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The E-Sylum: Volume 21, Number 47, November 25, 2018, Article 10


Kudos for Lianna Spurrier

Nova Constellation video 2

Malcolm Johnson writes:

Ms. Spurrier's video about the Nova Constellatio series was just wonderful. I hope she decides to pursue, at least as a sidelight, production of other numismatic themed videos. She is very talented and her production work on the video was outstanding.

Indeed. The industry has taken notice. See the item under LOOSE CHANGE elsewhere in this issue by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez of CDN Publishing. -Editor

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Holland Wallace and Whitman Publishing
Dennis Tucker of Whitman writes:

Holland Wallace I read Dale Seppa's remembrance of Holland Wallace with great appreciation. There are a few Whitman "old-timers" (from the 1950s and 1960s) still with us, and it's interesting to hear their recollections and stories. It's a significant loss to the hobby when one passes away.

There's something that needs correction or clarification in Dale's commentary, though. He says that "After the sale of Whitman to Western Publishing Holland moved to California and became a dealer specialized in Latin American coins." Whitman was never sold to Western Publishing. It was a subsidiary of Western Printing & Lithographing Company (later called Western Publishing Company) since it was formed in 1916. (Western was sold to Mattel in 1982, but Dale's narrative places Holland Wallace's leaving the company at some time pre - July 1980.)

Ken Bressett writes:

Sorry to say that I have no recollection of precisely when Holland left Whitman. I'm pretty sure it was in the late 1970's, probably around 1978.

Thanks, gentlemen. -Editor

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More on the End of Pitt Token

Thomas Paine's Head

Jeff Rock writes:

William Pitt - vol 1 p555 - headshot While threatening a crank like Paine or Thomas Spence with hanging was no crime, it would have been treasonous to suggest such a thing for King, royalty in general and the high ranking government officials. The token skirts awfully close to the edge of the law, but since it does not name Pitt there would have likely been enough wiggle room if anyone bothered to prosecute the matter. What is interesting though is that on the obverse are conjoined faces of a demon on one side and an unnamed man on the other -- the human in the pair may well be a portrait of Pitt - a slightly later engraving is attached.

The piece is listed by Dalton & Hamer as their Middlesex 1092. The "Even Fellows" obverse comes with 8 different reverse dies (including one that depicts two other busts -- this time King George III and an ass, which are labelled "Odd Fellows") and was clearly something made for collectors of the day as most exist in nice condition today.

Good points. Thanks. Great token! -Editor

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Visiting Block Island
Regarding the 2018 Block Island quarter, ANA reader Jerry Norton writes:

I have two of the 2018-S silver ones and plan to visit Block Island. I have visited Cumberland Island (GA) by boat and it's beautiful too. I am a fisherman from Maryland...and part time numismatist.

It sounds like a great place to visit. -Editor

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More on the Oklahoma State Quarter "Hidden Image"
Bill Eckberg writes:

LOVE the Oklahoma State Quarter bit! Almost as good as finding the devil in Queen Elizabeth’s hair.

Oklahoma State Quarter reverse rotated Oklahoma quarter birdman image

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Howard Daniel Reports from Vietnam

Howard Daniel in Ho Chi Minh City November 18, 2018

Howard A. Daniel III writes:

Here is a picture of me with some of the collectors attending the Sunday morning collectors’ meeting at the Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) on November 18, 2018. It is good to be back with old friends for the next 45 days.

This just in from Howard tonight (November 25, 2018):

This morning's collectors’ meeting did not happen at 9AM at the Fine Arts Museum at 97A D Pho Duc Chinh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam because of a typhoon. The eye of the storm came within 14 miles of the city center. We were in our Sedona Suites serviced apartment on the 32nd floor and watched it hit the city. There was a ton of rain and it is still sprinkling this Monday morning. If a philatelist or numismatist is visiting Ho Chi Minh City on a Sunday morning, they are very welcome to attend the meeting. Walk through the main gate and then left about 100 feet to a café. Just before the café are some outside tables and chairs and the collectors will be there until about noon.

First Man on the Moon Blunders

2019 First Man onn the Moon coin ad

Regarding packaging material for the 2019 Pobjoy Mint First Man on the Moon coin, Gary Greenbaum writes:

This is amusing. While the coin may or may not be based on the famous photo of Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11, the image being used for the packaging is not from Apollo 11, but from Apollo 15! There are no mountains on the Sea of Tranquility which is why they landed 11 there. For 15 they got more daring. But the guy saluting is Jim Irwin, eighth man on the moon; the photo was taken near the end of the second extravehicular activity (EVA) on August 1, 1972.

To view the photo on Wikipedia, see:
Apollo 15 (

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