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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 49, December 5, 2021, Article 5


A new book on notgeld of the Thuringian Forest has been published. Here is a Google-translated version of an article in German by Hans-Ludwig Grabowski in Geldscheine Online. -Editor

Thuringian Forest Notgeld book cover Martin Sommer:
Around the Rennsteig
Part 1: Eisenach to Bermbach

Emergency money made of paper and metal, brands and symbols from the Thuringian Forest

316 pages, illustrated in color throughout, format 21 cm x 29.7 cm, hardcover, Kremmen, 2021.

Price: 28.00 euros + 5.00 euros shipping.

The thought of a kind of numismatic travel guide, a guide for emergency money and home collectors or a regional catalog had not let go of the author for several years. Inspired and motivated by other regional catalogs published in recent years, he decided in summer 2018 to prepare the pieces he had collected over the years. Together with another collector, he brought a real Thuringian on board, from whose collection many of the items shown come from.

It was important for the author to include as much background information as possible and thus make it accessible to readers interested in regional history. The result is an impressive work that is fully illustrated in color and shows the attention to detail. All emergency notes and coins are cataloged and described in detail, but from the large number of company funds in the region, which traditionally was home to an extensive metalworking industry with tool and weapon factories, only what was available can be shown.

After an introduction with interesting facts about the region, emergency money as well as coins, brands and symbols, the catalog section follows, which is structured as follows:

  • Emergency paper money
  • Metal and porcelain emergency money
  • Storage fee
  • Postage stamp and capsule money
  • Paper receipts up to 1945
  • Value and control stamps until 1945
  • Documents from paper 1945 to 1990
  • Value and control stamps 1945 to 1990

The catalog thus includes receipts starting with emergency money issues and prisoner-of-war camp money (Ohrdruf) from the First World War and ending with hotel money and brands and symbols from the time of the GDR.

As the author himself states, his work forms a foundation on which further research can be carried out in the future, which will make further volumes possible.

The items listed were deliberately not rated, but a rough estimate was made of their availability on the market.

The catalog is intended to serve collectors of emergency notes, emergency coins, tokens and other receipts with monetary or non-cash references from the Thuringian Forest and the adjacent Thuringian Slate Mountains mainly for orientation and inspiration.

In addition to the illustration of the numismatic objects, there are numerous illustrations of serial ticket packaging, of historical postcards of the places in the region as well as of company advertising and contemporary company mail as evidence of the local economic history.

The very richly illustrated and lovingly designed book is recommended to every numismatist and home collector who is connected to the Rennsteig region - Germany's oldest high-altitude hiking trail - in the Thuringian Forest or is interested in it.

According to the author, a total of three volumes will probably be produced, with parts 2 and 3, according to his estimate, being a bit thinner with approx. 200 pages each.

The second part is already in progress, with digressions in all directions from Benshausen via Zella-Mehlis, Oberhof and Suhl to Ilmenau or possibly Stützerbach. The emergency paper money from Zella-Mehlis alone is almost 90 pages long.

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To read the complete article, see:
Rund um den Rennsteig – ein neuer Katalog zum Notgeld aus dem Thüringer Wald (

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