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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 11, March 12, 2023, Article 14


Kay Edgerton Lenker's Clain-Stefanelli Award

Ken Spindler passed along photos of Kay Lenker's Elvira Clain-Stefanelli medal and award plaque. Thank you. Well deserved. She will be missed. -Editor

  Kay Lenker's Elvira Clain-Stefanelli medal
  Kay Lenker's Elvira Clain-Stefanelli Award Plaque Kay Lenker 2011 Chicago ANA

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Overdated U.S. Mint Bags

  Philadelphia Mint bag overdated from 1918 to 1950 Philadelphia Mint bag overdated from 1918 to 1950 closeup
Bern Nagengast writes:

1971 Denver MInt dollar bag "Continuing on your recent items on collecting US Mint Bags, here's an interesting twist. We collect overdate coins, so why not overdate mint bags? Apparently they exist. Here's a Philadelphia Mint bag, originally dated 1918 but overdated to 1950! One wonders the story behind this long date gap.

"Regarding dollar bags, here's a Denver Mint bag for 1971 Ike dollars."

Interesting! Thanks! -Editor

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Dutch Language Skills
Jeff Zarit writes:

1648 perpetual Dutch bond "The story on the Dutch bond is just AMAZING. To think that a government (or anyone) would honor a bond nearly 400 years old is just really neat. But I guess, I am not surprised, the people of the Netherlands have always been accountable to the past. Walking around any city, one encounters intelligent, friendly people. I remember standing on a train platform in the city of Utrecht, some 20-30 years ago. The stations have train schedules pertaining to that location. It was easy to follow, but I was there on a Saturday. Someone else was viewing the schedule, so I said (in English), pardon me sir, but what does this footnote at the bottom of the schedule mean ?

"I did not ask if he spoke English, I just asked like I was still in the US, and he responded, SURE, WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? In English. I never forgot that situation. I once asked about languages and was told that the Dutch spoke English as they did business with the English; and French & German for the same reasons and their proximately to France & Germany. And for other reasons, their history and their prolific types of money, I have always liked them."

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Fond Recollection of Glenn Smedley
Sheldon Banoff of Deerfield, IL writes:

Glenn Smedley 2 "You highlighted an interview with Glenn Smedley in your March 5 E-Sylum. I wanted to share with your readers this note about Glenn's generosity with his knowledge and time that he gave to some budding young numismatists. In 1965 as a junior in high school I co-founded the Sullivan High School Coin Club, located on Chicago's far north side about 1/2 mile west of Loyola University (Chicago). I knew Glenn from the Chicago Coin Club and I believe from the Roosevelt University Numismatics course that I attended (and which you covered in a prior E-Sylum issue).

"In 1966 I asked Glenn if he would come speak to the 15 or so members of our fledgling High School Coin Club. (I recollect he chuckled when I told him our faculty sponsor was Mrs. Nickel, the history teacher who wasn't a coin collector but who we selected because she had a memorable name!) Needless to say, he kindly came out and spoke to us - on HIS own nickel - and answered our neophyte questions. The Sullivan High School Coin Club is long gone, but this (now not-so-young) collector has never forgotten Glenn's encouragement to young collectors."

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Cord Wood Thoughts
George Cuhaj writes:

Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad cord wood token reverse "Cord Wood, exciting stuff. Firstly, great tokens that Steve is listing. Fun specialized area.

"The traditional cord of wood was a well stacked pile 4 feet high, 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide. That is a whole bunch of wood. Most folks who burn wood and have to buy it do it as "face cords" 4 feet high, 8 feet long and 16 inches deep. Which is a safe amount to transport in the back of a standard pick-up truck.

"If one is buying wood, hard woods cost more than soft woods. Nearly all wood needs to be dry and aged a year after cutting.

"That is what 28 winters in Central Wisconsin has taught me."

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Vintage 1920's Minting Film

  Coin-making video Tidy Fortune

Kavan Ratnatunga passed along this video of subtitled old silent footage showing the coin making process. The origin of the film isn't stated, although someone in the comments writes, "This film is actually from 1920. The full length version shows dies for a 1920 Canadian large cent, the last year large cents were made in Canada" and "... this was shot at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa." Another commenter says, "The video shows 1920 Canadian Quarters being minted. Near the end you get a glimpse of the reverse."

Can anyone identify the film for us? Is a full version available elsewhere online? -Editor

  Coin-making video coins on belt

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Wanted: Robert Reford Collection Catalogue
Darryl Atchison writes:

"I am desperately looking to get my hands on a Parke-Bernet Americana sale catalogue from May 7th, 1968 for some research on one of the consignors - Robert Reford Jr. If anyone has a copy available to purchase can they please let me know at"

Can anyone help? -Editor

Query: Prof. Jackson's Free Advice

  Prof. Jackson's Free Advice token obverse Prof. Jackson's Free Advice token reverse
David Pickup writes:

"Could any reader suggest what the private advice was that Professor Jackson of Pavement, a street in York, offered free of charge on Saturdays, as advertised on this unofficial farthing? I can find no reference to him but there was a draper called Jackson at Pavement.

"I wondered if it is some personal medical advice. This advertising piece did not say what services he offered, and why would he advertise something that was free?

10.A.M TO 10.P.M

Hmmm. It's odd that no particular product or service is mentioned, but this reminds me of the ubiquitous "Free Estimate" offer in so many advertisements. The "Estimate" is free, but to get it you have to endure a hard-sell pitch for the seller's product or service. New windows or timeshare vacation condo, anyone?

Can anyone fill us in on Prof. Jackson? -Editor

New Commemorative by Banco Central Ecuador
Dale Seppa writes:

"The silver, colored Proof coins are produced by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre — Real Casa de la Moneda at their facilities in Madrid, on behalf of the Banco Central Del Ecuador. Designed by artist Philip Nunez, the obverse of the coin shows the outline of a soccer ball on which the coat of arms of the Republic of Ecuador is super-imposed over in full colour. The text Republica Del Ecuador is placed above the primary design along with the fineness of the coin L. 0.925 placed to the left, and the coins' weight 27 gr. is shown on the right. The denomination UN SUCRE is placed below the design along the edge. The reverse side features the logo of the World Cup, which is shown in full colour and centred. The commemorative text Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2022 (World Cup of FIFA 2022), which is placed above the primary design along with the additional text IV PARTICIPACION DEL ECUADOR (4th Participation of Ecuador), is placed below the World Cup logo. Mintage is limited but I am not aware of what it is."

  Ecuador FIFA Silver - obverse Ecuador FIFA Silver - REVERSE

Korean National Parks Coins

Mark Lovmo submitted this information on the new Korean National Parks coins. Thanks. -Editor

  Korean National Parks Coin I

"Since 2017, the Bank of Korea has released six 3-coin issues in the National Parks series. This is Issue 7, featuring obverse scenes from Seoraksan, Chiaksan, and Wolchulsan national parks, and reverse images of the flagship species of fauna and flora found in each of those national parks.

"Each Korean national park has officially designated an animal and a plant as a flagship species whose ecological significance and need for protection have been recognized.

  Korean National Parks Coin II

"There will be 10,000 commemorative coins of each type issued, for a total of 30,000. Of this mintage, 6,000 coins will be sold as single coins (2,000 per coin type) while the remaining 24,000 coins will be sold in three-coin sets (8,000 per each type).

"Issue date is February 9, 2023."

  Korean National Parks Coin III
  Korean National Parks coin specifications

Thank you - nice coins. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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