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In response to my question last week, Steve Shupe of California submitted the following. Thanks! -Editor

Medals of the American Revolution pamphlet I have a set of the medals with the printed booklet.

The Slip cover (white cardboard) and the Folder (blue) both have “The United States Mint” on them.

The documentation in the folder does not have any production figures or cost. However the 1974, 1975 and 1976 Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint did have some information.

The medals are made of antiqued finished pewter and were first available in sets of two at the price of $10, starting April 1 1974.

The album became available to order on April 8th, 1976, also included the 46 page booklet for the price of $5. In addition the album also came with an additional medal “Department of the Treasury”, making a total of 11 medals in the set. I find no information in the mint reports regarding the treasury medal.(maybe it was just an added bonus?)

The 1976 Annual Reports states that in total “approximately 2,354,000 medals were sold”, There could be as many as 158,000 sets possible (based on the lowest mintage medal), but the total must be less than that since they were initially offered as sets of two for $10. I am sure not everyone completed a set. The period to order the medals and album came to a close on June 25, 1976.

Ron Thompson of Decatur, GA submitted the following, which answers the question about the Treasury medal. Thanks! -Editor

The series of antique-finished pewter America’s First Medals were minted by the San Francisco mint as part of the build up to the Bi-Centennial Celebration. An outstandingly researched and written discussion of everything about these medals was issued by John W, Adams and Anne E. Bentley in their Comitia Americana and Related Medals in 2007. As for particulars the mint printed announcement says in part the following:

Medals of the American Revolution pamphlet obverses “These medals will be enclosed in a see-through plastic capsule inserted in a case surrounded by red flocking. The case is approximately 3 ½” by 2 ¾” with the Great Seal appearing on the cover. It is not only a holder for America’s first medals but also a self-display case which both sides of the medal can be viewed.

The first two medals of the series are being offered as a unit at $10.00 and may not be purchased separately. Each individual may purchase a maximum of five units and orders should be received no later than May31, 1974. Anyone who purchases the current offering will receive an order card when the next items in the series become available.

The ten-medal series will be completed by July 4, 1976, and the first two medals are available:”

Somewhere along the way the presentation holder with cardboard slip cover was offered with the detailed descriptive booklet and an eleventh medal – the Department of the Treasury 1789 medal that is at the center for $5.00. For medal collectors on a tight budget this pewter series was/is a great way to share some of the excitement of that period. I got a set with presentation holder for $55. As with most mint products the after-market prices dropped, partially because it was a pewter series and partially it was a medal series versus coins. I saw completes sets selling for $10-$20 25+ years later. In comparison, the Adams & Bentley “the reference” on the series initially sold for $135 in 2007 and you need reasonably deep pockets for any of the actual medals, so it would be a great buy for a teacher or parent to get their little people interested in history!

I feel silly now - I've read the Comitia Americana book and forgot about that section on these reproductions. But thanks all the same - this is great information and I'm glad to know the ground has been ably covered by the pros. -Editor

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