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The E-Sylum: Volume 22, Number 30, July 28, 2019, Article 3


A new edition of the Directory of Circulating Coins is being published by Currency News. As with earlier editions, ultramodern numismatist Pabitra Saha provided information and images. -Editor

Directory of Circulating Coins 3rd Ed

See How The World's Coins Are Changing
Worldwide, the coins being issued today are undergoing a transformation, combining unique technological innovations and new security features with novel designs, details and materials. Keep up-to-date with these changes with the Directory of Circulating Coins.

Published by Currency News™, the Directory of Circulating Coins is the only guide to every circulating coin in the world – making it an invaluable reference and research tool.

This edition will see a more up to date and comprehensive version of the 2nd edition, last released in 2016. Featuring over 200 A4 pages covering the obverse and reverse of real size coins from all around the world, information on composition, weight, edge and security features amongst others.

The third edition will be published in October 2019. The directory is available in print and pdf formats.

"We use the Directory all the time. It is the most useful reference book we have" - The Royal Mint

Directory of Circulating Coins sample page1 Directory of Circulating Coins sample page2

Every Coin, Every Country: One Indispensable Guide
The new directory provides detailed information on all the circulating coins in the world – including up-to-date information, specification and images in one concise and easy-to-use volume.

This makes it an indispensable guide for anyone involved in the design, production, quality control, validation or use of coins.

  • Over 200 A4 pages
  • Covers every coin from the Afghani and the Ariary through to the Yuan and the Zloty
  • Details of every denomination of each country’s circulating coins
  • Includes real-size images of the obverse and reverse of each coin
  • Features dates for Year First Minted and Last Known Year of Minting
  • Information on composition, diameter, weight, edge detail, and description of motifs, security features and special notes.

I've never seen the book. Currency News is a trade publication for suppliers who sell material and equipment to coin-issuing governments. The first print copy is free to "Central Banks and Coin Issuing Authorities", but prohibitively expensive to non-subscribers.

The sample pages show that every coin is illustrated in color with short descriptions of the obverse, reverse and edge designs. No mintage figures are included - the book shows one entry per type with no breakdown by year. -Editor

From the Introduction:

... while there are plenty of reference guides to circulating banknotes in both digital and print form, there is no equivalent for circulating coins.

Given that there are some 55 mints around the world, between them producing around 50 billion circulating coins per year, this is somewhat surprising. Added to this, a growing range of technical innovations, new security features and materials, different shapes and edge detail, interesting subjects and designs, logical series and electroplated coins make the need for a simple reference guide such as this even more apparent.

For anyone involved in circulating coins – whether you are a central bank or issuer, mint, blank manufacturer, or supplier of equipment and systems for production, quality control, validation or coin accepting and vending systems – keeping abreast of such changes is critical. The Directory enables you to do so in a timely manner by bringing all the core information on coins together in one handy source.

I fondly remember my copy of Yeoman's Current Coins of the World. No longer published by Whitman, the last edition I'm aware of is the 1988 8th edition, revised and edited by Arthur and Ira Friedberg. But it's not true that no reference guide exists today - Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date was updated just last year with the 2018 13th edition. But I suppose its fate rests now with Random House, the new owner of the title following the F+W media bankruptcy sales. There is also a publisher in Germany issuing guides to coins of the world, but I don't know if they cover present-day coinage. Do any of our readers know? -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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