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The grim reaper waiting in the wings has finally come forth as many feared. While until this week the only coronavirus causualty in the world of numismatics that I was aware of was the postponed Hong Kong show discussed last month. With world events moving rapidly this week, the remaining dominos fell in short order with festivals, sporting events, coin shows and other conferences being cancelled across multiple continents. In the U.S. governors of multiple states shut down large gatherings and closed schools, while the President declared a national emergency and Congress reading spending bills. A March 13, 2020 emailing from David Kahn Rare Coins aptly sums up this week's situation in the world of numismatics. -Editor

We sure hope this note finds you healthy. The current coronavirus situation we find ourselves in is certainly at the top of everyone's list of things to be concerned about, but we wanted to take a moment to make sure you are aware of the fact that the Baltimore coin show, scheduled for next week, has been canceled. Yesterday, Maryland state and local officials ordered that any gathering of over 250 people be canceled, and since the show clearly would have met that threshold, Whitman announced the cancellation. We do not have any current information on a possible re-schedule later in the spring, but that possibility seems very remote. Much more likely is that we will reconvene in Baltimore at the next, regularly scheduled convention in mid-June.

While we at DKRC are currently healthy (and hope to stay that way!), we are also hard at work and have thus far been able to keep the operation in full swing. We intend to continue doing just that. So, while we may all be cooped up more at home in the coming days, we'd like you to consider being a part of our Baltimore Show Replacement Sale. You see, Spring Baltimore is a major part of our gross sales for the year, and generally is our 3rd or 4th busiest show (typically, we do more business at Winter FUN, Summer ANA and Central States, so it may come in 4th, but it can sometimes sneak into the 3rd spot). We're not ready to just give up on those sales. The process to participate couldn't be easier: Find a coin or several on our website that you'd like to own, and give me a call on my cell (240) 793-4680. I'll give you my best price(s). We're going to save the expenses related to doing the show, and we'll be happy to share a large portion of those savings with you. Perhaps in this way we can both win...we'll replace some of our revenue and you'll get great coins at our best possible prices.

We have listed many new coins on the site in the past few days, and more will be coming Monday and continuing well into next week. In fact, I expect over 100 coins back from grading next week (at least 65 to 70 from PCGS and about 40 from CAC), most of which would have gone directly to the show. Now, they will all be listed as fast as possible on the website. Under normal circumstances, newps really aren't discounted, but these aren't normal circumstances. Please check our website often over the next week or two, and give us a call multiple times...we'll be pleased to hear from you as often as you like!

In the meantime, please, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Be smart, stay healthy and relieve stress by buying some great coins!

We won't rehash all the information you've probably already seen elsewhere, but in the in-case-you-missed-it department, here are excerpts from and links to a number of relevant articles and press releases. -Editor

"The NUMISMATA Munich 2020 has been cancelled!

"Due to new administrative orders of the City of Munich because of the coronavirus, we unfortunately had to cancel the fair at short notice.

"We are deeply sorry that we found ourselves constrained to cancel NUMISMATA at short notice. We apologize to all visitors especially to those who travelled far in order to come to Munich. Nevertheless, we really want to express our gratitude to the many exhibitors who reacted with such an aplomb showing us that they were aware of the difficult situation."

Maryland State of Emergency Forces Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo to Cancel Bourse

Stack's Bowers Galleries' March 2020 Baltimore Auctions have been relocated from the Baltimore Convention Center to a facility near their California home office.

Stacks Bowers 2020 March sale catalogs

From the American Numismatic Association:

"As things stand today, we are still planning to hold our 2020 Summer Seminar and Pittsburgh World's Fair of Money®. Colorado College has informed us that they are delaying a decision on whether we can hold Summer Seminar on its campus until late April. You can still register for Summer Seminar programs (and we hope that you will); however, during this time of uncertainty, we encourage you to wait to book flights and hotel accommodations until we are confident that the event will be held as scheduled. (Summer Seminar registration fees are fully refundable.) We will keep you updated on the status of both events.

"The ANA headquarters building and Edward C. Rochette Money Museum will be closed to the public from March 14 through April 30, to reduce the spread of Coronavirus."

From the American Numismatic Society:

"First, please know the ANS's work is continuing uninterrupted, as we have instituted contingency plans that were worked out a few weeks ago when the potential extent of the current crisis became clear. While some ANS's staff will be working remotely for as long as is prudent, we expect to be available to you, as always. We have no intention of closing our facilities, but if you are planning to visit, it is important that you check with our staff regarding actual accessibility, which may change based on how the next weeks unfold. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.

"At the same time, our online presence will continue to improve and expand unabated. The ANS has been at the forefront of digital numismatics for many years now, as can be seen by MANTIS, DONUM, and our successful collaborative platforms, including OCRE, HRC, and CHRR. Beyond our blog, Pocket Change, we are planning to launch a new podcast, The Planchet, covering various numismatic topics. Expect some announcements soon via our e-news and usual social media posts. "

From Shanna Schmidt:

"Hello everyone! I know it may seem like the world has turned upside down but I'm hopeful that people will try to remain calm. I think the self isolation steps that the U.S. has taken is probably the best start to controlling the spread of the virus on the U.S. side. Due to this crisis I was forced to end my Europe trip early by over a week. It was very disappointing not being able to properly view the Roma and Künker auctions but even in the last day I'm feeling much better about the auction situation as the houses are stepping right up with logical solutions.

