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Steve Davis of Numismatic Auctions LLC forwarded this press release with highlights of his firm's upcoming sale 63. Thanks. -Editor

Numismatic Auctions Announces Auction Sale 63
Monday, April 29, 2019

NA Sale 63 Front Cover Numismatic Auctions L.L.C. proudly presents our 63rd public and absentee bid catalog sale which will take place Monday, April 29, 2019 on the heels of the Central States convention. This auction contains several terrific buying opportunities for the collector community such as a landmark time capsule of British Empire Gold, an interesting selection of better U.S. and Canadian Coins and collector grade lots plus Ancients, Medieval and a fascinating montage of World Coins, Tokens, Medals and Paper Money. Within the World Crown & Minors section are several lifelong holdings that were meticulously assembled by date, denomination and type with little or no duplication, affording the buyer an opportunity to jump into a nation or region of interest with both feet acquire a wonderful core collection to build upon, compliment or complete their current assets.

NA Sale 63 Lot 52
Lot 52: Rainbow toned Three Legged Buffalo

Among the many highlights this sale are an interesting run of U.S. Coins, type and series coins, short sets and more from Colonials & Half Cents to Dollars and more including some fabulous Key Dates such as an amazing Gem 1857 die clashed Flying Eagle; 1914-D and 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cents, a Rainbow toned Three Legged Buffalo in Choice Mint State followed by some high grade and colorful type and Proofs, a run of nice collector grade Capped Bust Halves and a fantastic 1836 Reeded Edge Half Dollar, eclipsed by a range of Dollars including a Gem Proof 1892 Morgan as well as an incredible quartet of Pan-Pac Gold from a discovery in the original envelope, followed by a neat ensemble of splashers, errors, Hawaiian material, paper and beyond.

NA Sale 63 Lot 176
Lot 176: Pan-Pac Gold with original envelope

The Canadian segment provides an interesting collector run of Large Cents to Silver Dollars and more including a Dollar set featuring the 1948 rarity, rare Canadian Sovereigns in numbers are contained in the World Gold section. The historic Ancient ensemble encompasses an enigmatic group with some better grade Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage with a Gold presence, eclipsed by a unique specialized run of collector grade Medieval Coinage.

NA Sale 63 Lot 594
Lot 594

The anchor feature of the sale follows with a fantastic collection of British Empire Gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns which blankets the giant World Gold presentation. This group is highlighted by Aussie, Canadian & South African collector dates, rarities and Proofs along with a formidable mainline British collection being the dominant force, nearing completion by date with such rarities as Condition Census 1818 & 1823 Sovereigns, plus rare dates and grades defined by such enigmas as the 1828, 1841 & famous 1859 Ansell variety, many in early slabs plus larger denominations of 2 and 5 Pound examples, modern multi-coin Gold Proof Sets and beyond. The marvelous Commonwealth Gold listing is surrounded by a highly diverse group of additional Gold coins from a bevy of other nations, our conservative estimates will likely be left in the dust behind the recent gains in the metals market.

NA Sale 63 Lot 1349
Lot 1349

NA Sale 63 Lot 1069
Lot 1069

The World Crowns and Minors segment of the sale is an impressive presentation, illuminated by the holdings of three multi-decade collections of foreign coins which have remarkably comprehensive type and date offerings in a bounty of nations A to Z. Just a quick overview enumerates nations of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, British, British Commonwealth, South American, Chinese, Early German States, Austro-Hungarian and an infinite number of other regions. Another exciting twist is a huge group of Hundreds of Mexican and Latin American issues up to Cob & Milled 8 Reales along with rare minors and bulk lots, Russian, Nordic, Scandinavian and European material along with other World coinage in singles, sets, date/type runs and small group lots. The catalog contains page after page, with our largest coin count offering to date, detailing a vast strata of international coinage with intriguing country specific lots throughout.

NA Sale 63 Lot 255
Lot 255: Farran Zerbe Award Medal

As usual we bring a monumental army of terrific miscellaneous lots under the auction gavel to round out the sale alongside singles, small groups & collections of Conder Tokens, Metal Notgeld and Swiss Shooting Medals, all listed intact with reference books finalized by a back of the book grouping of interesting paper money plus rare framed Art & Historical Colonial Documents. Stay tuned for Sale 64, which is already in the works & shaping up nicely!

The catalog can be viewed or downloaded digitally at and published copies can be requested at Numismatic Auctions L.L.C., P.O. Box 22026, Lansing, MI 48909, by phone at 517-394-4443 or by Email: - absentee bids for the sale must be received on or before Friday April 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM E.S.T.

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