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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 11, March 14, 2021, Article 2


Here's the press release for the landmark 75th edition of the classic A Guide Book of United States Coins, which will be available in four different formats.-Editor

Diamond Anniversary 75th-Edition RED BOOK Will Be Available in Four Formats

The Diamond Anniversary 75th edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins (the hobby’s popular Red Book) will debut in four distinct formats on April 6, 2021. Each version features the same content, with 32,000 retail prices in multiple grades, historical information, 2,000 high-resolution full-color photographs, and guidance on collecting every type of American coin.

Red-Book_2022_Spiralbound-Softcover Red-Book_2022_Spiralbound-Hardcover_3D
Soft and hardcover spiral bound editions

The convenient spiralbound softcover format was designed to lie flat when open on a desk or table. It measures 7.7" by 6" and is bound with a durable metal coil. This is the most popular modern format of the Red Book, said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. The first spiralbound-softcover Red Book debuted in 1997, with the 50th edition. It was next available in 1999, and we’ve offered the format every year since then. Collectors like it because you can set your coins out in front of you, and have your Red Book lying flat, open to whatever page you want to study.

The spiralbound hardcover has the convenience of a coil binding with the durability of a board cover. It measures 8.2" by 6" and, like the spiralbound softcover, opens to lie flat for reading alongside a coin collection. This format was first issued in 2008, with the 61st edition, and has been available (alongside other formats) for every edition since. The spiralbound hardcover is the Red Book I keep on my desk for day-to-day use, said Senior Editor Jeff Garrett.

Red-Book_2022_Hardcover_front_flat Red-Book_2022_Large-Print_front
Classic hardcover and Large Print editions

The classic red hardcover Red Book measures 7.7" by 5.5". The Diamond Anniversary edition features silver-foil title imprinting, instead of the usual gold-foil. Its back cover bears a silver-foil 75 Years emblem. The red hardcover is what many longtime collectors envision when they think of the Red Book, said Editor Emeritus Kenneth Bressett. In fact, hobbyists have considered the hardcover to be a collectible itself since at least the 1960s, when it started becoming popular to seek one of every edition.

The newest format of the Red Book, the Large Print Edition, has been offered annually since the 63rd edition, published in 2010. This oversized version measures 11" by 9.25" and, in addition to being 45% larger in page size, features easy-to-read large-size print, and enlarged color photos. The Large Print Edition has all the same content and information as the regular formats, said Research Editor Q. David Bowers. The coin values, the photographs, the mintage data and specifications, are all here. The Large Print Edition is also spiralbound for ease of use.

All versions and formats of the 75th-edition Red Book can be pre-ordered online (including at, and after April 6 will be available from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide.

About the Guide Book of United States Coins

A Guide Book of United States Coins is the world’s most popular annual retail price guide for U.S. coins, tokens, and other numismatic items. More than 25 million copies have been purchased since 1946, making it one of the best-selling nonfiction titles in the history of U.S. book publishing.

For the 75th edition, more than 100 professional coin dealers, scholars, and other numismatic experts contributed their knowledge under the direction of Senior Editor Jeff Garrett, Research Editor Q. David Bowers, and Editor Emeritus Kenneth Bressett.

The 75th edition of the Red Book is available online and at bookstores and hobby shops nationwide. Whitman Publishing offers a Large Print Edition and several formats of the regular edition (hardcover; spiralbound softcover; and spiralbound hardcover). Details about the forthcoming 1,504-page expanded Deluxe Edition, popularly known as MEGA RED™, will be available soon. For more information and to order, visit Whitman Publishing at

Red-Book_2022_Hardcover_front_3D Red-Book_2022_Hardcover_back_3D

The cover of the three spiral-bound formats of the Diamond Anniversary 75th-edition Red Book features three significant dollar coins: a Sacagawea golden dollar; an American Silver Eagle with the classic Heraldic Eagle reverse by John Mercanti; and a Morgan silver dollar. The hardcover Diamond Anniversary Red Book has silver-foil imprinting instead of the usual gold-foil, and its back cover features a silver-foil Diamond Anniversary emblem.

A Guide Book of United States Coins, Diamond Anniversary 75th edition.
464 pages, full color.
By R.S. Yeoman; senior editor Jeff Garrett; research editor Q. David Bowers; editor emeritus Kenneth Bressett.

$15.95 spiralbound softcover. ISBN 0794848907.
$19.95 spiralbound hardcover. ISBN 079484894X.
$17.95 classic red hardcover. ISBN 0794848915.
$29.95 Large Print Edition. ISBN 0794848931.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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