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Alan Workman's latest sale is open for lot viewing and bidding. -Editor

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Workman's Books announces its fifth bid sale is LIVE!

Workman's Books is conducting its Fifth sale and Part III of Selections from the library of long-time dealer, collector, and author, Holland Wallace. The sale will close at 10:00 AM on October 22, 2022 and will include 622 lots of rare, vintage, and out-of-print numismatic books, auction sale catalogs, dealer fixed price lists, and numismatic journals with subject matter focusing on the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, Portugal, Spain, Spanish colonial, Islamic, and Asain numismatics. The selections for this sale include important works and sales by Album, Bailey, Breton, Bruns, Burzio, Calbeto, Calico, Cayon, Chapman, Christie's, Christensen, Douglas, Elder, Ferrari, Gadoury, Glendining, Grove, Leroux, Low, Medina, Ponterio, Pradeau, Pridmore, Prober, Schulman, Sellschopp, Sotheby's, Stack's, Superior, and many others. Accompanying the Wallace library is a sizeable consignment of books, catalogs, magazines, maps, and ephemera on shipwrecks, sunken treasure, lost treasure, treasure hunting, lost mines, and treasure in the American West.

This bid sale is being held through the online venue iCollector, and all registrations, approvals, and bids will be handled there. For this bid sale the lots will be closing on a timed interval with extensions of 1 minute for any bids placed within 1 minute of closing. If you already have an iCollector account, you still must "GET APPROVED" to bid for each sale by entering and confirming your information for this bid sale, like reviewing your shipping information and choosing your preferred way of payment. Remember, tie bids go to the earliest bidders, so don't wait for the lots to close to bid on anything for which you have a strict number in mind.

Now is the perfect time to register for the bid sale, as any registration issues can certainly be accommodated more easily in advance. Do not wait to register the last day. Registration and bidding online are always FREE (no extra fees or percentages for bidding online). Once you are registered and automatically approved, first be sure to bookmark the items that interest you.

Sale Order:
Session 1: (Lots 1 to 622)

  • Books: Lots 1-329
  • Auction Catalogs & FPLs: Lots 330-527
  • Numismatic Journals: Lots 528-591
  • Magazines: Lots 592-610
  • Maps: Lots 611-619
  • Shipwreck Memorabilia: Lot 620
  • Newspapers: Lot 621
  • Original Manuscripts: Lot 622

Session 1: Some Featured Items

  Workman Sale 5 Lot 011 Tumbaga Silver Workman Sale 5 Lot 032 Breton Canadian Coins and Medals
Lots 11 and 32

Lot 11 Armstrong: Tumbaga Silver for Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire

Armstrong, Douglas R. TUMBAGA SILVER FOR EMPEROR CHARLES V OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Douglas R. Armstrong. 1993. 4to. iv, 40, (10), 41, (3) pages. Palm Bay. original plastic and card covers, some water damage to back few pages. illustrated. tables. Very Good. signed by author and treasure coin dealer, Dan Sedwick. booklet for bar M57. The study of a large trove of early 16th Century Spanish silver bars recovered from a shipwreck off Grand Bahama Island. Lot weight: 0 lbs 11oz. Subject(s): Sunken Treasure.

Lot 32 Breton: Two Classic Works on Canadian Coins and Medals

Breton, P.N. TWO CLASSIC WORKS ON CANADIAN COINS AND MEDALS BY BRETON. P.N. Breton. 1894,1912. 8vo. pages. The two works by Breton in this lot include

(1) Montreal. later green cloth, gilt, original paper covers bound in. covers chipped. 239, (1) pages. text line illustrations and tissue-guarded portrait plates. Fine. This book is a general book on Canadian numismatics and presents the history, rarity, and an approximate value of each coin and medal. It includes many pages of coin and medal illustrations and portrait photos. Clain-Stefanelli #8517.

