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Here's a press release with highlights from the upcoming Künker auction sale 376. -Editor

Ancient Showpieces from the Köhlmoos and Salton Collections With several extensive collections on offer, Künker's Fall Auction Sales contain favorite pieces of every collector of ancient coins. Whether you want to invest in rarities or are looking for an affordable Roman denarius: Künker's Falls Auction Sales will provide you with great opportunities.

Three of the seven catalogs with as many as 4715 lots and a total estimate of 9 million euros, which were published by Künker for its Fall Auction Sales, are dedicated to ancient coins. They will be on sale from 18 to 21 October 2022. This time, the variety of material is particularly wide as, in addition to exclusive rarities from the Köhlmoos and the Alexander the Great Collections as well as the collection of a North German friend of ancient coins, Roman and Byzantine coins from the Salton Collection will also enter the market. Especially this selection contains – as was customary before the 1970s – both pieces of extremely fine or better quality and very fine items. This also provides collectors on a budget with the opportunity to acquire a coin from this important collection, which is of so much significance to the history of the German coin trade.

The coins from medieval and modern times that are on offer in Künker's Fall Auction Sales were already presented in a separate preview. They will be on offer from 26 to 30 September 2022.

Catalog 376: The Köhlmoos Collection
Collectors of German coins and European talers obviously have been familiar with the name of the Köhlmoos couple for many years. However, only a few collectors were aware that the entrepreneurial couple also built up an extensive collection of ancient coins. This collection will now enter the market and – just like all other collections – it is characterized by the high quality of every single item. Perfectly centered, of utmost quality, attractive style, gorgeous patina, all these are features of the coins that made it into the Köhlmoos Collection. The fact that the collection includes some great and coveted rarities such as a Naxos tetradrachm of classical style, what's probably the best-preserved specimen of a stater by the Lycian ruler Perikle, a perfect aureus of Pertinax and Licinius and a solidus by Empress Irene will only increase the anticipation of this numismatic experience. 189 lots of exceptional quality await their new owners.

  04005a00 04005r00

No. 4005: Naxos / Sicily. Tetradrachm, 430/420 BC. From Hess auction AG 247 (1978), No. 52. Very rare. Very fine +. Estimate: 25,000 euros

  04029a00 04029r00

No. 4029: Perikle / Lycia. Stater, 380-360 BC. From Peus auction 386 (2006), No. 246. Probably the specimen of the best quality out there. Extremely fine. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  04047a00 04047r00

No. 4047: Arsinoe II / Egypt. Gold octodrachm under Ptolemy VIII, 145-116. From Leu auction 2 (1972), No. 311. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 15,000 euros

  04053a00 04053r00

No. 4053: Claudius, 41-54. Aureus, 41/2. From NFA auction XXVII (1991), No. 101. Rare. About FDC. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  04055a00 04055r00

No. 4055: Claudius, 41-54. As, 50-54. From NAC auction 21 (2001), No. 383. Very rare in this quality. Extremely fine +. Estimate: 5,000 euros

  04097a00 04097r00

No. 4097: Pertinax, 193. Aureus. From the Motte Collection, Bourgey auction (1951), No. 40. Very rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 40,000 euros

  04127a00 04127r00

No. 4127: Trajan Decius, 249-251. Aureus. From the L. Herold Collection, Hess-Divo auction 324 (2013), No. 60. Extremely fine +. Estimate: 12,500 euros

  04153a00 04153r00

No. 4153: Licinius I, 308-324. Aureus, 321/2, Antioch. From NAC auction 120 (2020), No. 837. Very rare. Extremely fine +. Estimate: 25,000 euros

  04186a00 04186r00

No. 4186: Irene, 797-802. Solidus, 802. From Giessener Münzhandlung auction 133 (2004), No. 575. Rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 10,000 euros

Catalog 376: The Alexander the Great Collection
As many collectors, he first focused on Alexander the Great. But when he came to own specimens of all coin types related to the person and the history of Alexander at one point, the art lover who compiled the Alexander the Great Collection turned his attention to all the other beauties of Greek numismatics. In more than 20 years, he built up an impressive ensemble, which is now waiting to find a new owner. Be it Celtic issues of the finest quality, Greek coins in gold, silver or electrum, of archaic, classic or Hellenistic style – the collector made it a point to purchase coins of excellent quality and outstanding style.

