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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 14, April 3, 2022, Article 4


A new book by Robert Parkinson called Ecoinomics gives an explanation of the global numismatic market and how coins perform as stores of value. Here's the press release. -Editor

Ecoinomics - the ultimate guide to investing in real-life coins

Ecoinomics Book Cover A new book due out this spring aims to provide would-be investors with valuable insights into the highly lucrative coin market.

As the crypto-currency sector continues to grow, author Robert Parkinson makes a very strong case for real-life coins as an exciting investment opportunity.

Billions of dollars change hands for rare coins each year, even in the hardest of times, said Parkinson. During the global pandemic the coin market remained extremely buoyant - even when the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones were both down by 20 per cent.

Physical coins occupy a unique niche in the alternative asset market. They are bought both as luxury collectables and as ‘safe haven' investments, and combine the satisfaction of acquiring a beautiful and historic possession with the rewards of owning a valuable commodity.

Few books have been written about the investment potential of coins, with most concentrating instead on the collectors' market, according to Parkinson. Many people are fascinated by coins and are excited to acquire their own tangible tokens, ones that have changed hands multiple times throughout history, he said.

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Ecoinomics is designed to give novice collectors the confidence to dip a toe into the numismatics market while also providing insights to industry professionals on the specifics of buying and selling coins.

Ecoinomics deals with a number of wide-ranging topics including the costs and benefits of keeping a substantial amount of capital in coins; market trends; tax issues; insurance cover and how the market differs from country to country.

Max Spiegel, President of the Certified Collectibles Group/NGC, describes Ecoinomics as a valuable resource for both new and experienced collectors. Robert Parkinson has written an interesting and informative guide that explains many of the most important topics in numismatics, says Spiegel in his review.

Ecoinomics is published by Spink Books and is due out in April. It will be available via Amazon, WH Smith, Blackwells and through all other reputable booksellers.

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ISBN number: 9781912667789

Topics covered in Ecoinomics include:

Section 1: The Numismatic Market

  • A brief history of coins and the origins of the numismatic trade.
  • The various factors that contribute to coin values and create collector demand.
  • Third party certification and how it has revolutionised the trade as well as the criticism it faces.
  • How collecting practices vary from region to region and the predominant market types around the world.
  • The range of participants in the numismatic market and how they interlink.

Section 2: Coins as an Asset Class

  • The tools available that allow collectors to research and track changes in coin prices and values.
  • How coins perform as assets and the range of strategies one can employ to maximise returns on coin purchases.
  • The risks involved with individual coins and the intricacies of the numismatic market as a whole.
  • Costs and fees associated with numismatic trading.
  • How coins compare both to traditional and alternative investment types.

Section 3: Trading Coins

  • The various resources one can use to further one's knowledge and prepare for numismatic trading.
  • An in-depth discussion of the numerous means of assessing coin quality and identifying forgeries.
  • The range of options available for purchasing coins and the advantages and drawbacks of each.
  • The various ways one can sell one's coins to maximise their return.

About the author:
Robert Parkinson has collected coins since childhood. He worked for historic auction house Spink and Son and US multinational Heritage Auctions before taking up his current post as Senior Numismatist for Sovereign Rarities in June 2020. He writes a regular monthly column for the UK's biggest-selling numismatic magazine, Coin News. Ecoinomics is Parkinson's first book.

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