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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 26, June 26, 2022, Article 16


E-Sylum supporter Jeff Rock of Rosa Americana, LTD has issued a new fixed price list of U.S. colonial coins. Here's his summary description and some sample pages. Great material here, with excellent writeups. To get your copy, contact Jeff at . -Editor

Rosa FPL 23 cover Certainly something of a record for me, this 23rd Fixed Price List of interesting and affordable colonial coins, tokens, and medals follows fast on the heels of my 22nd list which came out just four months ago. For those of you who have been on my mailing list for years (or even decades) you know that lists were often spaced many years apart – one of my goals in moving from those mammoth lists of 600-700 coins was to put out smaller, more frequent lists, which has been the case since my 20th Price List, issued in digital format (issued in 2019, 9 years after the 19th price list was put in the mail!). This smaller number of coins per list means that I can get the writing done faster, while the digital format makes it feasible to have larger-sized, high quality, full color photographs of every coin. Because I'm not spending money on printing and postage it also means that I can go into far greater detail, devoting an entire page of photo and text to a coin that may have a price of just a couple hundred dollars.

Why? Because the coins are damned interesting, and deserve to have this kind of attention to detail – you like them, and I like them too, and I hope that shows! I am a collector at heart – and the dealing in colonials finances my collecting and allows me to acquire, study, enjoy, and pass along pieces that I may otherwise never have pursued. As a collector, especially one with a limited budget, it means that every piece I buy for my collection – or inventory – has to represent good value for the money.

As a dealer, I do not chase Finest Knowns or Registry Set grades because I don't see those as good value for the average collector, at least not at the price levels they are now at. This view may be due to my being active in the hobby since the late-1970s, and dealing in colonials since 1989 – while I can understand a choice coin being worth multiples of an average one, I just don't see an MS67 being worth 87.32 times more than an MS66. If that's your thing, great – but this will not be a list for you.

  Rosa FPL 23 sample page 1 Rosa FPL 23 sample page 2

However, if, like me, you can appreciate a lightly-circulated specimen, or even a well.circulated one example of a very rare variety, then you will find much of interest! The 80 lots offered in the following pages represent a broad range of type coins, with some deeper dives into series like the French Colonies issues, Connecticut and New Jersey coppers, post-Confederation tokens, and Washingtonia. There are pieces for every budget, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, both slabbed and raw, and with pieces with provenance from some of the finest colonial collections of the 20th century. Each lot is well-described, and the photographs are of the actual coins being sold (I am happy to email you larger images of any lots of interest – just ask!).

Each coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine (save for those specifically sold as counterfeit of course), correctly attributed (Whitman Encyclopedia numbers have been added as well), and conservatively graded. The descriptions point you towards comparable pieces that have appeared in auction so that you, the collector, can do your own homework and compare grades and prices. Because I pass on many, many more coins than I actually buy for inventory this also means that I guarantee you will be pleased with what you get – and if something doesn't fit your needs for any reason, just send it on back for a full refund!

Wayne Homren, Editor

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