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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 41, October 9, 2022, Article 21


Rick Lank and Becky Rush are hosting another Civil War Money & Memorabilia Showcase at the fall 2022 show of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN). Here's the announcement. -Editor

  The Civil War Money & Memorabilia Showcase
October 20, 21 & 22 at the Monroeville PA Convention Center

PAN Civil War Showcase Sherman and Lincoln The Showcase this year will feature a return of General Sherman and Honest Abe to discuss matters such as Uncle Billy Sherman's early days in the Gold Days of California, when he was the Manager of the San Francisco branch of Lucas, Turner & Co. Sherman also recalled later in the War marching through Milledgeville, Georgia – where his troops burned 1,000s in State of Georgia notes. Lincoln and Sherman are slated to join Lank and Rush on Saturday for discussion about What was in your pockets, General Sherman & President Lincoln, taking a close look at coins, paper money, tokens, and talismans of the 1860s.

  PAN Civil War Showcase Lucas, Turner bank draft PAN Civil War Showcase Milledgeville obsolete note

PAN Civil War Showcase Terry Carver and Becky Rush On Friday morning, collector Terry Carver and Showcase co-founder Becky Rush will discuss both GAR (Great Army of the Republic) and WRC (Women's Relief Corps) medals and memorabilia.

The duo will discuss a wide range of medals, medallions & collectibles created by Northern veteran groups after the War. Terry and Richard Crosby will display a wide assortment of rare items at the Showcase.

  PAN Civil War Showcase G.A.R. medallion PAN Civil War Showcase posters

PAN Civil War Showcase Confederate Treasury Notes book cover The Civil War Showcase team leads a discussion about the folks who actually signed the Confederate Paper Money, based on the upcoming book by Charles Derby & Michael McNeil. These portraits and biographical sketches reveal a human face and a life-story behind the men and women who signed their own names (on behalf of the CSA Treasury) on thousands of Confederate notes. This book – due out in January '23 -- has identified over 200 individuals whose own names are affixed to the CSA Paper Money; most of the signing took place in Richmond VA and Columbia SC (the location of Evans & Cogswell, the largest printing firm that churned out paper money. The Evans & Cogswell plant was torched when Sherman came through in early '65. This story dovetails nicely into the GAR presentation, as each GAR post in the US was gifted souvenir Confederate currency in 1912 by the US Treasury (it was confiscated at the War's end nearly 50 years earlier). The Talk will be on Thursday.

  The Mystery of the Missing UNION GOLD – An Update on the Dent's Run PA Story

PAN Civil War Showcase Elk County gold It has been the subject of speculation & cover-ups, tall tales and treachery… as the story goes, millions of dollars in gold bars, hidden in false bottom wagons, were making the trek from Wheeling, WV to the US Mint in Philly… with only a small guard of Union soldiers. It was the summer of 1863… and Gen. Lee's Army was invading Pennsylvania… as the story is told, the wagon-train was sent much further north than originally planned – otherwise they'd be heading straight into Gettysburg on what is now Route 30. They made to Dent's Run, northeast of Pittsburgh, and disappeared. Human remains were found in the area 10 years later. Treasure hunting team Finders Keepers thought they found the spot a few years back. The FBI caught wind of the find… and moved in… and legal battles have been making the news right up to this year… we'll dig deeper and share some local lore about the Treasure's fate. The Talk will be on Thursday afternoon.

The Civil War Showcase will be in the same area as the KidZone & PAN Lecture Area

For more information on the PAN show, see:

Wayne Homren, Editor

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