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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 30, July 25, 2021, Article 21


Tuesday, July 20, 2021 was not only the anniversary of the first moon landing, it was the night of the latest dinner meeting of my Northern Virginia numismatic social group, Nummis Nova. Mike Packard was our host at a familiar location - The Epositos Restaurant, a nice little Italian place in Fairfax, VA.

I arrived early to spot Tom Kays entering the restaurant. My phone rang and I learned my guest had arrived, too. Elsewhere in the parking lot was CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan. We chatted for a bit and went inside to find Tom and Dave Schenkman already seated at our table. Before long there were ten of us in all - me, Charles, Tom, Dave, Mike, Eric Schena, Jon Radel, Steve Bishop, Julian Leidman and Roger Burdette.

We had a number of exhibits which were passed around the table or placed on a nearby empty table. Among those two big to pass around were a Numismatic Literary Guild scrapbook displayed by Charles, who is that group's new Executive Director as well as an incoming member of the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors. Other large-scale items included two big bank ledgers and Jon Radel's plastic tub full of large bronze Finnish art medals.

Housatonic Bank ledger spine
Housatonic Bank Cash Book (lent by Eric Schena)
Union Bank ledger
Union Bank Ledger (lent by Wayne Homren)

The ledgers had recently been returned to me by the Newman Numismatic Portal after having been scanned. Here are photos I'd taken prior to the meeting. Eric lent to NNP a massive volume which records daily cash transactions for the Housatonic Bank of Stockbridge, MA from September 18, 1862 to September 23, 1864. I lent a volume I purchased in Pittsburgh and believe to be from the Union Bank of Pittsburgh. The ledger records transactions from 1860 to 1871.

Numismatic Ephemera

Morey 1891-10 FPL Numismatic Urn pamphlet cover
In addition to the ledgers I brought along a couple recent additions to my ephemera collection - an 1891 H.E. Morey price list and the pamphlet on Edward Rausch's Numismatic Urn, discussed recently by Dave Hirt. We arranged a trade and I sent him a book from my library in exchange for the ephemera.

To read the complete article, see:
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Printing Press Medals
Dave Schenkman brought along a nice group of three 1740 medals relating to the 300th anniversary of the invention of the printing press. The eyes on the first one are haunting!

Netherlands-obv Netherlands-rev
Laurens Janzoon Coster medal
Nuremberg-obv Nuremberg-rev
Nuremberg Printing Press medal
Ratisbon-obv Ratisbon-rev
Ratisbon Typesetting Medal

Dave writes:

"All are silver. The one from the Netherlands depicts Laurens Janzoon Coster, who some credit with the invention. Interestingly, the7 in the date on the obverse was cut over a4 and it can easily be seen in the picture. The others are from Germany. About 40 years ago I purchased a small collection of silver medals, mostly German and all in choice uncirculated condition. I sold them, but kept these three just because I thought they were interesting."

More From Dave Schenkman

Van Amburgh-obv Van Amburgh-rev

Dave writes:

"Here's an embossed shell card I recently purchased. Bowers lists it as NY-840, from Brewster's Station, New York in his catalog of these tokens.

"And finally, a note from the Wheeling College Bank, It is the only note from West Virginia listed in the Schingoethe catalog of college currency; this is the note pictured in the catalog."

Wheeling Business College Bank-front
Wheeling Business College Bank-back

Longfellow Plaque

Longfellow Plaque by Flanagan
Steve Bishop showed this great bronze plaque of Longfellow by sculptor John Flanagan.

Rainbow Toned 1887 Morgan Dollar

1887 Morgan PCGS MS64
Steve also brought this Rainbow Toned 1887 Morgan Dollar along with a spectacularly toned 1943-D Mercury dime graded MS 68 FB, and an equally spectacularly toned 1880-S Morgan dollar graded MS 64.

'Til next time.


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Wayne Homren, Editor

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