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Here's a selection of interesting or unusual items I came across in the marketplace this week. Tell us what you think of some of these. -Editor

Charles I Civil War Siege Coin
Charles I Civil War Siege Coin

Charles I (1625-49), Civil War Siege coinage, Obsidional Coinage, Carlisle besieged, Silver Shilling, 1645, Type II, C:R crowned with tri-pellets either side, mark of value XII. Below, within linear circle. Rev, legend in two lines, OBS CARL / (1645), contraction bar above L, , recognised die flaw running from the R in legend up through the top serif of the S, 5.12g (S.3139; N.2636; Brooker -; Nelson 4; cf. Slaney Part II, lot 350, 14.5.2015; cf. Goldberg's Auction 120, lot 1474, 2.2.2021, the William Oldknow specimen). A bold strike for issue, toned and the rarer of the two types for this Shilling, with the reverse legend and date in two lines. Some very minor marks on the reverse, otherwise much as struck, extremely rare, seldom seen at auction or within dealers trays. Purchased privately in the 1960's by a house of Stuart collector.

By the autumn of 1644, much of northern England was under the control of Parliament. Carlisle, which remained loyal to the king, was blockaded by a Scots army under the command of David Leslie from October to June the following year. In May 1645, an emergency issue of three-shilling and one-shilling coins was struck from silver plate supplied by the besieged citizens. Interestingly, these coins were tariffed at more than their intrinsic silver value – six shillings face being produced from five shillings' worth of metal. These coins were produced, and survive, in much smaller quantities than the contemporary siege issue from Newark.

Sold recently by Baldwin's. -Editor

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Charles I (1625-49), Civil War Siege coinage, Obsidional Coinage, Carlisle besieged, Silver Shilling, 1645, Type II (

1759 Quebec Taken Medal
1759 Quebec Taken Medal obverse 1759 Quebec Taken Medal reverse

1759 Quebec Taken Medal in Silver, Leroux-864, Betts-421, Breton-51, Eimer-673. Ex: John J. Ford.

40mm. 22.23g. Plain edge. Unsigned (by John Pingo). The Quebec Taken medal forms part of the series of medals commissioned by the Society Promoting Arts and Commerce to commemorate the various British victories of the Seven Years' War. It is one of the most iconic and sought-after Canadian medals and is rare in both copper and silver. At least four examples exist in gold.

The obverse features Britannia facing left above a laurel wreath with a crossed trident and an antique standard, as Betts describes it. The names of Sir Charles Saunders and General James Wolfe appear left and right. The reverse depicts Victory holding in one hand a palm branch and in the other a laurel crown, which she places atop the military costume of a captured French soldier, who is tied to a tree. The image is a play on the famous Judea Capta motif.

This magnificently preserved example is completely original with olive and golden-orange iridescence around the rims, while the centres exhibit elegant blue and lavender patina. Both sides are unworn and razor-sharp. A single mark appears on Britannia's cheek. An unimprovable example.

Ex: Purchased by John J. Ford from Fred Baldwin on June 24, 1965; Ford Collection, Part XIV (Stack's, 5/2006), lot 72.

A new online listing from Jacob Lipson. -Editor

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1759 Quebec Taken Medal in Silver, Leroux-864, Betts-421, Breton-51, Eimer-673. Ex: John J. Ford. (

Oil City Transportation Token
Oil City Transportation Token obverse Oil City Transportation Token reverse

One (1) Oil City & Petroleum Bridge Co. transportation token from Oil City, PA.

A duplicate recently sold on eBay by the American Numismatic Society. -Editor

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1947 South American Football Championship Medal
1947 South American Football Championship Medal obverse 1947 South American Football Championship Medal reverse

Presented is an engraved silver medal that was presented to Argentina's Alfredo Di Stefano for their squad winning the 1947 South American Football Championships held in Ecuador. Argentina went undefeated in the tournament, going 6-0-1 (13 points), with their only non-victory being a 1-1 draw to Chile. The Argentinians outscored their opponents 28 to 4.

