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Notre Dame medal obverse Notre Dame medal reverse

Ben Weiss writes:

With the rest of the world, I weep for this magnificent cathedral.

Ben included the medal images and this description. -Editor

by Jacques and Charles Wiener: France, 1855, Bronze, 59 mm


Exergue: FONDEE IV SIECLE. RECONSTRUITE 1160 PAR L'EVEQUE MAURICE DE SULLY. TERMINEE SOUS PHILIPPE AUGUSTE. AUMENTEE SOUS ST LOUIS ET DE SES SUCCESSEURS JUSQU' A 1300. LA RESTAURATION COMMENCEE 1845. VIOLLET-LEDUC ET LASSUS ARCHIT. (Founded IV century. Reconstructed 1160 by the Bishop Maurice de Sully. Completed under Philippe Auguste. Augmented under St Louis and his successors until 1300. The restoration begun 1845 by Viollet-le-Duc and J.-B Lassus, Architects)

Rev: View of interior

Signed: J. ET CH. WIENER F.

Ref: Van Hoydonck 122; Eidlitz 176/1044a; Reinecke 40; Weiss BW252

Begun in 1160 and largely completed more than a century later, the early Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame is situated on the Ile de la Cite in Paris. It is a fine example of Gothic architecture, noted for its flying buttresses, which were a technical advance providing support, and for the rose window in the west facade. One of the most daring constructions of its time, it has a wide nave and double ambulatory. The west facade was imitated in many French churches.

This magnificent cathedral was built on the ruins of previous churches going back at least to the fourth century.


I too was shocked and saddened by the fire at Notre Dame. I've never even been to Paris, but I felt the loss just the same. An April 17, 2019 Coin Update article by April 17, 2019 By Michael Alexander describes silver fundraising coins and medals offered by the Monnaie de Paris to to aid reconstruction efforts.

Monnaie de Paris Notre Dame products

The Monnaie de Paris has launched new silver coins and base metal medallions which are offered for sale to aid in the reconstruction of one of the world's greatest landmarks. The series of events on the 15th April shocked the world as news reports and videos showed, what, for many was unthinkable — the day Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire and burned into the night. Preliminary reports have offered the encouraging information that the 850-year-old structure is still sound and can be renovated over what is expected to be a lengthy period of time.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, is, quite simply, the heart and soul of the nation of France. Built more than eight hundred years ago, today it welcomes each year more than 13 million visitors from all over the world and is the most visited monument in Europe. On the 15th April 2019, a terrible fire destroyed part of the cathedral. The Monnaie de Paris is associated with the reconstruction of this important cultural icon, and it is, without a doubt, a witness to the history of France.

To read the complete article, see:
Notre-Dame Cathedral: Tragic fire prompts Monnaie de Paris to offer silver fundraising coins and medals to aid reconstruction efforts (

Here are some related articles of interest to restoration efforts.

Notre Dame digital scan

The devastating blaze at the 850-year-old cathedral in Paris is now under control. The fact that its interior and exterior have been digitally 3D-mapped means the iconic building could be restored to its former glory.

The scans: An exact digital replica of the building was captured by a (now deceased) architectural historian, Andrew Tallon, in 2015. He used lasers to map the entire cathedral, measuring the time the laser takes to reach the target and return to create a very precise image.

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This digital scan of Notre Dame offers hope for its restoration after the fire (

Even a video game might help.

Notre Dame Assasin's Creed

Notre-Dame is personal to Durand. He's the historian in charge of overseeing historical representations in the blockbuster "Assassin's Creed" franchise, and he spent four years overseeing the creation of "Assassin's Creed Unity" — a game set during the French Revolution that contains a stunningly accurate depiction of Notre-Dame Cathedral as its centerpiece.

"I think a lot of my colleagues joined me in that same feeling where we didn't know how to react precisely," he said. "Our first thought wasn't on 'Assassin's Creed Unity' until we started seeing the reaction from the fans who started playing again and sharing reactions on social networks. That really surprised us."

In the following days, the French game developer and publisher behind the "Assassin's Creed" games, Ubisoft, pledged half a million Euros to rebuilding efforts.

The company also offered its expertise, which makes a lot of sense: Two Ubisoft staffers spent "over 5,000 hours" researching Notre-Dame Cathedral, inside and out.

"Back then we really relied on pictures — photos, videos — of modern day Notre-Dame," Durand said. Ubisoft does have "a huge database" of information on the cathedral, and that could no doubt help in the rebuilding effort, but Durand is skeptical that the French government will come asking.

"I'd be very surprised if the architects that will work on the spire will actually engage us in participating," he said.

To read the complete article, see:
As France rebuilds Notre-Dame Cathedral, the French studio behind 'Assassin's Creed' is offering up its 'over 5,000 hours' of research on the 800-year-old monument (

Helpful and hopeful history of the cathedral's renovations over the centuries.

France Notre Dame Fire

To read the complete article, see:
Notre Dame's history is 9 centuries of change, renovation and renewal (

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