(2) Montreal. later green cloth, gilt. 195, (1) pages. text line illustrations and portraits. Fine. This book is a general book on Canadian numismatics and presents text line illustrations and an approximate commercial value of each coin and medal. It includes many pages of coin and medal illustrations and an annexed table at the end giving the prices paid by Breton. Clain-Stefanelli #8518. Lot weight: 3 lbs 2oz. Subject(s): Canadian Coinage and Medals.

  Workman Sale 5 Lot 043 Calbeto de Grau Workman Sale 5 Lot 139 Pimas, Dead Padres and Gold
Lots 43 and 139

Lot 43 Calbeto de Grau: Compendio de las Piezas de Ocho Reales

Calbeto de Grau, Gabriel. COMPENDIO DE LAS PIEZAS DE OCHO REALES. Juan Ponce De Leon. 1970. fo. (2), 733, (1) pages. San Juan. Two volumes. matching original blue cloth, gilt. numerous b&w text plates. Fine. English and Spanish text. A comprehensive study of the Eight Reales of Spain, Mexico, Central America, and South America, an index of the rulers of the time period, and a listing of mints in alphabetical order. It catalogs virtually every eight real coin ever minted and is richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs. It is regarded by many as the definitive guide to eight reales. Clain-Stefanelli #11323. ex Douglas Armstrong Library. Lot weight: 9 lbs 15oz. Subject(s): Latin American Coinage.

Lot 139 Lease: Pimas, Dead Padres and Gold. Intrigue, Death and Lost Riches in the Pima Uprising of 1751

Lease, Paul V. PIMAS, DEAD PADRES AND GOLD. INTRIGUE, DEATH AND LOST RICHES IN THE PIMA UPRISING OF 1751. A TREASURE HUNTER'S VERSION AS SEEN THROUGH HIS JOURNAL. Archivist's Press. 1965. 12mo. (2), viii, 61, (3) pages. Menlo Park. first edition. later black cloth, original pictorial card covers laid in. copy of original folded map laid in. Very Good. Limited printing of 1000 copies. This book is a scarce work on the legendary lost treasure from the Pima Uprising of 1751. Chapters include Introductory, The Journal of Paul V. Lease, The Golden Windfall, Tomb for a Dead Padres, etc. There are black and white sketches of Caborca and Tubutama. The mission on the front cover is Tumacacori, one of the missions attacked during the harassment of the Santa Cruz Valley. Karl von Mueller noted (The Journals of El Dorado (1977)): 'Though not actually written by Lease, this book is a compilation of his notes and journals concerning a vast treasure hidden in southern Arizona by the Mexicans during the Pima uprising of 1751. Lease died before completing the project.'

'What my husband began as research in his youth and developed into a hobby in his middle age had become an obsession in his later years. Years that were made miserable by a deluge of letters and phone calls seeking the information he had spent forty years gathering. Upon his death in 1963, I determined to end this senseless barrage of communication by publishing his journal. I have destroyed all of Paul's papers together with the notes and manuscript. They are ashes now and the only information remaining is contained in this, the final manuscript. To those scores of persons, who seem determined to follow in Paul's footsteps, I have only pity and were not my own peace of mind and personal safety concerned, I would have destroyed this manuscript also.' - Mrs. P.V. Lease

Seldom offered for sale in any condition. Very scarce. Lot weight: 0 lbs 10oz. Subject(s): Buried Treasure.

  Workman Sale 5 Lot 196  Dig for Pirate Treasure Workman Sale 5 Lot 225 Forgotten Mint of Colonial Panama
Lots 196 and 225

Lot 196 Nesmith: Dig for Pirate Treasure (Signed)

Nesmith, Robert I. DIG FOR PIRATE TREASURE. The Devin-Adair Company. 1959. 8vo. xiv, 302, (6) pages. New York. first edition. original blue cloth over pictorial boards, gilt; chipped dust jacket. illustrations. near Fine. inscribed by the author. American Numismatic Association Library bookplate. Approximately half of this book concerns sunken treasure, contrary to its title (which suggests buried treasure). The book includes the story of William Phips and the 'Concepcion', the 'Lutine', the 'Hussar', the Vigo Bay galleons, and several references to Art McKee, the 1715 Fleet and 1733 Fleet. The author was the owner of Foul Anchor Archives, a Rye, New York bookstore dedicated to treasure hunting books, and a noted scholar on Spanish American cobs. Lot weight: 1 lbs 7oz. Subject(s): Buried, Sunken Treasure.

