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The E-Sylum: Volume 20, Number 54, December 31, 2017, Article 3


Author John Lorenzo has published an update to the 1992 Anton book Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies. Here's an excerpt from the book's Preface. -Editor

Forgotton Coins Cover Since the initial book on the Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies was published in 1992 by Krause Publications there has been much advancement of these contemporary counterfeits by American & Foreign collectors. This book is not so much a research exercise into new areas of contemporary counterfeit collecting but a tribute to an individual who started many people in collecting these coins when at this time in 1992 few if any collectors thought of collecting contemporary counterfeits.

A good definition is a definition we used for the Counterfeit Eight Reales book released in September 2014 by Amazon Books. A Contemporary Counterfeit is defined as a spurious coin made to circulate alongside originals in day to day commerce at the same value, regardless of face value or design type. See the Definitions section within this book.

Specifically, the author will discuss the Canadian Blacksmiths, Spanish/American counterfeits (i.e., Kleeberg Two Reales and the Gurney/Nichols/Lorenzo Eight Reales), English and Irish Halfpence/Farthing contemporary counterfeits principally sold in the Stacks 2008 Michael Ringo Collection and other brief treatments of counterfeits mentioned in the Forgotten Book. The reason I use the word brief as it may take two or three volumes to address all these advancements. Most of the advancements are seen for the U.S. Colonial issues in the American Numismatic Society’s Colonial Newsletter in which the serious student is urged to join the ANS and subscribe to the Colonial Newsletter.

The book will also address all the Anton-Kesse Plate coins in the book and bring their cataloguing into modern thinking such as incorporating certain pieces into now accepted counterfeit families such as the Long-Neck Family of counterfeit British Halfpence. Much of these writings of these new contemporary counterfeit Families as previously alluded to has been published through the Colonial Newsletter which is now overseen by the American Numismatic Society.

The author will be using the Schettino Classification System (CVS: Clement V. Schettino) within this book from his latest CD which treats most of the current Families. When William Anton wrote his book in 1992 with Bruce Kesse he had to go back to D.T. Batty who in 1868 published the work: The Descriptive Catalogue of the Copper Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, British Islands and Colonies in his 1886 address to the American Numismatic and Archaeological Society titled “Counterfeit Halfpence Current in the American Colonies.”

We then waited almost a century before another great numismatist who as of this writing has past the centurion age mark Eric P. Newman contributed his classic work at the time “American Circulation of English Bungtown Halfpence which constituted a chapter in Studies of Money in Early America in 1976.

Even though great advancements have been made since the days of D.T. Batty and Eric P. Newman in many ways we have only scratched the surface of the pieces described in the original Forgotten Book and today. A simple reason would be that the non-regal group has not even established a universal variety classification system for the British/Irish Families due to their massive numbers and their inherent complexities.

Paperback: 352 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1981898042
ISBN-13: 978-1981898046
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.8 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds
Price: $65

The book is available on Amazon. -Editor

John Lorenzo adds:

I purposely REQUESTED high end glossy type paper for this book and color on most coin pictures which many encompass a 1/2 page to mimic all the the different metal alloys such as silver, brass, copper and gold in their TRUE colors based on their respective XRF analyses. Over 1000+ coins have had individual XRF analyses performed.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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