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The E-Sylum: Volume 27, Number 22, June 2, 2024, Article 9


Howard Gibbs' Latin American Crowns
Brian Boosi writes:

1846 Ecuador 8 reales "I was excited to see the Howard Gibbs archives at the upcoming K&F sale. My collection is focused on Latin American crowns, and I think a few of my coins came from Gibbs. The first being an 1846 Ecuador 8 reales which was plated in Gibbs 1951 Schulman sale. The photo isn't perfect but both Carlos Jara and I agree the match is likely.

"The second is the Jamaican 8S6P which was played in the Byrne sale and likely the same unplated coin from Gibbs final sale of cut and countermarked coins.

"I'm looking forward to bidding and hopeful there is some information in the archives. Best of luck on the sale."

Thanks, and good luck yourself. Howard Gibbs and Ray Bryne were before my time in Pittsburgh numismatics, but I would have loved the opportunity to meet them and see their great collections. -Editor

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On James Risk's Orders and Decorations

In the May 19th issue, Pete Smith's article included a photo of Orders awarded to James C. Risk. he could only identify a few and asked readers of assistance with the rest. -Editor

  James Risk Ordersand Decorations

George Cuhaj writes:

"I do not have any ID's on the Risk medals and decorations, however, here is a photo of Risk and Dr. Alan Stahl, and an unidentified lady. Risk is wearing an order neck ribbon, and his miniatures. I took the photo at the ANS's 1996 dinner tribute to Eric P. Newman at the Explorer's Club in New York City."

  1996 ANS EPN dinner James Risk, Alan Stahl

Thank you! Nice photo. -Editor

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Canadian Antiquarian & Numismatic Journal Issues Sought
Steve Woodland writes:

canadian-antiquarian-and-numismatic-journal cover "I'm hoping readers can help me acquire missing volumes of this important Canadian numismatic publication. I have been slowly gathering volumes/issues over the past several years (& have been outbid many times by collectors with much deeper pockets than mine).

"Here are the volumes/issues I am missing:

  • 1885 issues 1-4 (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
  • 1886 issues 3-4 (Jul, Oct)
  • 1890 issues 3-4 (Jul, Oct)
  • 1892 issues 1-2 (Jan, Apr)
  • 1893 issues 1-2 (Jan, Apr)
  • 1898 issues 2,4 (Apr, Oct)

"I am aware that Series 1, Vol XIII (1885) is part of lot 235 in the upcoming Kolbe & Fanning sale on June 15.

"Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from someone. I can be reached at ."

Can anyone help Steve get his set across the finish line? -Editor

Michael Douglas as Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin reenactor Pat McBride writes:

Michael Douglas as Ben Franklin "I watched the final episode of the AppleTV Franklin series recently. My professional opinion: Michael Douglas completely captures the essence of the man. I was skeptical at first but the tale weaves the viewer into the realm of war and diplomacy with masterful skill that Franklin remarkably achieved through the most dire of circumstances. If I had seen this series before I started portraying Ben then I would have never attempted it. I would have been too intimidated and plagued by the prospect of failure.

"This series is not for everyone because it goes into the reality of how wars are fought, lost, or won with exquisite detail. If you like heroics, cannon, blood and battle then watch Patriot with Mel Gibson. This series delves into the political realities of war with the perfect diplomat to achieve the goal in a most incredible ballet of skill that only Franklin could understand."

Thank you! Seems well worth watching. -Editor

In December 1776, Benjamin Franklin is world-famous for his electrical experiments. But his passion and power are put to the test when he embarks on a secret mission to France - with the fate of American Independence hanging in the balance.

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Uncashed 1919 U.S. Treasury Check
Jeffrey Williams writes:

"In response to an article in the E-Sylum, Vol 27, Number 21, May 26, 2024, "Collecting Uncashed U.S. Treasury Checks", attached are images of a check that was issued March 1st, 1919 and never cashed.

"Also attached is a follow-up letter from the Treasury, written almost two months later, requesting a partial refund for an overpayment in the check.

"The uncashed check is now over 125 years old."

  Treasury check March 01 1919-front
  Treasury Department envelope April 26 1919--

Amazing item - thanks for sharing! -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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