"To be honest I was most worried about the auction at our good friends at Künker. With the very traditional (and frankly much loved by me) format of floor auctions with no live bidding, came the scary prospect of a lot of missing customers during the auction. Ulrich Künker and his organized staff went into solution mode and decided to offer for the first time live bidding during the auctions. This is a big deal and I commend them for doing this. Phone bidding will still be available and certainly there will be a sizable audience of floor bidders from Europe but having the live bidding option available will open many more opportunities.

"Another auction house that I am quite worried for is Roma. This auction is on the heels of Künker and certainly will experience a lower turnout due to the Coronavirus. Again, Richard Beale and his dependable team have made accomodations for dealers like me. I was able to view some of the coins since I had arrived in England the day when I was forced to change my plans. Viewing some of the coins obviously won't cut it so Richard has made high resolution photographs available to me (and others I'm certain if they request it). Of course it never is as good as being there and viewing them but it certainly is pretty darn close."

From the Central States Numismatic Society:

"The Central States Numismatic Society has canceled its April 22-25, 2020 convention because of the coronavirus outbreak.

"Our focus is the safety and health of our booth holders, exhibitors, collectors and the general public. Therefore, in accordance with recommendations from health officials to cease activities where people gather together in large and close groups, we are canceling our convention," CSNS President Mitch Ernst said.

"The official CSNS convention auctions held by Heritage Auctions will still be held on the dates scheduled. However, the location has changed from the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in suburban Chicago to Heritage's headquarters in Dallas, TX, instead."

From Pete Smith:

"The 2020 Northwest Coin Club Money Show, scheduled for March 20-22, has been cancelled. This would have been the club 86th anniversary show and was to be held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

"Friday afternoon, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued an emergency order and recommended that all events with attendance of 250 or more should be cancelled or postponed. However, the coin show was cancelled earlier in the day when the venue announced they were cancelling all events from Monday through the end of March.

"This follows the announcement that the Whitman Baltimore show, scheduled for the same weekend, had been canceled based on orders from the Maryland Governor. We expect other coin shows will also be cancelled."

From Paul Schultz:

"The Indiana, PA coin show today (Saturday the 14th) has been cancelled at the last minute. They were going to hold it until they went for setup Friday night and found the building locked. Inquiry led to coronavirus regulations."

From the California State Numismatic Association:

"To all, the Southern Educational Symposium has had to be indefinitely postponed due to concerns about the spread of the COVID19 virus. My intent is still to have the Symposium later in the year at the same location. I will strive to keep everyone informed as to the status of the Symposium and the date of its rescheduling. Thank you for being understanding and I hope everyone keeps safe till then."

"Probably not unexpected, but we wanted to be sure that anyone who had this event on their calendar had sufficient notification to adjust their plans. It would likely be a good tactic to check up on any type of similar event scheduled over the next month or two, just to ensure a likewise postponement or cancellation hasn't been announced. In the meantime, wash your hands, hoard your TP, and stay safeā€¦"

From the Newman Numismatic Portal

"Although Washington University in St. Louis, which administers Newman Portal, has sent students home for the semester, Newman Portal activity continues apace. The campus remains open for staff and faculty, and, while we rely on students to operate scanning equipment, we do have a full-time staff member in St. Louis (Kelli West) to continue handling contributions of hardcopy materials. We also have good options for outsourcing scanning work if necessary. In the meantime, we encourage electronic submissions (documents and images) and can process these virtually. Among the electronic contributors in the last week were Q. David Bowers, Roger Burdette, Richard Lussier, Gerry Tebben, and others. There is no substitute for in-person gatherings of coin collectors, but there is no shortage of research to do on our own, and we hope Newman Portal will help facilitate this as a virtual library.

"Eric Newman once related his experience with the Spanish flu epidemic. Newman, 6 years old at the time, was with his father and sister in New York. The father, a doctor, felt the need to send the two children home to St. Louis. They were cached in a train car, which Dr. Samuel Newman scrubbed down with formaldehyde. The children were instructed not to leave their room until the train arrived in St. Louis. Eric and his sister Ivy, who was four years older, dutifully obeyed, and arrived in St. Louis no worse for wear, despite having inhaled a toxic substance for the better part of a day."

So, what's a collector to do? After taking care of yourself and your family of course, if you find yourself with down time on your hands, what better way to connect and prosper than by going online? In particular, everyone should support their local, state and national numismatic organizations and dealers. So if it's been a while since you've clicked on any E-Sylum ads, give it a try today. Check out new dealer inventory. Pull out some dups to sell. Or email for information about consigning or selling outright an old collection. -Editor

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