Lot 225 Proctor: The Forgotten Mint of Colonial Panama

Proctor, Jorge A. THE FORGOTTEN MINT OF COLONIAL PANAMA. Jorge A. Proctor. 2005. 4to. 329 pages. Van Nuys. original black cloth, gilt. color and b&w plates. line illustrations. maps. Appendix. Bibliography. Index. Fine. Limited edition, copy #135 of 150. The seminal work on Panama cobs by one of the mostly highly regarded research numismatists in the business, out of print and very rare and important as the only place to find photos of a majority of the known specimens of Panama cobs, with full pedigrees and die information for each. The full subtitle of this book is A Look into the Production of Coins in America during the 16th Century and Panama's Spanish Royal House for Minting Coins. Lot weight: 2 lbs 13oz. Subject(s): Panamanian Coinage.

  Workman Sale 5 Lot 356 Ubilla-Echevez Collection Workman Sale 5 Lot 622 Silver Crowns Manuscript 1
Lots 356 and 622
  Workman Sale 5 Lot 622 Silver Crowns Manuscript 2
Lot 622

Lot 356 Christensen, Henry: The Ubilla-Echevez Collection. Gold Coins of the World

Christensen, Henry. THE UBILLA-ECHEVEZ COLLECTION. GOLD COINS OF THE WORLD. October 8, 1964. 1-246 Lots. 12mo. This auction sale catalog includes numismatic material from Ancient Rome and the Byzantine Empire, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and other foreign countries and includes an extensive selection of gold coins from the 1715 Spanish Fleet wrecks. The sale was the first to offer a large quantity of coins from the 1715 Fleet, although this was not advertised at the time of the auction. It seems that the National Geographic Society had the exclusive rights to announce the discovery of this fabulous treasure (and had not yet made the announcement). But anyone who knows the history of the 1715 Fleet will recognize the names on the title of the catalog, 'Ubilla-Echevez', as the commanders of the New Spain Flota and the Tierra Firma Galleons. The catalog contains 106 lots of gold cobs from the 1715 Fleet, including five gold royals. Hoboken. original gold card covers. Fine. 36 pages. 17 b&w plates. PRL. Gengerke 23[103]. Lot weight: 0 lbs 4oz. Subject(s): Ancients, Mexico, Latin American, European, World Coinage.

Lot 622 Wallace: Silver Crowns of the Americas. Manuscript and Associated Research

Wallace, Holland. SILVER CROWNS OF THE AMERICAS. MANUSCRIPT AND ASSOCIATED RESEARCH. 1988-1999. Holland Wallace began putting together research for his grand opus, SILVER CROWNS OF THE AMERICAS, in the late 1980s, using the less sophisticated computers of that era and involving well over 3000 hours of help by specialists, under sponsorship by the esteemed numismatists Freeman Craig, Jr, and Paul Karon. Together they obtained photographs from many sources, including the classic great museums of the world, of all the types of crowns that were produced, whether for mass circulation or on some provisional basis. Holland assembled the paperwork, much of it done by hand, and a manuscript (or some subset of it) was finally distributed to his sponsors and to prominent dealers and collectors around 1992-3. Unfortunately, troubles over the photos and printing logistics delayed and ultimately prevented publication. Holland Wallace retained the bulk of the original research sheets, lists, and line-drawings, etc. In 2016 a significant portion of Holland's numismatic literature and research was destroyed by a devastating flood, a heartbreaking event for someone who had built one of the finest privately held Latin American numismatic libraries in the world. Holland passed away in 2018. The lot that is being offered here is what remains of his monumental work that could have been.

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