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The E-Sylum: Volume 27, Number 1, January 7, 2024, Article 3


With permission we're republishing this article from the January 2024 issue of The Mint Master from the Utah Numismatic Society by Editor/Publisher Doug Nyholm, about a new book on a specialized paper money topic by Mike Abramson. Thanks! -Editor

Special Serial Numbered Banknotes book cover This new book by Mike Abramson just arrived a few days before Christmas to my mailbox. It may not be for everyone but for me it is a significant work on a subject that has never been written about before except for in auction catalogues where these notes have appeared.

Mike stated that all of the notes illustrated in this book are ones that he has owned, handled, brokered, or sold except for just 5 of them. The combined value of these notes exceeds $40 million dollars.

So what is a serial number? Plenty! If you are lucky enough to acquire one which is almost impossible, even looking for a low s/n amongst all the notes that pass through your hands is extremely unlikely. I look through all the notes in my wallet and from circulation have never found one with more than 4 leading zeros. Or to be exact one with a serial number around 2000. Other notes that may occasionally be found are radars or repeaters such as 23455234 or 45604560 but even these are rare.

Once while on a buying trip a customer came in with a $10 S/n 77777777 which his wife received from their bank. I was amazed and immediately purchased it. Generally these notes are acquired by people who work at facilities that handle vast sums of banknotes and keep their eyes open but the exact nature of their operations are a subject for an extensive article.

This book illustrates not only serial numbers of both older large size notes but current small size notes. It shows collections of special groups, repeaters, ladders and just about everything that a serial number can offer. Also tables and statistics are included. There are also images of changeover pairs and 9 digit serial numbers.

It is truly a fascinating book with high quality images, statistics and information not available elsewhere. It consists of 270 pages in 8 1/2 x 11 format, full color, and 500+ pictures on quality gloss paper. It is available for $59.95 postpaid directly from the author as follows:

Mike Abramson, 3719 N. Ridge Rd., Duluth MN 55804-1480

Or by contacting him at 218-310-0090

This is a great addition to my library and I haven't been able to stop drooling over the pictures.

I must admit I don't check serial numbers very often, so it's no wonder I'd never found a really good one. And I had a chance this week after the New Year's Eve party at our house where I won a friendly dice game played with one dollar bills. I won one of the final pots, walking away with 45 bucks. I spent them in small batches throughout the week, each time explaining, "I'm a Chippendale dancer..." -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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