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The E-Sylum: Volume 22, Number 17, April 28, 2019, Article 12


On First and Second Editions
Malcolm Johnson writes:

It was very amusing reading the article about Mr. Highfill's book donation to the Burns Library. I was actually planning on donating a first edition of his Encyclopedia  at the PAN show next month. Oh well, I guess I will Just put it on the giveaway table or offer it to a PAN member who wants to expand their personal library. Thanks for your efforts, the E-Sylum is an absolute treat each Monday morning.

As a book collector, I'm happy to have all editions of a work, even if it has been superseded by an updated edition. Sometimes useful information has been dropped to make room for something else, and other times seeing both editions can make it clear that older information has since been questioned. -Editor

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Numismatic Sights of of New York City

Paul Bosco of New York City submitted these thoughts regarding my Numismatic Diary articles in the last issue. -Editor

I doubt it was conscious on your part, but you captured A LOT of what NYC is about. It is a city for walkers, where it is a challenge to go 50 feet without observing something or someone worthy of an essay. (Like an old bank building, as described in another article in the issue).

You did not hit any coin stores, even though there are five? --Stack's-Bowers, Heritage, Brigandi, Royal Athena, Bosco--? in a 15-minute walk along 57th Street. Where you DID go? --ANS, Medialia & The Strand Bookstore--? were pretty savvy picks, but there is always more to explore. I've lived in Manhattan for 45 years, and still feel I will not begin to scratch its surface until I'm 10 years into retirement.

ANS Library New Arrivals
American Numismatic Society Library

You mentioned walking on the HighLine, but did not explain that it is a thin, 1.45 mile park made out of an elevated Penn Central freight railway (essentially abandoned ca.1980) that snakes its way between buildings (& bedrooms!) from 14th Street to 34th. 5 million visitors a year.

You also did not mention that, food and lodging aside, almost everything you did was FREE. I look forward to the horde of E-Sylum readers who are about to follow your lead and descend on us.

Medialia large medals2
Medialia Gallery

Thanks, Paul. I greatly enjoyed my whirlwind trip and only wish I'd had time to squeeze in more numismatic adventures. I agree that New York has an endless bounty of sights and experiences of all kinds. I'll look forward to my next visit. -Editor

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Herb Erlanger and the ANS
Speaking of the American Numismatic Society library, Paul Bosco adds this about Herb Erlanger:

It's nice that he gave 275 books to the ANS. I guess he did not carry a grudge to his grave. I recall ANS Librarian Frank Campbell seriously losing patience with Herb, who talked in a fairly loud voice in the library. I would presume he was just an octogenarian talking loud enough to hear himself. He may be best remembered for the auction of his landmark collection of Nuremberg numismatica, which spanned more centuries of material than his writings. I forget who the auctioneer was - some German firm.

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Tommy Harris, Future ANA President
In this note forwarded for publication by Jeff Garrett with permission from the author, Kelly Harris writes:

Tommy Harris Good Evening Mr. Garrett -

You recently met my son, Tommy at the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore on March 2. You were kind enough to send him an autographed copy of your book, ‘100 Greatest US Modern Coins’ which is now amongst his prized possessions.

His elementary school has “Career Day” today and I wanted to let you know that he went as the “future” President of the ANA.

Many thanks for your support of my son’s interest in numismatics. It means a great deal to him and to me.

Warmest Regards -

Kelly Harris
(Tommy’s Mom)

Thanks to Tommy, his Mom Kelly and Jeff for this delightful look into the future. -Editor

The Conversion from Bronze to Zinc Cents
Dave Lange writes:

In an effort to downsize my clutter I've been going through the material I assembled for my three Complete Guide books back in the 1990s. A lot of it is not worth saving, but I did come across some interesting correspondence about the cents of 1982 that was sent to me by Christopher Lane. It was a timely discovery, since I was quizzed recently about the source of my information regarding the dates that appeared in my Lincoln Cent book for the conversion from bronze to zinc cents.

Dave attached scans of the letters and copied Len Augsburger of the Newman Numismatic Portal. Dave has agreed to allow NNP to host these documents. -Editor

Summary of 1982 cent strikings
Summary of 1982 Cent Strikings

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Mitula Stamp and Coin Company
An E-Sylum reader writes:

The article on coin and stamp departments in department stores brings back fond memories for my youth. I'm 74 now. In the Neil Esperson Building in downtown Houston was the Mitula Stamp and Coin Company. I can't remember the years (mid to late 1950s?), my mother would take me to this shop. A Mr. Bingham, I believe (Mr. Mitula's son in law?), always waited on us. For some reason, luck!, Mr. Bingham helped us build uncirculated sets of Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dime, Franklin Halves and short sets of Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters and Liberty Walking Halves. 20/20 hindsight. IF ONLY we had sprinkled in some type coins in unc! But at least we were not filling holes with low grade coins! And fortunately I didn't go down the stamp path. I still have everything but the the Washington Quarters which I sold.

Wouldn't we all love a time machine to travel back and make some timely purchases! Thanks for the memories. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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