This medal is in the shape of a shield with "CONFEDERACION SUDAMERICAN FOOTBALL 1947" engraved on the front, which translates to. "SOUTH AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFEDERATION 1947." The back has engraved "XV CAMPEONATO DE FOOTBALL AL JUGADOR ALFREDO S. Di STEFANO DEL TEAM GANADOR Gquil-Ecuador," which translates to " XV CAMPEONATO DE FOOTBALL TO THE PLAYER ALFREDO S. Di STEFANO FROM THE WINNING TEAM Gquil-Ecuador."

After playing for Real Madrid in Spain for most of the 1950s, Di Stefano became a naturalized citizen of Spain in October of 1956. His tenure with Argentina only lasted the six games he appeared during the South American Football Championships in 1947, as he also made four appearances for Colombia's "combined XI" squad in 1951 and was subsequently banned by FIFA from representing Argentina and Spain. However, FIFA, after pressure from the Spanish FA, reversed their decision and allowed Di Stefano to represent Spain. This medal comes from the Alfredo Di Stefano Collection, previously auctioned.

Timely following the recent conclusion of the World Cup. Offered by Goldin. -Editor

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1947 South American Football Championships Winner's Medal Presented to Alfredo Di Stefano (

1972 Apollo 17 Medal
1972 Apollo 17 Medal obverse 1972 Apollo 17 Medal reverse

(5.839 oz, 181.615 g ASW). 1972 Apollo 17 Art Medal.

From the Stack's Bowers January 5, 2023 Precious Metals Auction. Does anyone know the backstory about this medal? Who commissioned it? Designed by Ralph Menconi, the reverse is very busy with nine or ten design elements, but nicely executed. Who specified all that for inclusion? The obverse is better, but the figure on the left with his head tilted back looks like some kind of alien, What do the conspiracy theorists say about this one? -Editor

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(5.839 oz, 181.615 g ASW). 1972 Apollo 17 Art Medal. (

Satirical Humbug Glory Bank Note
Humbug Glory Bank 6 Cents Satirical Note

Satirical 6 cents Humbug Glory Bank note, Washington, D.C., dated August 21, 1837. Printed during the Panic of 1837 that began during the presidency of Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837, the note is payable to Missouri senator "Tumble Bug [Thomas Hart] Benton," nicknamed "Old Bullion", with printed signatures for "Cunning Reuben [Miles Whitney]," anti-bank advisor to Jackson, as cashier of the bank, and "Honest Amos [Kendall], fourth auditor of the Treasury, postmaster General, and Martin Van Buren advisor, as president of the bank, with a "Sc" maker's mark for Martin Van Buren, eighth Vice President and eighth President from 1837-1841.

Vignettes and lettering include imagery and phrases connected to Andrew Jackson, including several stacked coins with Jackson's head, left; a jackass with the title "Roman Firmness" and a hickory leaf in reference to Jackson's nickname "Old Hickory," top center and right; a vignette showing a top hat, clay pipe, spectacles, hickory stick, and veto of the 1832 bill to recharter the Bank of the United States, center right; with a quote from Jackson's March 1837 farewell address, "I leave this great people prosperous and happy" across the top center. Blank reverse. 3 1/4" H x 7 3/8" W. 2nd item: Manilla folder from dealer Forest H. Sweet, Battle Creek, Michigan, with a handwritten inscription indicating that the 1st item was purchased from a sale of items belonging to Andrew Jackson IV (1834-1906), who was a son of President Andrew Jackson's adopted son and Colonel of the First Tennessee Heavy Artillery in the Confederate Army. 13" H x 20" W.

From the Case Auctions January 28-29, 2023 sale. -Editor

To read the complete lot description, see:
Lot 640: Jacksonian Satirical Humbug Glory Bank Note, Panic of 1837 Related, 2 items (

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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