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The E-Sylum: Volume 20, Number 48, November 19, 2017, Article 16


Tributes and remembrances of the late Eric Newman continue to arrive. Here are some of the latest. -Editor

Maureen and Stu Levine write:

In his 1979 book, The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe describes what qualities test pilots have that set them apart from others: an essentially unflappable nature combined with courage, nerve, tenacity, decisiveness, and precision. Combine those attributes with intelligence, honesty, generosity, humor, patience, curiosity, and kindness, and you might start to see a picture of Eric P. Newman.

Eric ushered in a new age of numismatic research and writing, dismissing anecdotes and relying only on facts obtained from careful observation, logical reasoning, and reliable sources. His words were chosen carefully, befitting a man trained in engineering and the law; they had to be just right, meaning exactly what he intended to express.

Always endeavoring to do the right thing, he methodically debunked fakery and fraud regardless of personal cost or friendships lost. Unearthing the truth was Eric’s main objective, and he perhaps initiated the first numismatic crowdsourcing request in 1959 when he wrote, “Can you help with your ideas, your data and information as to your [Machin’s Mills] coins?” He, in turn, consistently provided thoughtful, well-considered responses to the queries that increased exponentially over the years.

To those he mentored, Eric was generous, open-minded, patient, and critical in just the right way. He led by example, inspiring his collaborators to do their very best, and bringing a sense of wonder and excitement to every project. As a friend, he was thoughtful, clever, kind, funny, caring, appreciative, and gracious.

Eric definitely had “the right stuff,” and we treasure every moment he was in our lives.

Dick Johnson writes:

Eric Newman was America’s preeminent numismatist who left a large body of masterful work in his published books and articles.

A friend to all who met him, he shared his numismatic knowledge widely. I will long remember my conversations in his home when I was a college student in St, Louis. I was privileged to bestow him with his Gold Centennial Medal for the Rittenhouse Society on his 100th birthday. .

At that time I asked Eric to what he attributed his long life. His reply:

“Two things. Medicine and numismatics.”

He must have had the best doctors and kept his mind active with a life-long interest in numismatics.

He lived a long, eventful, fulfilling, satisfactory life. His reputation will last forever.

David Thomason Alexander writes:

Eric's death calls to mind an Egyptian tomb text. "This King Seti has escaped his day of death, this King Seti sails with the undying gods..." Someone it seemed would live forever, and actually does through his works!

Peter Bertram writes:

I was sadly not among those fortunate enough to have known, or even to have just meet, Mr. Newman. I did, however, know him well by reputation and his innumerable contributions to the numismatic community. We are all much poorer for his passing!

Rest in eternal peace, Mr. Eric P. Newman...............

Bruce Perdue writes:

Sorry to hear about Eric. It's a sad day for Numismatics.

John Lupia writes:

Eric is the Methuselah of American Numismatics. To use the Chartrain metaphorical adage Eric was a giant upon whose shoulders we sit aloft allowing us to see farther than those who came before us. He is sorely missed.

Dan Hamelberg writes:

To be sure, the old phrase "a gentleman and a scholar" would apply to Eric. We will miss him.

Clifford Mishler writes:

Eric was without question a unique individual. In our community there were none like him in the past. There will unlikely be any like him in the future. We have all been greatly enriched in our involvements by his presence during our passage. His knowledge, dedication, integrity, and support of the community were without parallel.

Jeff Starck writes:

Wow, Wednesday was tough. Kind of like, where were you when Kennedy was shot? Only for numismatists. Thanks for quick work on a special edition of The E-Sylum. The Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) will live on as just one piece of Mr. Newman’s enormous legacy.

Anthony Terranova of New York City writes:

I'm going to miss my friend . He was a great inspiration for me. He made the numismatic world a terrific and learned place. I'm going to celebrate what he brought to it .

George Cuhaj writes:

Here is my photo of Eric with his granddaughter (who was a an ANS fundraiser for a time) and Arthur Houghton at the American Numismatic Society tribute held at the Explorer's Club in NYC some years ago.

Granddaughter, Eric Newman, Arthur Houghton at ANS event

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