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Künker's February Auction 303 features the coinage of Saxony. Here's the press release - some nice coins here. -Editor

7 and 8 February 2018
Künker, Osnabrück
Auction 303: Saxonia in Nummis

Saxony takes centre stage at the Künker eLive Auction

Saxonia in Nummis is the title of auction 303 of the Osnabrück auction house Künker. It will be held as an eLive Premium Auction on 7 and 8 February 2018. If you collect Saxon coins and medals, you should not miss this auction.

762 lots with Saxon coins and medals will be presented at the eLive Premium Auction 303 of the Osnabrück auction house Künker at, with 7 February being entirely dedicated to coins and 8 February being dedicated to medals. On both days, bidding will start at 6pm Central European Time.

There will be Saxon talers of all variations - from klappmützentaler to the reichstaler, from the taler-klippe to the kipper-coin, from wechseltaler to convention taler, from banco-taler to vereinstaler - if you are interested in Saxon talers, you simply cannot miss the Künker auction 303. It will contain talers starting at Frederick III the Wise and ending with King John of Saxony.

Certainly there are great rarities, as well as attractive objects in outstanding quality. But mostly, collectors will find the exact Saxon coins they still need for their collection. How about a taler of John, Elector of Saxony (1525-1532) from Zwickau? Or maybe you would prefer the thick double reichstaler of John George I, Elector or Saxony with Augustus from 1615, Dresden? How about the 1617 reichstaler on occasion of the centenary of the Reformation? Another attractive coin would be the reichstalerklippe from 1669, which was minted on behalf of John George II on occasion of the shooting at the baptism of his grandson John George IV. The coin, which was set as prize of the competition, shows the future prince as a small Heracles strangling a snake.

All those interested in the 19th century will find a great variety of coins as well. Let us just mention the extremely fine yield convention taler of Anton from the year 1828. The first part of the auction will end with the last minted talers of Germany, a double convention taler from 1872 on occasion of the golden wedding of John of Saxony.

The next day will be dedicated to medals, starting with those that show the portrait of a Saxon ruler on one side. There are 272 lots in this part of the auction. The series starts with Suite medals for Frederick II (1428-1464). The first contemporary medals are of Frederick III the Wise.

The 18th and the 19th century are particularly well-documented. A part of the medals on offer revolve around the Reformation. The newest medals of Saxon rulers in this auction are from the First World War.

Medals from Saxon cities and medals for Saxon celebrities complete the selection.

We have published a printed catalogue of this eLive Premium Auction. You can order it at Künker, Nobbenburgerstr. 4a, 49 076 Osnabrück; Tel: +49 / 541 / 96 20 20; Fax: +49 / 541 / 96 20 222; or via email: You can also look at the auction online at

The viewing will take place in Osnabrück from 2 January to 27 January 2018, by appointment only.

The coins can be viewed at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin on the following days: 30 January 3pm- 6pm, 31 January 10am-6pm and 1 February 10am-6pm.

In addition, they will be exhibited at the World Money Fair on the following days: 2 February: 10am-6pm, 3 February 10am-6pm, 4 February 10am-4pm.

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2001a_282792a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2001b_282792r00

2001 Frederick III the Wise, George and John, 1500-1507. Taler n. d., Annaberg. Klappmützentaler. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: 1,000 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2013a_282484a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2013b_282484r00

2013 John, 1525-1532. Taler n. d., Zwickau. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: 1,000 Euro 2040 John Frederick the Magnanimous, Henry and John Ernst, 1539-1541. Taler 1539, Buchholz. Rare. Very fine. Estimate: 1,000 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2066a_282354a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2066b_282354r00

2066 Maurice, 1547-1553. Taler 1553, Annaberg. Very fine +. Estimate: 250 Euro 2169 John George I and Augustus, 1611-1615. Thick double reichstaler 1615, Dresden. Rare. Very fine. Estimate: 600 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2242a_282938a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2242b_282938r00

2242 John George I, 1615-1656. Reichstaler 1617, Dresden, on the 100-year anniversary of the Reformation. Very rare. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 1,000 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2299a_282220a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2299b_282220r00

2299 John George II, 1656-1680. Reichstalerklippe 1669, Dresden, on the shooting on occasion of the baptism of his grandson John George IV. Almost extremely fine. Estimate: 750 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2320a_282219a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2320b_282219r00

2320 Frederick Augustus I the Strong, 1694-1733. Talerklippe, Dresden, on the bird shooting to honour George William, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. Very rare. Almost extremely fine. Estimate: 2,500 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2376a_283186a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2376b_283186r00

2376 Anton, 1827-1836. Convention taler 1828. Yield. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 750 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2452a_266862a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2452b_266862r00

2452 John George I, 1615-1656. Oval silver medal, unsigned. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: 500 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2490a_267290a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2490b_267290r00

2490 Frederick Augustus II, 1733-1763. Silver medal 1745 of H. F. Wermuth on the vicariate. Very rare. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 400 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2543a_279866a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2543b_279866r00

2543 Frederick Augustus I, 1806-1827. Silver medal n. d. (1819), of K. W. Höckner, on 50 years of government and the golden wedding with Maria Amalie Auguste of Pfalz-Zweibrücken. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 200 Euro

Kunker Auction 303 lot 2621a_279873a00 Kunker Auction 303 lot 2621b_279873r00

2621 Albert, 1873-1902. Silver medal 1896, unsigned, at Mayer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart, on the 400-year jubilee of the city of Annaberg. Rare. Extremely fine to proof- like. Estimate: 500 Euro

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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