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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 36, September 4, 2022, Article 13


'Story of Money' Trade Cards List Found
Regarding Steve Woodland's question about the 'Story of Money' Trade Cards, Julia Casey writes:

"I searched the newspapers and located the advertising campaign for Steve Woodland's Story of Money trade cards. It seemed to have started in most places on January 17, 1921 and was to run for 56 days with a new card each day. There are some outliers though, most notably the October 4, 1921 Seattle Star had an ad from the National Bread Company, which I have attached because it has some elaborate prize details.

"I hit the jackpot with the attached ad in the February 18, 1921 Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) from the Whiteside Bakery Co. (Betsy Ross Bread-Dixie Tea Biscuits), which contained a list of the 56 cards. And they offered a "bright, new silver dollar" for a complete set!"

  Bread Story of Money Bread Story of Money 2

The truth is often out there - we just need to find it. Thanks, Julia! -Editor

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More on Orville "Jim" Grady
Brad Karoleff writes:

"I was sorry to hear of OJ's passing in the last issue of The E-Sylum. I too was one of the multitude of collectors who benefited from the robust group of booksellers who plied their trade in the last couple decades of the 20th century.

"My travels through the mid-west to coin shows during that time period brought me in contact with Orville, soon to be just OJ to me. He always had a display of numismatic literature that caused me to pause at his table for a perusal and conversation. I always came away with a tidbit of knowledge and often a new book, auction catalog or phamphlet for my library. I can't imagine going through the hobby without the access to the numismatic literature that the dealers of the day provided. My favorite tables were often manned by OJ, "Big John" Burns, Charlie Davis and, of course, George Kolbe and David Fanning. I would not be near the numismatist I am today without their help and inventory. You always met the most interesting people at a convention at the booksellers tables. It was a place for meeting the true numismatists of the industry.

"Grady was the "good old boy" of the fraternity. As others have stated, he was not known for having the highest end of literature available for sale but he almost always had something of interest. I collect autographed numismatic literature and would often show up at OJ's table and ask if he had anything "special" for me. One day he produced a dirty, dingy almost disbound catalog for my inspection. I looked at him a little cross-eyed and asked him what was so special about that particular book. He smiled and opened it to an inner page handed it to me and continued to grin. The inscription is illustrated here. I, obviously, had to own that book! I was quoted a number much less than anticipated and closed the purchase.

"I took the book to my binder here in Cincinnati, the Ohio Bookstore, and had them put a new leather cover on the book to preserve it for future generations. It has a place of honor on my bookshelf and is a gentle reminder of a kind and generous member of our fraternity."

  Eckfelt book inscription
  Eckfelt book spine Eckfelt book cover

Ron Guth writes:

"The news of Orville Grady's passing was sad indeed. Orville was a real gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. In 2017, PCGS purchased the remainder of his inventory of auction catalogs, making PCGS his biggest-ever customer, perhaps not in terms of value but in terms of sheer volume. What I remember most about the transaction was arranging a shipment by semi-truck of 165 heavy boxes from his home to PCGS headquarters in Southern California. The shipping quotes we received were all over the board, with the highest ones exceeding the purchase price for the catalogs."

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Gadoury E-Sylum ad 2022-15 sale front cover

Wayne Homren, Editor

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