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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 50, December 12, 2021, Article 20


Here's a press release of some highlights of the January 2022 New York International Numismatic Convention sale. -Editor

  NYINC sale catalog covers

January 2022 will welcome the return of the New York International Numismatic Convention after its cancellation last year, to the delight of the numismatic market as a whole. One auction that always stands out from the many sales taking place during the convention is the New York Sale, a collaboration between Sovereign Rarities, Goldberg Coins, Dmitry Markov and M&M Numismatics. 2022's New York Sale will take place between the 11-13 January and includes a trio of superb catalogues; one will be dedicated to Russian coins and medals, another to Ancient coins, and the last to World coins.

  2022 NYINC Sale Cleo1 2022 NYINC Sale Cleo2
The highlight of the strong selection of gold and silver ancients on offer may certainly be the Tetradrachm of Cleopatra and Mark Antony struck in 36 BC. This coin symbolises the famous union of two of the ancient world's most prominent historical figures and is perpetually popular with followers of the classical numismatic series.
  2022 NYINC Sale AngGal1 2022 NYINC Sale AngGal2

The New York Sale's world catalogue features offerings from over 40 countries. Early in the auction is a run of high-grade and rare Anglo-Gallic pieces, including a gold Noble Guyennois à l'E or Pavillon d'Or of Edward the Black Prince struck between 1362-72. This rarity is tied for the finest graded of the type, being certified by NGC as MS64.

  2022 NYINC Sale GeoII1 2022 NYINC Sale GeoII2

As always, the British section boasts some of the most select pieces of the entire sale; it begins with a run of hammered silver and gold, but it is in the milled section that we see some truly marvellous coins. A prooflike Five Guineas of William and Mary, dated 1692 and graded by NGC as MS61+ dominates the early milled section, closely followed by two exceptionally high-graded Two Guinea pieces of George I. The first of these, dated 1738, is graded as MS63, whilst the second is the single finest certified specimen, dated 1748 and graded as MS64.

  2022 NYINC Sale GeoIV1 2022 NYINC Sale GeoIV2

The reign of George IV is particularly well-represented in this sale, with an 1826 gold proof Five Pounds, Two Pounds and Sovereign on offer; the first is graded as PF61 Cameo, while the second and third are superbly graded as PF64 Ultra Cameo. These ever-popular proofs are seen sporadically at auction, but the sale also includes a far rarer proof offering of this monarch: an 1825 proof pattern Sovereign, extremely rare and graded by NGC as PF63 Cameo. This elusive type has an opening bid of $20,000.

  2022 NYINC Sale Kew1 2022 NYINC Sale Kew2

The historic British section leads into a group of British modern gold coins, including some perfect- graded rarities; notably, the sale includes a 2009 gold proof Kew Gardens 50 Pence, the most popular of the 50 Pence series and the first to be publicly offered graded as PF70 Ultra Cameo.

The same is true of the 2004 Entente Cordiale gold proof Five Pounds in the auction, also the first to be offered in a PF70 Ultra Cameo holder. These are just some examples of the strong modern British section of the sale, and collectors of this increasingly popular area are encouraged to consult the catalogue for the full range.

  2022 NYINC Sale Taler1 2022 NYINC Sale Taler2

After the conclusion of the British material on offer, we see a fantastic and extensive group of Italian coins, including several rare Papal medals and a very rare pattern 5 Lire of 1857. The World coins continue with rarities such as a South African ‘Veld' Pond of 1902 struck during battle in the Second Boer War, graded by NGC as AU58. Finally, the auction concludes with an extremely rare Hungarian Taler of 1672, struck in Beszterce. One of very few examples known, this prize of the Taler series carries a starting bid of $25,000. The sale promises to be extremely popular as always, and we wish our bidders the best of luck for the auction.


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Wayne Homren, Editor

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