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CNA Acquires Greater Cincinnati Numismatic Exposition

Cincinnati Numismatic Association President David G. Heinrich passed along this announcement. -Editor

1930 Cincinnati Numismatic Association medal reverse Cincinnati Numismatic Association (CNA) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the Greater Cincinnati Numismatic Exposition (GCNE) from show owner Paul Padget. CNA will take over ownership, management, and operations of the GCNE for its 38th annual event this year. CNA Governor Jeffrey Daniher said, "Paul Padget did a superb job founding and shepherding the tri-state's best coin show. The Cincinnati Numismatic Association looks forward to building on this base with future additions of educational content and programming to be determined." Mr. Padget, serving as honorary chairman this year, will also have a table at the show.

In recent years, the GCNE has been held at the Sharonville Convention Center where it will return for public hours Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31 from 10am-6pm. Admission is free and open to the public. Early bird admission is available for $40 during dealer set-up hours of 3-7pm on Thursday, July 29. The show will include 125 dealer tables, some of which are still available. Please contact bourse chair Dave Heinrich at for more information.

From its humble beginnings at the formerly renowned Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell, KY the GCNE has grown to be Cincinnati's most popular annual coin and currency convention. CNA plans to maintain the high quality of the show and expand it in the future.

Congratulations, and good luck with the show. -Editor

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Der Kleiner Deutscher Münzkatalog
In an email with the subject line "Kleiner, Grosser, it's all German to me", Jon Radel writes:

Kleiner deutscher M├╝nzkatalog "Catalog of Small German Coins" would be a better choice only if you wanted to utterly mislead the English speakers. It is the catalog that is small, not the coins cataloged therein. Compare the "Kleiner Deutscher Münzkatalog," a 25 Euro paperback that covers 1871 to today with the "Grosser Deutscher Münzkatalog," a 40 Euro hardback that covers 1800 to today."

Makes sense. Sorry for my ham-handed translation. -Editor

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The Holiest Coin Exhibit
Holed 1763 Mexico Silver 8 Reales reverse Holed 1763 Mexico Silver 8 Reales obverse

Ken Spindler of San Diego writes:

"I got this brilliant idea a few months ago after seeing so many ruined coins like this on eBay:

"If I had money to throw away, for fun, I would start a collection of machine struck and maybe cob Colonial Mexican 8 reales by date, that have large holes drilled in them like this one (there are MANY of them out there!), and I'd exhibit them non-competitively at coin shows where it could be done, by mounting a large square or rectangle of plywood, either a nice lightly-stained lacquered one, or a very crude dirty dark one, that has uniform nails nailed part-way into it in a grid pattern neatly spaced a few inches apart, with just a printed white label below each showing the year (in order), then hang the coins up on the nails by their holes! It would have to be built into a large upright case with a plexiglass cover (an upright wooden box).

"The fact that the holes aren't uniform in size or location on the coins should add to the humor of the piece - the coins won't be lined up perfectly, or necessarily rotated the same. I think it would be a hit - everybody would show everybody else my gag collection, in disbelief and admiration. Everybody would also comment that I have too much money.

"But I don't. Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me account."

I like the idea of a "no coins were harmed in the making of this exhibit" exhibit. I myself carry around a holed 1858 Liberty Seated Half Dollar on my keychain. Why not put some of these damaged pieces to work for an educational purpose? -Editor

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Isaiah Quimby Lukens Photo Question
An E-Sylum reader asks:

Isaiah Lukens "Who would be the "Charles Wilson Peale" who is said in John Lupia's biographical article to have taken "Daguerreotype photographs" of Isaiah Quimby Lukens?  This obviously could not have been a reference to the famous painter and polymath Charles Willson Peale ("Willson" written with two LLs, 1741-1827), who died years before M. Daguerre developed his photographic process (earliest reliably dated daguerreotype: 1837), although I am sure the historical CWP would have been utterly thrilled by this discovery! "

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The B. Max Mehl Building Today
Regarding the B. Max Mehl building in Ft. Worth, Peter Huntoon writes:

"Sadly, there has been much alteration to the original exterior of the building. Google Street View."

B. Max Mehl Building today
B. Max Mehl Building then

Thanks. An iconic numismatic location. -Editor

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Stamp Money Out of Politics Overstamp
Stamp Money out of Politics overstamp on $5 bill

Peter Huntoon also passed along this image on an overstamped five dollar bill. Neither of us have seen this one before. -Editor

Query: George Clinton
Dave Hirt of Frederick, MD writes:

"My local newspaper has a daily feature, Today in History. Things that have happened on that day's date, which in this case was April 20. It says that in 1812 the 4th Vice President of the US, George Clinton died in Washington at age 72. Is this the same George Clinton that is pictured on a New York State Colonial Coin?"

Good question? Does anyone know? Here's an image of the coin from PCGS CoinFacts. -Editor

1787 New York George Clinton coin

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Sovereign Rarities E-Sylum ad Auction 3

Wayne Homren, Editor

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