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The E-Sylum: Volume 23, Number 29, July 19, 2020, Article 3


E-Sylum subscriber Mark Bracken is a collector and dealer in ancient roman coins. He writes:

"A friend of mine, Bill Glassman, a pastor, has written a book confirming and proving the accuracy of the events in the life of Jesus."

Mark kindly submitted the following synopsis of the book. Thanks. -Editor

NEW BOOK: "Behold Your King" – confirming and proving the accuracy of the events in the life of Jesus. 

Behold Your King book cover What impressed me about the book, from strictly a coin collector perspective, was the wealth of interesting and groundbreaking information on the dating of the coins of Octavian (Augustus), Tiberius and Pontius Pilate.  After reading this material, I now believe there are mistakes in the commonly accepted timeframes for coins issued by the aforementioned emperors, Pontius Pilate and his predecessor (who issued coins that have been mis-attributed to another prefect).  There is also a chapter on the Shroud of Turin, specifically focusing on the coins (which have been identified as from Pontius Pilate) that were placed on the eyes of Jesus before he was wrapped in the shroud.  The material is quite in depth and a very interesting read.  I think many other collectors would agree.

Why would Pontius Pilate wait until his third year of reign to have prutot minted of his own design when the prior prefects were quick to produce coins immediately upon obtaining power?  Why would Pontius Pilate mint a coin honoring Julia after her death in A.D. 29, perhaps as many as three years after her falling out with Emperor Tiberius and his banning her from receiving special honors?  Why would Pilate's predecessor produce several unique and ornate prutot and then switch to producing only the same stale design over his last years of reign?  The answer to all these questions flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

All these questionable assumptions are the result of one wrong assumption.  It seems that contemporary scholarship superimposes the modern customs of accession within a monarchy upon Roman history of the first century which did not follow such customs.  We forget that Rome many times had arrangements of shared power.  Chronologist and pastor, H. William Glassman makes the case a Senate decree followed by the passage of a Senate Law encoded the will of Augustus that his adopted son and heir Tiberius would share power with him from late A.D. 11 or early January A.D. 12. 

Adjusting the years "of Tiberius" back to the point of his direct power over the provinces back to A.D. 12, as mandated by the law, rather than assuming his reign must be marked from the death of Augustus in A.D. 14, answers the earlier questions and is defended by quite an array of Roman History documented in Glassman's new book, "Behold Your King".

This groundbreaking work by Glassman explores the chronology of Jesus Christ.  Requisite to the subject is a correct dating of the reign of Tiberius which then has direct bearing on the dating of some Roman coins.  Glassman's careful description of the titles of the rulers of the Roman empire, his analysis and summary of the roots and inception of the co-regency of Tiberius and his proposals to answer questions of the dating of the prutot of A.D. 12-29 are worthy of the purchase of his book even if interest in the dating of the life of Jesus Christ escapes you.  It was my privilege to edit Rev. Glassman's sections which pertain to Roman coins in his text and found the entire volume historically fascinating.

Behold Your King
Hardcover, 571 pages - 39.95 plus s/h and 2.40 state tax.  

The book can be ordered directly from the author's web site, or by calling 724.822.0620

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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