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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 46, November 13, 2022, Article 4

EDWARD KUSZMAR (1941-2022)

I also learned that dealer and show promoter Ed Kuszmar passed away. There's little information online yet, but here are some notes from readers. Ed was a pioneering coin show promoter who started the Baltimore shows now run by Whitman. Whitman Expos General Manager Lori H. Kraft had been in constant communication, and confirmed his passing. -Editor

Kuszmar, Edward Ed" Promoter (b. 11/29/1941 d. 11/7/2022)
Employed with Control Data. Employed with Plainfield Coins of Boca Raton in 1973. Opened his own shop in 1977.

Promoter with Gordon Berg of the Baltimore Coin and Currency shows.

Julian Leidman writes:

"I knew Ed for more than 50 years. He moved to Florida and had a coin store there and founded a show in central Florida, which was very successful as well. I remember playing cards with him. His son Brian continues to be in the coin business, although they had separate businesses. One of his loves was relaxing in the sun in Florida! His partner was Gordon W. Berg who lives in Maryland."

Drage Vukcevich writes:

"I do recall Ed, from his beard & long hair. He had some interesting coins at his table, and was glad to share his expertise, especially on things like tokens."

David Kahn writes:

"I've known him since I was a kid, attending the Lanham shows in the old parking garage. That became the Baltimore show that was later sold to Whitman. His partner was Gordon Berg, who retired from the coin business. I haven't seen him in years. Whitman keeps his booth at the show, just inside the door."

Dave wrote a bit about the evolution of the Baltimore show in his email newsletter -Editor

Many years ago, I was a regular attendee at a twice-yearly coin show held in Lanham, MD, in an old, decrepit hotel parking garage. The show was...quaint, to put it mildly. There was no A/C and little heat. The floor was sloped to drain water, which made for some interesting table placements, and was a darn good thing, because the roof leaked! Everyone had to dodge the drips when it rained. The supply guy always had plenty of trash bags with him, so he could cover all the supplies! I can remember going to that show as far back as the early-1980's or so, maybe even earlier. The promoters were Gordon Berg and Ed Kuszmar, who were always nice and welcoming to me...very much appreciated by that young collector and vest-pocket dealer.

Why the trip down memory lane? Because that was the show that became Baltimore. In about 1990 or so, Gordon and Ed felt they had outgrown that old facility, and moved the show 35 miles north. It was first held at Festival Hall, which was located on the property adjacent to the original portion of the convention center, until that facility was torn down, and the center was enlarged. From that point, it's been held in the convention center proper, and developed into the juggernaut that it remains today.

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Michael Merrill writes:

"Ed was always hard working from the start, along with Gordon, in transforming a once cramped, sometimes underwater coin show into ultimately something much grander by the time Whitman took over."

Lori Kraft writes:

"Ed was a difficult loss for me because I always enjoyed our talks and he was extremely supportive when I took over as Whitman Baltimore Expo General Manager. He was quick to respond if I had any questions or concerns."

David Lisot interviewed Kuszmar last year at his Collectorama show in Florida. -Editor

  Ed Kuszmar

Edward Kuszmar, President, Collectorama Coin & Currency Show, David Lisot, Interviewer, February 18, 2021. During the last year many larger coin conventions have been cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic. Edward Kuszmar was able to satisfy government bureaucracies and collector concerns by holding the 70th Collectorama Coin & Currency Show in Lakeland, Florida while the Corona Virus was still a threat. Ed explains what precautions were taken and why this convention is different from a normal coin show.

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