The E-Sylum:  Volume 9, Number 40, October 1, 2006, Article 1


Among our recent subscribers are Donn Pearlman, Tom Hawkins, Eric
and Alan (no last names given), Alexander Jaramillo and Lora Robins.
Several new subscribers have come our way courtesy of recommendations
on the PCGS forums.  Welcome aboard!  We now have 977 subscribers.

Roger deWardt Lane writes: "Your latest E-Sylum was most interesting.
Keep up the great job."

W. David Perkins writes: "Great E-Sylum issue!"

Bob Rightmire writes: "I've been wading through the past issues of
E-Sylum; it is a phenomenal resource.  Your contribution deserves
a bravo!"

John Regitko, Editor of the Canadian Numismatic Association
E-Bulletin writes: "You outdid yourself on last week's bulletin!
I think that most people don't appreciate the amount of time it
takes you each week to put together The E-Sylum, especially one
that long!"

I have fun doing this or I wouldn't keep it up, but it's always
nice to get feedback.  Thanks, everyone!  Thanks also to the
subscriber who posted a recommendation on PCGS.  We get all of
our subscribers this way: one at a time, through word-of-mouth
(and keyboard).

Since we've had so many new subscribers in recent weeks, I'd like
to say a few words about what The E-Sylum is all about.  Well, it's
hard to pin down since our topics are so broad, but basically, our
readership includes people interested in numismatic literature,
research and writing in all areas.  "Just plain collectors" are
welcome too - all it takes is a curious mind and wide interests.

Within a single issue we can cover topics all over the numismatic
map, and most readers find several items of interest in each issue.
Something doesn't catch your fancy?  - just skip to the next one.
But we know many people who devour every single article.

The strength of The E-Sylum lies in its readership - it's like a
weekly cocktail party with some of the most knowledgeable numismatic
folks around, and not just from the U.S. - our subscribers hail
from all parts of the globe.

Got a question?  Ask away - our readers have been known to provide
definitive, documented answers to the most obscure numismatic
questions, from "Why are coins round?" to "What was the penalty
for counterfeiting in colonial New Jersey?"

This week's issue has just one book review, but by coincidence
the issue has TWO references to the legendary Palace Collections
of Egypt (Farouk) sale.  Interestingly, both references are to coins
so rare they never existed in the first place!

The power of the Internet to connect people is shown again in this
issue, where we hear from the purchaser of the Cape Cod Canal medal
discussed in earlier issues.

Also this week we learn more about Julius Guttag, read a behind-the-scenes
account of the BEP's mutilated currency recovery department, learn
how to do numismatic oral history interviews, ponder the politics
of including issues of separatist states in numismatic catalogues,
learn who was hanged in front of the U.S. Mint in New Orleans and
how to make change for a Liberty Dollar. And what does the Wookey Hole
Mill in Britain have to do with U.S. numismatics?  Read on to find out.
Have a great week, everyone!

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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