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The E-Sylum: Volume 27, Number 10, March 10 2024, Article 18


In their upcoming sale Early American History Auctions, Inc. offers Historic Americana including a consignment from Ambassador and former Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf II. This press release discusses some sale highlights and company president Dana Linett discusses his recent cross-country move to Winchester, VA. -Editor

  A Major Historic Americana Auction Including:
Historic Autographs, Documents, Colonial Coinage & Currency,
U.S. Navy, George Washington,
Political & Decorative Americana & Abraham Lincoln

Early American E-Sylum ad 2024-03-10 Early American History Auctions, Inc. is proud to announce that after 40 years in Southern California, our first major auction catalog written at our new location in Winchester, Virginia is now Online and open for bidding. This first auction from Winchester is truly special; the focus is on the early history of Virginia from the Colonial, French & Indian War, American Revolution, and Civil War Era. We are proud to offer over 90 lots consigned by Ambassador and former Secretary of the Navy, J. William Middendorf II, now 99 years young. He was first appointed U.S. Secretary of the Navy by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, serving in that role under four presidents. His family heritage extends to the very founding of the Continental Navy. Middendorf's collections include such wide-ranging items such as George Washington's writing desk, a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair, to a large piece of the Berlin Wall. A significant focus within this current auction is on the Colonial and Revolutionary War American Navy plus items relating to George Washington. On December 11th, the United States Navy named a new Navy Destroyer in his honor.

Why move to Winchester, Virginia? According to president, Dana Linett, as a historian I personally feel more ‘at home' here. My personal desire was to get back East and be situated where the history I catalog occurred. For instance, George Washington holds significant connections to Winchester, Virginia. They date back to his early career at age 17 as a Land Surveyor in this area and his military career. In 1755, during the French and Indian War, George Washington, then a young officer in the Virginia militia, played a significant role in and around Winchester. He was tasked with defending the Virginia frontier against French forces and their Native American allies. Winchester served as a key military outpost during this time, and in 1756, George Washington oversaw the construction of Fort Loudoun in Winchester, the largest fort on the frontier, which Washington often used it as his headquarters. Later in life, Washington and his family occasionally visited Winchester, including during his presidency and retirement. During the Civil War, the town of Winchester traded hands between the North and South more times than any other! For these reasons, the March 30th Early American Auction will feature Colonial paper money notes from Virginia and several of the timeframe types that George Washington himself would have carried to pay for items he purchased during both the French and Indian and Revolutionary War era.

Some Auction Highlights Include:

Lot 207: (A Featured Cover Image): The ORIGINAL TELEGRAM HANDED To GENERAL ULYSSES S. GRANT at the Philadelphia Railroad Station The Night Of APRIL 14th, 1865 - NOTIFYING HIM Of The ASSASSINATION Of PRESIDENT LINCOLN.

Lot 1: President John Adams Signed Four Language Ship Papers.

Lot 10: David Bushnell Signed Document for the American Continental Army Corps of Sappers and Miners - Bushnell was the Creator of the First Combat Submarine TURTLE Attacking Ships by Attaching a Timed Bomb!

Lot 18: General G. A. Custer Signed Promissory Note, One of Only Two of these rare Checks known, Signed by Custer.

Lot 20: Jefferson Davis, Choice Autograph Letter Signed as Both CSA President & Confederate States of America President-Elect.

Lot 23: c. 1820 Eleazar Huntington Engraved, Declaration of Independence the Historic Huntington Broadside.

Lot 33: Continental Congress President John Hancock Signed Official Resolve to Authorize the Immediate Purchase Three Ships to be Outfitted for the Continental Navy in 1777.

Lot 43: 1779 Continental Congress President John Jay Signed Vellum Commission Appointing Captain Bartholomew Von Heer as the First Commander of the Marechaussee Light Dragoons in the Army, Instituting General George Washington's and America's First Military Police Force.

  Pennsylvania. March 1, 1769. Three Pounds front Pennsylvania. March 1, 1769. Three Pounds back

Lot 50: Patriot John Nixon Signed Pennsylvania currency note of March 1, 1769, on July 8, 1776. John Nixon made the First Public Proclamation Reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Lot 75: George Washington Signed Three Language Ships Paper, Display Framed together with the Engraving: WASHINGTON Sacred to Memory.

Lot 92: The Hated British AMERICA with DUTY Four Pence Tax Stamp, in Deep Red Print, Scott RM16P, Gem Crisp Proof.

