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Here's the latest compilation of coronavirus updates from readers, organizations and companies -Editor

Central States Eliminates Coin Show Positions (June 1, 2020)

The fallout from cancelled shows and moved auctions continues. As a cost-saving move the Central States Numismatic Society's board of governors has decided not to renew the contracts of their convention general chairman and bourse chairman. -Editor

Central States Numismatic Society logo From the press release:

Faced with a projected deficit in 2021, the board anticipates trimming convention expenses and replacing some paid staffers with volunteers in an attempt to bring the budget into balance.

The Central States anniversary convention, held each April, is one of the nation's larger coin shows, with nearly 300 dealer booths, an expansive exhibit area and notable auctions."

For more information on the Central States Numismatic Society, see:

Mint Directors Conference Postponed (June 3, 2020)

2021 Mint Directors Conference

From the announcement:

"Following continuing concerns over the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on global travel and large gatherings, the Mint Directors Conference and the South African Mint have decided to further postpone MDC2020 in Cape Town to 31 October to 3 November 2021.

"While they regret the extended postponement, the MDC and SA Mint advised, in a recent statement, that they believe it is the right action to take in the current environment. In particular, they advised the need to consider that social distancing, lockdowns and travel bans are likely to be with us for some time to come, and that this could have resulted in reduced attendance at the conference, at a critical time when optimum representation is needed from the minting community. See full statement.

"All current arrangements for the programme, social events and venue remain the same."

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Stack's Bowers New York Store and Office Reopening (June 4, 2020)
From the announcement:

Stacks-Bowers logo "We are happy to announce that our New York City Store and Office will be back in operation starting Monday, June 15. We are still at our temporary location, 1177 Avenue of the Americas, 5th floor Regus Center.

"Visits are by appointment only. As we can only see one client at a time, please contact us as soon as possible to secure a time slot that is best for you. We will schedule appointments from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

"Stack's Bowers Galleries is very proud to have been able to serve our clients in creative ways during these unprecedented times. We are grateful that we have been able to assist you with buying, selling or auctioning despite the restrictions. As we ease back into more normal operations, we look forward to an even greater level of personal service.

"Our highest priority is the safety and security of our clients and staff. To that end, we will ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed, and we are preparing our office for this. Masks and gloves will be required to transact business with us for the foreseeable future. Chairs and tables will be sanitized before each client visit. No more than two clients – engaged in the same transaction – will be allowed in the office at any time. We will have plexiglass on the table separating clients from staff."

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Bill Rosenblum's Colorado Report (June 6, 2020)
Bill writes:

"Our local ancient and world coin club (DAWN for Denver Area World Numismatists) has met the last two months via Zoom. Not quite like a real in-person meeting but it's nice to get together with friends and talk about what is happening. If any member of DAWN wants to join our next meeting please email me at by the beginning of July and I'll send out an invitation. Hundreds of people all over the country (and perhaps the world) are life members. We are mostly a very unorganized group and rarely spend any time on club business. The first time you attend you are a guest, after that you become a life member. Bob Hoge joined us from NYC last night.

"While Colorado is beginning to open up a little and many of the restrictions have been lifted large gatherings are still not allowed under the governor's orders. I believe that an update will be issued on June 15th. The Colorado Springs Coin Show is still scheduled for July 1 through 4 although that is still tentative. Ken Byrd who runs the show is hoping that the city of Colorado Springs will grant a variance and the show will go on. The show is usually held between (and overlapping) the sessions of the ANA's Summer Seminar and is always crowded with out of town students and instructors. This year the seminar has been cancelled and because of some health issues I have I recently cancelled my table.

'This show has always had a special place in my heart and I've had a table at the show since the mid-1970s or perhaps even as early as 1972. It was the first show I attended in Colorado after I moved here in 1971. And it was there where I was taught to grade banknotes by ear. "Doc" Klein, who was an eye surgeon from Albuquerque was a fixture at coins shows during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. His relaxation came from setting up at coin shows almost every weekend. I stopped his table and he had a banknote I was interested in. It was marked "crisp" but had a very visible fold down the center. When I pointed this out, he took the note out of the holder and said "listen" as he shook the note. Sounded just like a crisp piece of lettuce."

More Coronavirus Jokes

Here's another selection of coronavirus jokes from the Good Clean Funnies list. See the full article online. -Editor

• Due to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes.

• I'll tell you a Coronavirus joke, but you'll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.

• What do you call panic buying of sausage and cheese in Germany? A Wurst Kase scenario.

• The grocery stores in France look like a tornado hit them. All that's left is de brie.

• In my day, you would cough to cover up a fart. Now you fart to cover up a cough.

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