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I don't believe we were aware of Volume 1 of Jeffrey Wing's book when it debuted in January 2017. I came across the book's web site this week and discovered a Volume 2 was just published in June 2018. This volume focuses on German Notgeld (Emergency Money), where the first volume covered the world. A planned third volume "will focus on Paper Money that is Christian themed." Here is information from the web site and Amazon. The price is $49.99. -Editor

Paer Money Messages Vol 2 cover This Volume 2 continues the author’s intriguing account of paper money, focusing on the German notgeld used for emergency currency in the early 1900s. Notgeld is particularly interesting for the imagery and text used in its design, which will connect the reader to a broad range of historical subjects, such as the hyperinflationary period that struck Germany between 1914 and 1924 and the struggles of the Jewish people in that country and others.

The author uses the notgeld to explain the devastation of the German economy when the price of goods increased by the hour and for instance a 1,000,000,000,000-mark note had the value of only 22 cents (U.S.)! Many of the notgeld seen in this book was used by the Nazis for propaganda against the Jews and expressed the anti-Semitism so prevalent in that day. Battles, witches, spirits, Christianity, miracles, and the Catholic Church are some of the many themes expressed by the notgeld artwork and the associated text. The reader will find this abundantly-illustrated book to be rich in history and a rewarding study of paper money.

Amazon review by Steijn (5 Stars):

This is a lavishly-produced and intelligent review of the subjects and symbolism found on German "Notgeld" banknotes of the hyperinflation period. Given that the catalog of such notes runs to many volumes, a book like this can really only show a sample and point the way, but the book does so very, very well. There are so many hidden messages, jokes and complaints in these notes that you can study them for decades and still find surprises.

Printed on high-quality paper and in full color throughout, this is a book you don't just park on your coffee table, you read and reread it over and over again. A great addition to your "Notgeld" library and an essential book if you are interested in what the German national mood really was while their currency's value evaporated. Highly recommended!

Amazon review by Tony (5 Stars):

This 2nd volume in the ‘Paper Money Messages’ series by Jeff Wing, specialises in German notgeld (emergency money issues). There is a whole story to be told about notgeld and Jeff has really done an excellent job here. The imagery on the depicted notgeld issues are superb and illustrate the different and varied points being made throughout the publication. The many different topics and themes depicted on the notgeld are discussed with great enthusiasm and research has obviously been actioned with great diligence.

The author obviously has a real passion for banknotes and notgeld issues and that oozes from the narrative. The hidden messages of the graphics and texts are explored in great detail and the reader is slowly drawn into an historical web of feelings, beliefs and out-cryings. This is a ‘must-buy’ for any passionate banknote and notgeld collector. Superb in presentation and depictions, you will not be disappointed. You will learn a lot from this book and the notgeld will become even more interesting as a result.

About the Author Paper Money Messages, a Pictorial Perspective (Vol 1 and 2) is a result of Jeffrey J. Wing’s journeys over the past twenty years to more than thirty countries, including particularly those to some of the world’s poorest countries. Volunteering with Engineering Ministries International (EMI) and TransformAsia in Cambodia, he has used his engineering skill to assist the Christian organizations in the development of schools, orphanages, and hospitals in those countries.

Jeffrey’s interest in paper money originated from these diverse travels when he began to collect local currencies. Experiencing a country that had faced economic and political turmoil made him reevaluate the true value of paper money. In addition, he recognized that the imagery on a nations currency was often a significant reflection of that nation’s history and value system.

More and more Jeffrey realized the importance that a book about paper money might have to those with not only a general interest in currency but the subject would have a much wider appeal, extending to persons with an appreciation of the money’s colorful imagery or to students of history. Jeffrey resides in Raleigh North Carolina, with his wife, Christy, and children Reese and Hannah.

Product details
Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (April 17, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1981161368
ISBN-13: 978-1981161362
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.6 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

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