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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 36, September 5, 2021, Article 8


Numismatic Scrapbook and Coin World
Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine 1947-07-20 Coin World Managing Editor Bill Gibbs writes:

In reference to the following statement in last week’s E-Sylum, "The magazine Numismatic Scrapbook was published from 1935 to 1976 at Chicago by printer and collector Lee Hewitt (1911-1987), please remember that the predecessor to Amos Press, publisher of Coin World, acquired Numismatic Scrapbook from Hewitt in 1968 and published it in Sidney, Ohio, until its demise in 1976."

Correct. Thanks for the clarification. -Editor

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Ellis 83 Should Be Davis 83
Regarding Eric Hodge's question about a countermarked dollar reference, Julia Casey writes:

"If you look at the Zander correspondence the lot prior (#109) there is a reference made to "Ellis 38." This made me suspect that the "Ellis 83" in #110 may have been a typo. I was able to discover that W.J. Davis published The Nineteenth Century Token Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man in 1904 and if you look at #83 it is a Lanark Mills counterstamped dollar! I think then that the reference should properly be "Davis 83."

Davis Lanark dollar entry   

To read the Davis entry, see:

Bingo! Ron Haller-Williams agrees. He supplied an image of the coin from Plate H of the Davis book. -Editor

  Davis 83 Plate H Lanark countermarked dollar  

Eric Hodge writes:

"I think they are correct. Aren’t your readers wonderful?s Nothing seems too much to solve! Thank you. I can now sleep easier!"

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A Muera Huerta 1 Peso Note
Victoriano Huerta Pablo Hoffman writes:

"Here’s a rare and unrecorded 1-Peso note from the Mexican Revolution, not so-cordially wishing death upon the despised insurrectionist Victoriano Huerta. The traitorous Huerta connived, conspired, and murdered his way into the presidency of Mexico early in the tumultuous year of 1913. He managed to stay in office for eighteen months, until US President Woodrow Wilson intervened, tipping the political balance against him; Huerta then fled into exile in Spain."

    White spacer bar
Muera Huerta 1 Peso note, face Muera Huerta 1 Peso note, back

Thanks! Great note. Emergency issues like this may be crude, but they are generally rare, interesting and historically important - just the stuff I love to collect. -Editor

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Operation Manna
Ron Haller-Williams writes:

1985 Operation Manna commemorative medal obverse "It's a shame about the timing of Danny Shelton's request, because there was one on eBay, listed several times from mid June 2021, and it finally achieved the opening bid of £30 (about $40) on July 24, less than an hour before end of bidding.

"Seems it exists in both silver and bronze. There are also some books, stamps, and first-day covers."

Thanks. Here are the links Ron provided. My recommendation would be to set up an eBay alert and wait for the next one to be offered. Alerts on auction-watch sites like Invaluable and Barnabys could help as well - sometimes things will show up in estate sales. -Editor

An Operation Manna 40th Anniversary medallion, silver grade, with plastic case, a similar medallion, bronze grade,... (

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The Chase Manhattan Story of Money "Money Tree" Booklet
Regarding the booklet mentioned by Scott Barman, American Numismatic Society Francis D. Campbell Librarian David Hill writes:

"Here’s a scan of The Story of Money cover and title page. We have versions with copyright dates of 1962 (this one), 1966, and 1967."

  Chase Manhattan Money Museum Story of Money booklet cover  

Ron Haller-Williams also discovered several images of the booklet. Thanks! His web search was hampered by the fact the "The Story of Money" is a much-used title and subtitle, as seen in the book covers in the following image. -Editor

story_of_money book covers

Ron adds:

"The "tree" is of 5 coins, but I believe from the shape that they are Japanese 100 Mon coins of c.1835."

Ron discovered that we'd actually illustrated this pamphet in a January 26, 2020 article. Thanks! Link below. I knew I'd seen it before. Ron wrote: "When I was about 10, a teacher said something about "a good forgettory". By now I'm very much aware of what he meant ... !!!" I like that. A good memory is great, but "a good forgettory" can actually be a good thing at times. Some memories I'd rather not recall, from accidents, illnesses, and slights from friends, to bad dates. -Editor

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Triple Book Covers
Speaking of similar numismatic book titles, there's also the issue of similar cover illustrations. Ron Haller-Williams writes:

"Once (I can't remember when!) you pointed out two different books with the same cover illustration/painting."

Ron provided this trio of cover images. -Editor

The Money-lender and his Wife book covers  

It was Peter Jones who first pointed out the multiple use of "The Money-lender and his Wife", by Quentin Matsys c. 1514. Ron adds Pierre Vilar's 2011 third edition of A History of Gold and Money to the collection. Thanks! I guess I wouldn't be surprised if more examples turn up. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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