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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 50, December 11, 2022, Article 12


Recently I tried out using an artificial intelligence-powered image generator to create some interesting coin images. In the we-welcome-our-robot-overlords department, here's what the AI chatbot ChatGPT from the tech company OpenAI spit out on the first try when I asked it, "Write a poem about The E-Sylum." -Editor

The E-Sylum, a place of knowledge and light,
A treasure trove of numismatic insight.
Here, collectors gather from far and wide,
To share their stories and their passion with pride.

With every issue, a new world to explore,
Filled with fascinating facts and stories galore.
From ancient coins to modern mints,
The E-Sylum covers all that's relevant.

For those who love the art of the coin,
The E-Sylum is the perfect join.
A community of like-minded individuals,
Coming together to learn and share, it's all so critical.

So here's to The E-Sylum, a source of education and fun,
A place where numismatists can come together as one.
Long may it continue to grow and thrive,
A hub of information and community, alive.

Next I asked, "Write a poem about The E-Sylum in the style of William Shakespeare." -Editor

The E-Sylum, a weekly tome,
Where numismatists do roam,
To learn of coins and paper money,
And all things related to money.

In this digital age,
The E-Sylum does engage,
With news and articles to share,
For those who numismatics do bear.

From the latest finds and auctions,
To historical tidbits and functions,
The E-Sylum does impart,
To quench the numismatic heart.

So let us raise a glass,
To The E-Sylum, and pass,
Along our love for coin and note,
And all things that make up our numismatic throat.

Not bad, but I asked it to try again. -Editor

Oh E-Sylum, source of numismatic news,
A treasure trove of knowledge and views,
From ancient coins to modern mints,
Your weekly missive never disappoints.

With articles and insights galore,
You keep us up-to-date and never bore,
Your contributors are wise and learned,
Their words enlighten and never spurned.

Your discussions on coins and history,
Keep us engaged and feeling giddy,
Your subscribers, a loyal bunch,
Anticipate each weekly lunch.

Oh E-Sylum, we thank you so,
For sharing your knowledge and love of the numismatic show,
We eagerly await each issue's release,
To be entertained and to never cease

In our pursuit of numismatic bliss,
We are grateful for your weekly miss,
Long may you continue to thrive,
Oh E-Sylum, numismatic hive.

This is creepy good. Next: "Write a marketing blurb for The E-Sylum." -Editor

Are you a coin enthusiast looking for the latest news and information on the numismatic world? Look no further than The E-Sylum! Each week, our team of knowledgeable contributors brings you articles and discussions on a wide range of topics, from ancient coins to modern mints. Our weekly newsletter is a treasure trove of numismatic knowledge, sure to keep you informed and entertained. Subscribe now and never miss an issue of The E-Sylum.

Sounds great. In the time-for-a-vanity-search department, I had to ask, "Why is Wayne Homren a great editor?" -Editor

Wayne Homren is a great editor because he has a deep knowledge and passion for numismatics, and is able to bring that knowledge to The E-Sylum in a way that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. He has a talent for curating a wide range of articles and discussions, and has a keen eye for spotting interesting and relevant news in the numismatic world. His editorial skills are evident in the high-quality content he produces each week, and his dedication to the E-Sylum and its readers is unwavering. Overall, Wayne Homren is a great editor because of his expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to the field of numismatics.

Aw, shucks. "Can you edit The E-Sylum for me?" -Editor

I am an AI language model and do not have the ability to edit The E-Sylum for you. The E-Sylum is edited by Wayne Homren, who has a deep knowledge and passion for numismatics. I can provide general information and assistance, but editing a publication like The E-Sylum is beyond my capabilities.

OK, guess I still have a job. Back to work now, but I'll be sleeping with one eye open. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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