Lot 102: 1773 Rare Engraved Boston Broadside: A Prospective VIEW OF DEATH: ... and DYING SPEECH of LEVI AMES, Who was executed at Boston, on Thursday Afternoon, the Twenty-first day of October, 1773, for Burglary.

Lot 103: 1774 Boston Newspaper With Paul Revere's JOIN OR DIE Engraved Severed Snake Woodcut in its Masthead.

Lot 106: Extremely Rare, June 21, 1759 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Printed Pennsylvania 50 Shillings Note, PMG Choice F-15, Ex: Boyd; Stack's John Ford Jr Collection Part III May 2004.

  1775 Rhode Island 9 Pence front 1775 Rhode Island 9 Pence back

Lot 108: June 30, 1748, South Carolina TEN POUNDS Deer note, PMG-8, Ex: Stack's John J. Ford, Jr. Collection Part VIII, Jan. 2005.

  1775 Paul Revere Engraved King Philip Bond

Lot 122: 1775 Paul Revere Engraved King Philip Bond to Captain Joseph Lee Boston, a Tea Party Participant & Privateer who Signed this First American Revolutionary War Massachusetts Bond Listed in The Price of Liberty by Anderson as MA-1.

Lot 126: 1777 Massachusetts-Bay Revolutionary War Rare Broadside, Announcing Pay and Bounty Money For Enlisting Soldiers, and Specific to The Financing of the American Revolution.

Lot 144: A CORRECT VIEW OF THE LATE BATTLE AT CHARLESTOWN June 17th 1775. (Robert) Aitken, Sculp, being The Earliest Obtainable View of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Lot 145: One of Three Known, Historic April 1775 Mr. SAMUEL ADAMS Engraving Printed by and for Charles Reak & Samuel Okey. Newport, Rhode Island. Lot 153: Choice Paul Revere, Jr. Hallmarked REVERE, Decorative Monogrammed Clamshell Design, Coin Silver Tablespoon.

Lot 158: July 18, 1798 Dated, General Washington's Letter Declaring his ACCEPTANCE of the Command of the ARMIES of the UNITED STATES.

Lot 160: General Washington With His Declaration Of Independence: GENERAL WASHINGTON: LATE PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, September 7, 1797, by Thompson.

Lot 163: 1853 Washington Crossing the Delaware large, framed Engraving by Paul Girardet, After the original Oil Painting by E. LEUTZ.

Lot 167: c. 1850 Magnificent Wall Size 53 x 42 Framed Berlin Needlepoint, After the Landsdowne Portrait of President George Washington.

Lot 168: Extremely Rare 1819 George Washington Textile Kerchief, Recorded as Number 54 page 71 in Threads of History.

  George Washingon Inaugural Button front George Washingon Inaugural Button back

Lot 169: (1789) George Washington Inaugural Button, Eagle with Star Type, with its Original Shank.

Lot 174: 1792 Lt. William Bligh, First Edition Book titled, A Voyage to the South Sea... for the Purpose of Conveying the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies in his majesty's ship The Bounty...

Lot 186: Extremely Rare Lafayette Portrait Textile of a Design Not Listed in Threads of History Inscription Stating, he was at the laying of the corner stone of Bunker Hill Monument.

  UNION VICTORY broadside Glorious News broadside
Lots 191 and 202

Lot 191: c. April 3rd,1865 Civil War Broadside, UNION VICTORY ! ... Richmond has fallen! Slavery is abolished! Possibly Unique.

Lot 202: c. April 9, 1865 Unrecorded Civil War Broadside, Glorious News! Lee has found the Last ditch. His Army Surrenders to Gen. Grant !

Lot 212: Abraham Lincoln Beardless Plaster LIFE MASK After Leonard Volk's Original Cast in 1860 Made Circa 1886.

Lot 217: Abraham Lincoln Photograph Portrait, After Hesler, by George B Ayres, Signed on its Reverse Side Copyright Geo. B. Ayres / Phila.

Lot 228: (Harry S. Truman) November 3rd 1948, The Famous Dewey Defeats Truman Mistaken Newspaper Headline by The Chicago Tribune.

Lot 229: World War I: Uncle Sam Recruiting Poster By James Montgomery Flagg with the Iconic Text: I WANT YOU / FOR U.S. ARMY / Nearest Recruiting Station. the 1917 an Original.

  1836 Gobrecht dollar obverse 1836 Gobrecht dollar reverse
  1836 Gobrecht dollar closeup

Lot 239: 1836 Gobrecht Silver Dollar Rarity, Judd-60 Die Variety III with Gobrecht Name on Base, Judd-60, Original with Plain Edge, NGC-AU.

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