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The E-Sylum: Volume 21, Number 45, November 11, 2018, Article 7


Another Great Issue
Vic Mason writes:

Thanks, Wayne. Each week you send out an amazing compendium of articles. I enjoyed reading about the Australian contest, J.T. Stanton, the Mormon money, and much more here. My Mormon friends out in California might enjoy reading about the latter.

You're welcome. I enjoyed the last issue quite a bit myself. Our readers deserve thanks as well for all their great contributions. Keep 'em coming! -Editor

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Apollo 16 Bronze Medal Designer Ralph Menconi

Apollo 16 Bronze Medal obverse Apollo 16 Bronze Medal reverse

Regarding the above medal, last week I asked, "Would anyone know who the artist is?" -Editor

Apollo 16 silver medal obverse closeup Jon Radel writes:

Yes, I would know. More impressively, I knew even before I found Ralph Menconi’s name along the right edge of the moon.

Dick Hanscom writes:

I am guessing Ralph Menconi. I think he did the Apollo 11 medal.

Scott Miller writes:

The Apollo 16 medal is the work of Ralph J. Menconi. His name appears just to the right of the moon.

Eric Holcomb writes:

The obverse of the Apollo 16 MACO medal is clearly marked RALPH J. MENCONI (see the better photos of a silver medal attached). The reverse was probably done by Menconi too, but I would need to find the original paperwork to be sure.

Apollo 16 silver medal obverse Apollo 16 silver medal reverse

OK, that was an easy one! Thanks, everyone. I used created a close-up image above of the signature on Eric's silver medal. -Editor

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End of Pity Token?

Thomas Paine's Head
Regarding a token pictured last week, Martin Purdy writes:

"Reverse: Thomas Paine hanging, above an all-seeing eye looking forward with "End OF" inscribed around to the left of Thomas Paine’s initials "TP". A structure in the distance with the flag of England hanging down."

I note the initials on the actual token read "PT" not "TP", and wonder if this is another pun (like END OF PAIN on another of the tokens illustrated), to be read as "END OF PITY" (phonetically, pee-tee is close enough, I guess). Otherwise, why switch his initials around?

Great observation. Are any of our readers familiar with this piece? What do you think? -Editor

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Harry Mernick's Bois Durci Web Site
Philip Mernick writes:

Shakespeare bois durci plaque I was interested to see your mention of a bois durci plaque and your bois durci related links. Readers might also be interested in my brother Harry’s bois durci web site at

It shows a wide range of articles made of this versatile material including for those more numismatically inclined a comprehensive listing of the medallic portrait plaques. These include three Americans, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and William H. Seward.

Thanks! Nice site. -Editor

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Hall of Fame for Great Americans Medals Manuscript
David Thomason Alexander writes:

Heartiest congratulations to Mel Wacks on his recently announced catalog of medals of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. I myself have worked for several years of the long-defunct medal series of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University (HOF). The owner of this great sculptural memorial is now Bronx Community College. The HOF series burst on the scene in 1962-63 amid vast publicity, struggling on until 1974. The series includes some of the finest work of the greatest American medalists but proved a commercial disaster and is almost totally forgotten in 2018.

There exists a finished manuscript on the HOF medals with a complete digital photographic record of the silver medals that awaits a publisher. I proposed publication to the American Numismatic Society a few years ago, even offering a combined study with the Jewish-American Hall of Fame but found minimal interest, though the Society did a splendid job with my "American Art Medals, 1909-1995, Circle of Friends of the Medallion and Society of Medalists," published in 2011, and with Scott Miller's more recent study of "Medallic Art of the ANS."

Possibly some E-Sylum reader might have thoughts about publication ?!?

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IAPN Bulletin on Counterfeits Sought

Regarding a publication of the International Association of Professional Numismatists, Hadrien Rambach writes:

Several sets of the IAPN’s Bulletin on Counterfeits have been sold in the past few years, but it seems that none were complete, so it seems worth doing a list of what a complete set would contain, and I have listed those that I have.

BULLETIN ON COUNTERFEITS Vol. 1 (1976) nos 1-2-3-4
Vol. 2 (1977) nos 1-2-3-4
Vol. 3 (1978) nos 1-2-3-4
Vol. 4 (1979) nos 1-2/3-4
Vol. 5 (1980) no. 1/2
Vol. 6 (1981) no. 1/2
Vol. 7 (1982) no. 1/2
Vol. 8 (1983) no. 1/2
Vol. 9 (1984) no. 1
Vol. 10 (1985) nos 1-2
Vol. 11 (1986) nos 1-2
Vol. 12 (1987) nos 1-2
Vol. 13 (1988) nos 1-2
Vol. 14 (1989) nos 1-2
Vol. 15 (1990) no. 1
Vol. 16 (1991) no. 1
Vol. 17 (1992) nos 1-2
Vol. 18 (1993) nos 1-2
Vol. 19 (1994) nos 1-2
Vol. 20 (1995) nos 1-2
Vol. 21 (1996) nos 1-2
Vol. 22 (1997) no. 2

Please let me know of any issue that I am missing (and I would be grateful if you could help me find copies).

Can anyone help? Image courtesy Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers, who also provided some missing entries for the list. -Editor

David Fanning adds these:

Vol. XXII, No. 1
Vol. XXIII, Nos. 1-2 (combined issue)
Vol. XXIV, No. 1.

Those are the only missing issues. I’ve sold a couple complete runs.

To read the complete lot description, see:
Bulletin on Counterfeits (

National Coin Hobby Act Enforcement
Last week Yosef Sa'ar asked about enforcement of the National Coin Hobby Act. Christopher R. McDowell, Editor of The Journal of Early American Numismatics, writes:

The August 2016 edition of The Colonial Newsletter presented an article on the subject: Danielle List, “The Hobby Protection Act’s Safeguards for Colonial Coinage,” CNL, Vol. 56, Serial 161, August 2016, p. 4405. The article examined the law and enforcement of the law over the years. The act itself can be found at 15 U.S.C. Chap. 49, § 2101, et seq.

The American Numismatic Society may still have a copy of this back issue that can be purchased. Anyone who is a current subscriber to JEAN can contact me and I will provide electronic copies of articles not yet on the Newman Portal. I have discussed with ANS the possibility of putting all the old CNL issues on the Portal, but I don’t think that has happened yet. I believe the current agreement is a 3 year delay.

Thanks. -Editor

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More on Grover Criswell
Jeffrey S Zarit writes:

I cannot say that I knew Grover Criswell very well, however, I do remember the first time I met him, at a coin show in Indianapolis, where I split a case of champagne with him and John Pittman, and George Hatie.

I have had many colleagues from the 1970's relate their stories about Grover. To say that he was a character, is putting it very mildly.

Those were the days of cocktail parties in hotel rooms at coin shows. At one of them, I got cornered by John Pittman and had to give him a check for Life Membership on the spot ($200) before he would let me leave. And those were quiet times, ask my colleagues who handle US coins about antics back then!!!

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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