Super Deluxe Full Leather edition in slipcase, numbered 191, with actual photographs in pocket on back pastedown, and gold dust behind a mica window.
  • The Asylum, journal of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, Jack Collins Co-Founder, his personal set, two bound volumes in blue cloth, with Jack's bookplate, 1980-1992, vol. I through vol. X.
  • Long run of Barney Bluestone auction catalogs.
  • The CherryPickers Guide to Rare Die Varieties, fourth edition, 2000, volume one, Bill Fivaz's editors proof copy.
  • Numerous deluxe bound nineteenth century auction catalogs from Karl Moulton.
  • Very rare, J.A. Bolen's Medals, Cards, and Fac-Similes, by Edwin L. Johnson, 1882, copy no. 82, with annotations.
  • Very Early Newspapers with Numismatic Content.
  • 1947 ANA Convention Medal Set, Bronze, Silver & Gold medals.
  • And much, much more!

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