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The E-Sylum: Volume 23, Number 36, September 6, 2020, Article 6


Ted Ryan writes:

"I noted your May 15, 2016 E-Sylum article about the discontinuance of Disney Dollars where you stated: "Well, at least we now know what a complete set consists of. Or do we? Have Disney Dollar issues been comprehensively cataloged anywhere? I know there have been some coin show exhibits and articles in numismatic publications. A quick search of the ANA's archive of 'The Numismatist' turned up 94 results for "Disney Dollars" beginning in July 1987."

"I have been working on it and compiling the data for over 30 years now. It has taken much longer than I expected to get the book finally published, but that allowed me to compile even more data.

Disney dollar

That's great to hear! Here's the press release. -Editor

Although the Disney Co. Retired and Removed its Fantasy Dollars
from Circulation in 2016, the Disney Dollars Currency
is Still Going Strong in the Hearts of Collectors

Disney NumisMagic book cover You can no longer buy the Disney Dollars private currency directly from them, but auction houses are still host to a staggering effort at keeping them in circulation on the collector's market. In fact, an Uncut (18-Note) Limited Edition Sheet (#5/200) with consecutive serial numbers, of the 2000-D Series Disney Dollars, sold in November of 2018 on eBay for over $14,000.

Of course, not all Disney Dollars demand that high an amount from collectors but they still hold a high value amongst Disneyana enthusiasts and numismatic collectors. Some Framed Sheets and Limited Edition Sets are even still available for retail cost at Disney merchandise locations but when they are gone, they are gone forever at those prices. Otherwise, the only place you will find them is through the collectors' market, trade shows and auction houses.

In order to help with understanding all of this and to determine a "fair market value" for these pieces, CVM Enterprises has just released its book: Disney Numismagic - The Art and Magic of Collecting Disney Currency for $34.95 retail (252 pages-Hard Bound), available direct from the publisher (ISBN: 978-0-9890441-7-2).

This full-color illustrated and hard-bound text has a history of the Walt Disney Company and a Mickey Mouse biography as they relate to Disney currency and scrip from the 1930s forward, along with the Disney Dollars private currency over the years. It catalogues and details the individual banknotes by Year and Series with a comprehensive VALUATION GUIDE and multiple categorized classification charts, which list the notes by Type and Grade to indicate the collectors' pricing for all of these unique currency items - using the numismatic industry’s established guidelines (IBNS and Numeric Scales).

Disney Numismagic - The Art and Magic of Collecting Disney Currency Catalogue and Valuation Guide for Disney Fantasy Currency

A complete illustrated history of Disney fantasy currency and particulares from the 1930's forward; including a Walt Disney Company timeline and biography of Mickey Mouse as they relate to Disney currencies and bank notes over the years.

Includes: Mickey Mouse Club "Cone Coupons", WW2 Disney War Bonds, Disney theme park promotional scrip and coupons, Disneyland Dollars, Magic Kingdom Club M.O.U.S.E Money, Walt Disney World Vacation Club Sand Dollars, Walt Disney World Resort Recreation Coupon Dollars, Disney's El Capitan Theatre-Hollywood Dollar; as well as the official Disney Dollars private currency, from 1987 to present.

Written and designed for Disneyana enthusiasts, notaphilists, numismatic collectors and dealers; including a comprehensive and thorough Valuation Guide, which catalogues and details the individual Disney banknotes and scrip by Year and Series with detailed descriptions; plus multiple categorized classification charts listed by Type and Grade for indicating collectors “fair market value" of these unique currency items.

Ingram Books / CVM Enterprises

ISBN: 978-0-9890441-7-2
252 pages
Hard Bound
Available direct from the Printing House / Publisher
Retail $34.95

I have a copy of the book and it is very nicely done. The Introduction is an excellent "Welcome to Numismatics" for those who may be coming to the topic as casual collectors, discussing rarity, conditions and third-party grading services. The first chapter includes a timeline of Disney history and an overview of the artwork included on the notes. Chapter Two is an overview of the various related issues including 1930s-era Mickey Mouse "Cone Dollars" (exchangeable for ice cream cones at theaters showing Disney films), WWII Disney War Bond certificates, Operation M.O.U.S.E. money, and various issues of the more modern dollars, including Disneyland Dollars, Magic Kingdom "Happy Dollars" and Disney Resorts "Sand Dollars". I was unaware of most of these precursors.

Chapter Three covers the first generation of the official Disney Dollars and includes many original source documents such as the initial press release, newspaper accounts, and internal employee memos and publications. There is even a mention of interactions with the U.S. Treasury, Secret Service and other government agencies, who were supportive of the idea and provided anti-counterfeiting advice. Who doesn't like Disney?

Chapter Four covers the second and final generation in the 2000s. But as a numismatist, my favorite chapters come next - Chapter Five is an overview of proof and specimen, while Chapter Six deals with "Errors, Freaks and Oddities,"

The book finishes off with a chapter on limited editions and framed sets, a glossary of terms, the all-important valuation guide, and a section on references, publications and numismatic organizations. Lastly, the book includes a petition form for asking the Walt Disney Company to reconsider its decision and bring back the Disney Dollar program. Why not? Long Live Disney Dollars! -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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