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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 25, June 19, 2022, Article 24


Here are selections for Künker's 2022 Summer auction sale 371. -Editor

Auction 371: Coins and Medals from Medieval and Modern Times / German Coins after 1871 Auction 371 will be held from 22 to 24 June 2022. It contains world coins and medals made from silver, gold and other materials. Here, too, several private collections will be on sale. We want to present two of them.

Anyone who collects Czechoslovak gold coins should already start saving money for the sale – an abundance of coins of the kind that is offered in this catalogue hasn't been seen on the market in recent years. More than 100 coins of excellent quality are on sale.

Most of the specimens are from the collection of Dr. Pavel Liska, a Czechoslovak entrepreneur who ran a trading company in Sweden. The premises of his company were located directly across the street from the Ahlström coin shop on Kungsgatan in Stockholm.

An avid coin collector, Dr. Pavel Liska initially purchased Swedish issues from Bjarne Ahlström, then he specialized in Czechoslovak gold coins minted after 1923. Like many passionate collectors, Dr. Pavel Liska quickly noticed how rare certain years were. Therefore, he decided to focus his collecting activities on purchasing high-quality specimens of these rarities. The collector who built the special collection of Venezuelan coinage had a similar ambition.

The county gained independence in 1831. The collection dates back to the Spanish dominion and does not only cover issues of the young state but also contemporary Venezuelan coinage and the country's gold commemorative issues. A 500-bolivares gold coin from 1975 will be of particular importance to all those who are interested in contemporary history. It is dedicated to the nationalization of the oil industry, an event that was to become crucial to the history of modern Venezuela.

These are just two examples of the versatile, exciting material offered by Künker in auction 371. This catalog really has something to offer for every collector. From high-quality multiple gold coins of the Habsburgs to medieval pfennigs, medals, talers and estimates in the lower three-digit range.

The auction ends with an extensive offer of German coins minted after 1871, including many rarities of great quality.

To order a catalog contact Künker, Nobbenburger Straße 4a, 49076 Osnabrück; phone: +49 541 / 962020; fax: +49 541 / 9620222; or via e-mail: You can access the auction catalogs online at If you want to submit your bid from your computer at home, please remember to register for this service in good time.

  02105a00 02105r00

No. 2105: Naples and Sicily. Joachim Murat, 1808-1815. 5 lire n.d., Naples. Off-metal strike in gold from the original dies, probably around 1950 on behalf of the Egyptian King Farouk. Extremely rare. NGC PF61. Extremely fine to FDC, struck in proof quality. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  02129a00 02129r00

No. 2129: Poland. Sigismund III, 1587-1632. Portugalöser of 10 ducats n. d., probably Cracow. Extremely rare. Very fine +. Estimate: 75,000 euros

  02201a00 02201r00

No. 2201: Czechoslovakia. 10 ducats 1934, Kremnica, commemorating the re-opening of the Kremnica mine. Only 68 specimens minted. From the Liska Coll. About FDC. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  02215a00 02215r00

No. 2215: Czechoslovakia. 5 ducats 1938, Kremnica. Only 56 specimens minted. From the Liska Coll. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  02404a00 02404r00

No. 2404: Mexico. Carlos III. 8 escudos 1768, Mexico City. Very rare. About FDC. Estimate: 25,000 euros

  02421a00 02421r00

No. 2421: Venezuela. 500 bolivares 1975. Nationalization of the oil industry. Only 100 specimens minted. Proof. Estimate: 10,000 euros

  02441a00 02441r00

No. 2441: Holy Roman Empire. Ferdinand III. 10 ducats 1648, Brünn. Face value 10 punched on the obverse. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 50,000 euros

  02478a00 02478r00

No. 2478: Aachen. Gold gulden 1582. Probably the third known specimen. Very fine. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  02832a00 02832r00

No. 2832: Brunswick and Lüneburg. Ernest Augustus. Taler 1840. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 25,000 euros

  02886a00 02886r00

No. 2886: Hesse-Kassel. Moritz. Reichstaler 1595, Kassel. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  02993a00 02993r00

No. 2993: Nassau-Dillenburg. Henry. Reichstaler 1683, Herborn. Extremely rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  03126a00 03126r00

No. 3126: Holstein-Schauenburg. Adolf XIII. Broad 2 1/2 reichstaler 1592. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  03341a00 03341r00

No. 3341: Great Britain. William III. Silver medal 1702 by J. Boskam commemorating his death. Extremely rare. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 15,000 euros

  03681a00 03681r00

No. 3681: GDR. 20 marks 1982. Zetkin. Motif pattern. Only 90 specimens minted. FDC with original sealing. Estimate: 4,000 euros

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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