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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 5, January 31, 2021, Article 4


Marie Goe of Southgate Coins and Collectibles submitted this announcement of Rusty Goe's new three-volume work. Thanks! Wow. -Editor

Vol.-1-Cover-8.5x11 The Confident Carson City Coin Collector
Three volumes, 2,500 pages
Color images
$299 plus $16 shipping

I wanted to give E-Sylum readers a few words about Rusty's new book. He has spent more than ten years working on it. For the past three and a half years he has relentlessly pursued its completion. As expected, 2020 proved to be a very challenging year. Rusty experienced many setbacks in his book project along the way. He never gave up, though.

The result is a massive three-volume hardback set, comprising 2,500 pages (1.5 million words). The book's title is The Confident Carson City Coin Collector. Volume 1 comprises 850 pages; Volume 2 runs slightly more than 1,010 pages; and Volume 3 is the short one, with its 640 pages. The set will debut during the first week in February 2021.

David Bowers wrote the Foreword, which appears in Volume 1. Color images fully illustrate the book. Many tables and appendices are spread throughout the volumes.

1873-CC-S$1-Hist-Setting 1873-CC-S$1-Coin-Comm

Rusty has poured everything he has learned about the Carson City Mint and its coins during the past three-plus decades into this new book (set). So much new information permeates the pages, it is difficult to know where to begin in listing examples. Rare coin auction catalogers will find fresh, new data, historical material, and anecdotes to use in their descriptions of Carson City coins. Collectors will find everything they need to thoroughly enjoy their pursuit of "CC" coins. History buffs will relish the experience of reading the Historical Setting sections in the volumes.


Marie adds:

"We will offer the three-volume set on our website, In time, we will place the set on Amazon. Heritage Auctions has already ordered a substantial quantity. As soon as they receive their sets they will be offering them on their platform. Shipping will cost $16. The 22-lb. weight of each set necessitates this amount.

"We know this is a steep price for a numismatic reference work. Our production costs greatly exceeded our expectations. Not to mention the thousands of hours Rusty devoted to researching and writing. If we sell all the sets we will not even come close to breaking even. Rusty is not concerned about this, however. This is his gift to numismatics in the present and in the future. It is his expression of gratitude for all the cherished memories numismatics has provided him for decades."

Here's an additional description from the back cover of Vol 1. -Editor

"A Companion's Guide to the History of the Carson City Mint and an Appreciation of its Coins" is a subtitle that describes the author's intent for the three-volume set comprising The Confident Carson City Coin Collector. In these volumes Rusty Goe, a universally recognized authority on these topics, shares with fervor, honesty, and user-friendliness what he wants collectors to know about Carson City coins and the mint from where they came.

Goe accomplishes his task by sketching the Carson City Mint's history from when it was only a dream in the minds of frontier settlers, through its incipient days, through its coinmaking years, to the permanent cessation of its stamping machines. Volume 1 launches readers into a captivating narrative that begins with the establishment of Nevada's coin factory and closes at the end of 1874, the mint's fifth year of operations.

The 111 different date-denominations that represent the Nevada mint's medley of coins produced between 1870 and 1893 form the core of these volumes' subject matter. Goe allows the coins fashioned in these 111 varied date-denominations to tell their own stories, which, when woven together, produce one of the most epic legacies in all of U.S. numismatics.

Many basic notions abound about the Carson City Mint's history and the coins that were produced there. Many are accurate, while others are merely conjectural, or even worse, blatantly false. The intention of this three-volume set is to lay as accurate a foundation as possible regarding all topics related to the Carson City Mint and its coins so that future studies in this field will benefit from it. Additionally, Goe asks two questions: (1) What gives a collector confidence when pursuing Carson City coins? and (2) How does a knowledge-based approach to coin collecting add layers of value to the experience? In these volumes' pages he capably answers these questions.

The 111 different date-denominations are presented differently in these volumes than is the usual custom in numismatic reference books. For example, for the year 1870 the six denominations minted are clustered together in denominational order. For each, two primary sections divide the content. First is the "Historical Setting" segment. Second is the "Coin Commentary" exposition. Throughout, many important avenues of study regarding history and coins are explored.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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