  04201a00 04201r00

No. 4201: Celts / Gaul. Stater, imitation of the philippeioi. Soy type, 3rd century BC. From Leu auction 4 (2019), No. 92. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 10,000 euros

  04217a00 04217r00

No. 4217: Celts / Pannonia. Tetradrachm, tournament horseman type, around 150 BC. From Kress auction 135 (1966), No. 219. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 15,000 euros

  04286a00 04286r00

No. 4286: Temesa / Bruttium. Stater, early 5th century BC. From Leu auction 86 (2003), No. 263. Extremely rare. Probably the best known specimen. Extremely fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  04340r00 04340a00

No. 4340: Panormos / Sicily. Tetradrachm, 390-380 BC. From Münzen und Medaillen AG auction 79 (1994), No. 147. Extremely rare. Extremely fine +. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  04425a00 04425r00

No. 4425: Berge / Thrace. Stater, around 500 BC. From the Pozzi Collection, Naville auction 1 (1921), No. 689. Very rare in this quality. Extremely fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  04535a00 04535r00

No. 4535: Roman Province / Macedonia. Tetradrachm, 148/7, Amphipolis. From the Prowe Collection, Egger XL auction (1912), No. 468. Very rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 6,000 euros

  04783a00 04783r00

No. 4783: Lapethos / Cyprus. Stater, 500-470 or around 425 BC. From the collection of a Bavarian second-hand bookseller, Roma XIX (2020), No. 578. Very rare. Probably the best known specimen. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 6,000 euros

  04848r00 04848a00

No. 4848: Cyrene / Cyrenaica. Tetradrachm, 480-435. Purchased in 1969 in France. Very rare. Probably one of the specimens of the best quality. Extremely fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

Catalog 376: The Collection of a North German Friend of Ancient Coins
The fact that the North German friend of ancient coins had a soft spot for Sicily, Southern Italy and especially the city of Syracuse becomes evident when you look at the 81 coins from the collection that are on offer in catalog 376. Three quarters of the offered coins are from Sicily, most of them from the city of Syracuse. Moreover, connoisseurs can look forward to discover several great rarities, for example the gold hemistater that was minted by Pyrrhus during his alliance with Syracuse. But also those who love the constantly changing depictions of the nymph Arethusa on the city's tetradrachms will find some particularly exquisite specimens in this collection.

  04278a00 04278r00

No. 4278: Kroton / Bruttium. Stater, 400-325. From the Suter Collection, MMAG auction 89 (2000), No. 20. Very rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 3,000 euros

  04313a00 04313r00

No. 4313: Kamarina / Sicily. Didrachm, 415-405. From the Jameson Collection, No. 527. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: 6,000 euros

  04316r00 04316a00

No. 4316: Katane / Sicily. Tetradrachm, around 430-425. From Ars Classica auction I (1922), No. 413. Rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 10,000 euros

  04351a00 04351r00

No. 4351: Syracuse / Sicily. Tetradrachm, 510-500. From Lanz auction 34 (1985), No. 83. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  04387a00 04387r00

No. 4387: Syracuse / Sicily. Pyrrhus, 278-276. Hemistater. From Roma auction (2013), No. 162. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 40,000 euros

Catalog 376: Roman Coins
Do you collect precious aurei and solidi, sestercii of the finest quality, cistophori or medallions? Auction 386 offers a wealth of material to expand your collection. The time frame ranges from early Republican heavy coins to the issues of the migration period. There are coins of the Republic, the Roman Empire and the Roman provinces. However, there is one thing that unites the offer: the variety of material provides everyone with an interesting piece within their budget.

  04884a00 04884r00

No. 4884: Roman Republic. P. Clodius Turrinus. Aureus, 42. Rare. Very fine. Estimate: 30,000 euros

  04935a00 04935r00

No. 4935: Galba, 68-69. Aureus. From Lanz auction 26 (1983), No. 498. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 60,000 euros

  05000a00 05000r00

No. 5000: Alexandria. Antoninus Pius. Drachm, year 10 (= 146/7). Rv. Heracles captures Cerberus from the underworld. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: 3,000 euros

  05029a00 05029r00

No. 5029: Septimius Severus, 193-211. Aureus, 194. From M. Aubery auction, Sotheby auction (1969), No. 33. Very rare. Extremely fine +. Estimate: 35,000 euros

  05062a00 05062r00

No. 5062: Licinius I, 308-324. Aureus, 321/2, Nicomedia. Purchased in 1996 from Harlan J. Berk, Chicago. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 35,000 euros

  05063a00 05063r00

No. 5063: Constantine I 306-337. Medallion of 1 1/2 solidi, 324, Nicomedia. From NAC auction 92 (2016), No. 689. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 50,000 euros

  05084a00 05084r00

No. 5084: Valens, 364-378. Medallion of 4 1/2 solidi, Trier. Purchased on 18 December 1947 at the Ratto company for 448,500 francs. Extremely rare. About extremely fine / Very fine +. Estimate: 200,000 euros

  05119a00 05119r00

No. 5119: Migration period. Gold quinarius, probably 3rd century A.D. From Leu auction 4 (2019), No. 823. Estimate: 12,500 euros

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