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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 49, December 5, 2021, Article 15


The Slab Lab video series from PCGS features interviews with prominent collectors and dealers. First up was a three-part series with Jim Halperin of Heritage, and the latest is the first of a series with the legendary Jimmy Hayes. Here's a handy guide to the episodes, hosted by Seth Chandler of Witter Coins. -Editor

  Jimmy Hayes interview

Jim Halperin
Jim Halperin is the co-chairman and co-CEO of Heritage Auctions, one of the largest numismatic auction houses specializing in coins, currency, and comic books, which changed the collectibles industry. Jim shares how he got his start in the hobby and business as a young numismatist - owning his first stamp shop at the age of 16 and quickly gaining traction as a coin dealer due to his entrepreneurial prowess.

In the second installment of Slab Lab, Jim Halperin details how he navigated the coin market in the 1980s, his strategy as a young coin dealer buying and selling inventory, and his creation of the first private grading service to educate the public on how to grade by a set standard (and why it ultimately closed with the arrival of PCGS). Hear how his foresight, and talents aligned with partner Steve Ivy, to create a numismatic powerhouse.

In Part Three of Slab Lab Episode One, we dive into the online age of collectibles, and the expansion of Heritage Auctions from primarily coins and banknotes to comic books, sports and entertainment memorabilia, and more. Plus, hear advice for collectors at all stages and levels.

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John Brush
John Brush, who joined David Lawrence Rare Coins in 2006 as a result of his dedication and work ethic, climbed the ranks to become the current president of the firm. He has been instrumental in assisting Dell Loy Hansen in assembling his magnificent collection of U.S coinage inclusive of relatively common high grade coins to a number of the most extreme rarities and collections such as the 1804 Draped Bust Dollar in PCGS PR62, an 1885 Trade Dollar PCGS PR65+CAM, and his 1854-S Half Eagle in PCGS AU58+ as well as the acquisition of the ESM Collection of Proof Half and Large Cents.

To watch the video, see:
Slab Lab Episode 2 | John Brush Part 1

John Noel
Dive into Dr. John Noel's stunning collection of Silver Commemorative Coins from 1892-1954, inclusive of all dates and mint mark specimens. The 144-piece set portrays Presidential commems, politicians, national monuments, statehood anniversaries, and more. Dr. Noel is the owner of the top ranked PCGS Registry Set for the 50-piece Type set, AND 144-piece collection, none rated higher! He makes the case for why collectors should embark on the rich history lessons of U.S. coins, and to not overlook wonderfully toned examples. John and his wife, both long-time collectors started on the journey to complete the set, together, over 40 years ago. Hear the colorful events leading up to their acquisition.

To watch the video, see:
Slab Lab Episode 3 | John Noel

Mark Hagen
Mark Hagen is a diverse collector through and through. He is the architect of six magnificent PCGS Registry sets, one of which ranks #1 current finest: the Dollar Type Set (1794-present). From Mercury Dimes and Morgan Dollars to Continental Currency – hear Mr. Hagen's approach to a number of challenging and exquisite rarities. No matter what size budget you are working with, Mark's advice on how to formulate a wonderful set is prescient.

To watch the videos, see:
Slab Lab Episode 4 | Mark Hagen Part 1

Jimmy Hayes
James (Jimmy) A. Hayes has been a robust collector and scholar of U.S. coins and exonumia (medals and tokens) since a young age. His focus has included early type coins and patterns, and his affinity for history made pursuing rarities that much more exciting to him.

Jimmy graduated from Tulane Law School and practiced law early on in his distinguished career. He served as Congressman for Louisiana District 7, 100th-104th from 1987-1997.

Listen to Mr. Hayes' approach to obtaining a number of his blockbuster acquisitions, and their subsequent inclusion in the Tyrant and Pogue Collections, two of the most formidable collections ever assembled.

To watch the video, see:
Slab Lab Episode 5 | Jimmy Hayes Part 1 (

On the PCGS site you can subscribe to announcements of new episodes and suggest an interviewee (or volunteer yourself! Why not?) -Editor

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