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Tributes to the late David Lisot continue to arrive from readers. -Editor

Phil Iversen writes:

David Lisot "I was both very surprised and saddened to learn of the recent passing of David Lisot whom I have known for many years.

"I worked with both David and his father Larry for a while in the 1970s at his store called the COLLECTORIUM in Century City very close to the location of the Los Angeles Playboy Club. The store had a plethora of very interesting collectibles also including numismatic items available for sale. We went up to San Francisco to hold the first ever San Francisco Paper Money Show at a downtown Holiday Inn. One feature of the auction I fondly remember along with the currency were the numerous jumbo size and colorful circus posters being sold on consignment.

"I was a guest at his wedding that was held outdoors in a beautiful garden setting next to a lake and once received a phone call asking for a ride when his car broke down close to where I lived. Last year at the Long Beach Exposition I gave David a number of memorabilia items from those early years. I spoke with him and his fiance Debbie at the most recent show in Long Beach just a few weeks ago. He did a quick interview with me while filming other dealers and events that will now probably never be seen.

"David was a true gentleman in every way, very kind and caring with a free-spirited soul. His many contributions to the numismatic hobby were enormous. As a pioneer with vision for recording history we have all been graced by his presence for many years that have been cut way too short. RIP my good friend."

Richard Lobel of Coincraft writes:

"I was shocked to hear of the death of David Lisot, numismatics has lost one of its last unsung heroes and great numismatic biographers. He did more to record the coin business than anyone else I know. Dave Bowers has done a great job of writing about what happened in the coin business in the past - David Lisot recorded what was happening today. It will only be sometime in the future that historians realize what a fantastic group of work he has done. I don't believe that he ever ‘got rich' doing what he loved, but I for one appreciate his dedication.

"For the past 67 years that I have been in the coin business and because I have always dealt in world coins I have had the privilege to meet and get to know some great and ‘unique' dealers from all over the world. I first met David at a banknote fair in The Netherlands. He was carrying all his photographic equipment and getting interesting people to look into his camera and just talk about what they did and why. I found him both fascinating and unique.

"He was such a nice guy, I remember the first time I went to dinner with him, he asked if he could say grace before the meal. The coin business can be rough and tough and he was the first dealer ever to ask me that. He said grace and we had a most pleasant meal and I realized he was a straight shooter who was not afraid to be himself. Because he lived in the States and I live in London we didn't see each other all that often, but when we did it was always a pleasure. He did a lot for the numismatic industry and unfortunately the business never got around to appreciating his work enough. He was a numismatics biographer.

"I hope that some institution will buy his archive to preserve it and make it available to future numismatic researchers. I also hope they pay his family a lot of money, because his work is well worth it. He is almost like an artist whose work is not appreciated until after they are gone. Goodbye David - you will be missed."

David did come to an agreement with the Newman Numismatic Portal to store a large portion of his video archive and make it available to the public free of charge. -Editor

Steve Hill of Sovereign Rarities writes:

"I was so sad to read last weekend that my friend David Lisot had passed away from surgery complications – thank you so much for bringing this to wider attention.

"I was first acquainted with David when I used to work at A H Baldwin when he came and asked if he could film some cool coins (one of his catchphrases) on our table at the ANA World's Fair of Money probably in 2009 in LA and from then onward he always came to film me speaking about cool coins from the UK at these annual events. I think we somewhat inspired him to come over and visit the UK for he then came to Coinex I believe in 2012 and we did some Coin Television spots at the show and in Baldwin, and David then came regularly to the UK for London Coins Fairs and Coinex for the next 18 months or so.

"I would continue to see David at every World's Fair of Money we were both in attendance at since, and would always have a pleasant conversation about all things to do with coins in the UK. Most recently of course in Rosemont in 2022 when we chatted and I said hi to Debbie. My deepest condolences to her and his family and regret I will not now ever see him wheeling the camera on its tripod up the aisle again as he would make a beeline for our table. Such a lovely gentleman and we should all be very grateful for the legacy of film he leaves for all to enjoy via the Newman Portal. He really was, as John Wilson said, like a Hollywood cameraman. I will miss seeing him."

Peter Preston-Morley of Noonan's writes:

"Like many of your subscribers I was shocked and much saddened to learn of the death of David Lisot. As John and Nancy Wilson said, he was a superb videographer. Quietly going about his business with courtesy and integrity, I came to know him better when he approached me at a NYINC show a number of years ago, enquiring whether it would be possible to video our British Numismatic Society meeting and host it on his platform. Of course we were happy to accommodate him and he became a regular visitor to our meetings in New York, taping talks by David Guest, David Vagi and Robert Hoge, among others.

"I was about to contact him to advise that John Kraljevich would be our Society's guest speaker at the forthcoming NYINC in January. Sadly, that meeting will now be lacking David's presence, but we will be sure to remember him, and his contributions to numismatics, on the day."

David's funeral will be live streamed and the link will be on the Funeral Home website. The service will be held Monday, November 7, 2022 at 10:30 AM at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Richardson, TX. -Editor

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The American Numismatic Association has established a Young Numismatist Scholarship fund in David's name. -Editor

  David Lisot YN Scholarship banner

David Lisot We are shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of numismatic media stalwart David Lisot, a familiar presence on the bourse and kind friend to us all.

David used his camera to teach us about numismatics and the people in our community. His gentle, inquisitive spirit came through each show report and interview.

The ANA is establishing the David Lisot Memorial YN Scholarship to continue David's legacy of fascination with numismatics and numismatists themselves.

For more information, or to donate, see:
David Lisot Memorial YN Scholarship (

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